The Check In: Stephen Miller's Anti-Immigrant Policies

The Check In: Stephen Miller's Anti-Immigrant Policies

As news coverage has been
dominated by the chaos in the Senate
and the White House, one senior official in
the Trump administration has been quietly getting away with implementing
immigration policies that could change
the very fabric of our society. This is "The Check-In." [ Cheers and applause ] [ Ding, ding ] From anonymous op-eds
to books detailing the horrors of working
in the Trump administration, we're led to believe that pretty
much everyone in the White House is miserable, but that's not
the case for everyone. Because you might remember
Trump's senior policy adviser, Stephen Miller, right? [ Thunder crashes ] [ Laughter ] Miller is the architect of everything
from the Muslim travel ban to separating children from
their parents at the border. Now, Miller has been
avoiding TV cameras lately, but when he first
got into the White House, he wasn't shy
about publicly defending his horrendous views
on immigration. And just watch him put the
"offensive" in charm offensive. -In the end, the powers of the
President of the United States will be reaffirmed, and the whole world will see
clearly and unmistakably, and it's a message I want
the world to hear today, that this country
will protect its borders. I would happen to know
better than you would, Jake, about how the travel ban
was written. And I just want to say… Jim, that is one of the
most outrageous, insulting, ignorant, and foolish things
you've ever said. -Man, imagine being that fired
up about deporting people. "Jim, I would fight you right
now if I weren't rock-hard and forced to stand
behind this podium!" [ Laughter ] But getting off on publicly
attacking illegal immigrants wasn't enough for Miller. He's now more quietly going
after legal immigrants, as well. Miller was behind
an egregious new proposal that would make it more
difficult for legal immigrants who have used any kind
of public assistance — things like food stamps
or housing vouchers — to get a green card or obtain
citizenship in the U.S. This has already resulted
in some immigrants turning down government help
to buy infant formula and healthy food
for their young children. Although, if you
listen to Fox News, this whole thing
isn't Trump's fault at all. -It says that immigrants
are already turning down government subsidies to help buy
staple foods and infant formula for fear that it could bar them
from receiving a green card. Is that something
that's really happening? Or is that not true? -If it's happening,
it's happening, because, again, the far-left media
is misinforming
the American people. They want people to panic. They want the American people
to think this president is racist
and he's against poor people. -The left doesn't exactly have to do anything to make
Trump sound more racist. "Okay, guys,
he called for the execution of the Central Park Five, he was sued for not renting
to black people, he called NFL players
sons of bitches, but America still thinks
he's a one-man Benetton ad, so…any ideas?" But that's why Trump
gets along so well with people like Stephen Miller, because they're both racist
and hate poor people, especially the most vulnerable
people in the world, like refugees. Just a few weeks ago,
the administration said they would be limiting
the number of refugees the United States would accept
next year to a mere 30,000, which is a record low. And, of course,
Miller had his tentacles all over this decision, as well. -The Trump administration
plans to slash the number of refugees
allowed into the U.S. to just 30,000… at a time when the U.N. is
saying the crisis of refugees, the surge in the number
of refugees around the world is unprecedented. -It is considered
a really egregious setback in terms of national security
and foreign policy. -If Secretary Mattis
and Secretary Pompeo aren't driving the policy,
who is? -Stephen Miller.
He's 33 years old. I'm sorry.
-No, no. [ Laughter ] -No, it is hilarious
that that guy is 33. [ Laughter ] Even his hair doesn't want
to be associated with him. [ Laughter ] Now, whether it comes
to limiting… whether it comes to limiting
the number of refugees or installing
a zero-tolerance policy for immigrants
crossing the border, Miller and the administration
are defending these misguided policies
by claiming that they're focused on
putting Americans first. So, how's that going? -Cancer research is taking a hit
because of immigration costs. CNN is reporting
the Trump administration is moving $260 million from cancer research, HIV/Aids,
and other programs to cover the cost of housing undocumented immigrant children
in custody. New policies of holding kids
longer and reuniting them later are one of the reasons
for the move. -So, in order to pay for
detention camps for children, we're cutting back
on cancer research. Now, you may be asking yourself, "Why couldn't they take the
money from somewhere else?" Well, it's difficult
to make that decision because President Trump just has too many good ideas
that need funding. -What are we going to do?
Space Force! [ Laughter ] So, how is Trump's
favorite ghoul, Stephen Miller, able to get away with his
takeover of immigration policy? Current and former
administration officials say Miller has been blocking
opponents from key meetings, restricting
the flow of information and inserting his allies
in key positions. "Stephen just had
this aura about him. People realized at that point
this guy, Stephen, is the president
of immigration." I don't think that's an aura
around Stephen Miller. It's just the formaldehyde
evaporating. [ Laughter ] And things have gotten so bad that Miller's
own childhood rabbi is now warning people about
Miller's immigration policies. -The West L.A. childhood rabbi of presidential aide
Stephen Miller is blasting his former student for supporting the
Trump immigration agenda. Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels
lashed out during his sermon in Santa Monica
marking the Jewish new year. -There were groans when
Rabbi Comess-Daniels began his sermon reading
a letter to Stephen Miller. -To Stephen Miller… [ Congregation groans ] …senior advisor
to the President. It's completely untenable. It is not ethical. Um, and it's cruel. -To be fair, those two have
been at odds since the bris. -"Rabbi, stop!
That's his head!" [ Laughter ] Even Miller's own uncle
has come out publicly to draw attention to
how hypocritical and heinous Miller's views
on immigration are. -Our family history is entirely
dependent upon the fact that our family was able to
escape from a terrible situation in what is now
the country of Belarus. Put it simply, had we not
been able to enter America when we did, Stephen Miller
would never exist. -That's right. Stephen Miller
is a descendant of immigrants. Not just immigrants,
but refugees. I don't know
what kind of brain disease causes that level
of self-hatred, but we've probably
diverted money from it to pay for detention camps
for children. This has been "The Check-In." [ Ding, ding ]

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  1. Later we found out the Miller policy included stealing babies from their mothers and children from their families

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  3. Steven Miller’s level of hate comes from self hatred. He looks in the mirror every morning and realizes that he can’t get the women he’d like to have and the self hatred grows then transforms into hating certain groups of people. He needs therapy before he hurts more people.

  4. Trump is now #2 in the Whitehouse. Stephen Miller is telling trump what he can and can't do. Trump has turned into a total wuss. His cowardness is really telling.

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