25 thoughts on “The Benefits of Being a Leader Are Real. But Are There Costs? With Simon Sinek

  1. So what are soldiers? They fit your description of leaders. What differentiating factor is there in this definition? They are not leaders necessarily.

  2. Wow, it's so obvious but somehow I failed to see it this way. I have a very small leadership role in my work place and now being aware of this I hope I will better understand what people expect from me and what I should expect from my boss.

  3. This is why in my opinion salary should be inversely proportional to hierarchical position within the entity; there should be a financial sacrifice for the privilege of leadership.

  4. Yes, the real cost being they will run over you when you stop to buy some damn drinks (for all concerned moms: non-alcoholic refreshing beverages)…

  5. Just as a thought problem, how would you apply this to the presidential race? Trump and Clinton would throw us under the bus without a thought. Carson and Sanders? They would do it, possibly with some remorse for the necessity. But the rest?

  6. So leadership is self interest of many that is represented by few. And few always take more of advantages from keeping that interest . If many does not or cannot represent their interests there is something wrong with many and something wrong with few, if they dont help others to learn to do so. Or if many are just lazy to represent that interest then perhaps they do not have one and do not need leadership but forced from childhood to do so , and frightened and limited by it. Leadership sucks a lot of times for a free folk. Fuck leadership . Or hello dependent slavery afterwards , bitches , which is happening and expanding from the beginning of leadership. There is always two sides of the coin. We , humans , are actually like to be under someone and underestimate our power cause we spend it in serving someone , that sounds right.

  7. What an absolutely INCREDIBLE video! The topic of leadership or even what defines a leader for that matter is not often discussed. Simon not only pulled the doors wide open on the subject, he brought light to the unsaid "agreement" leaders and followers have. He broke leadership down to the simplest of terms and In just over 3 minutes, taught us what makes a great leader, their responsibilities and what the benefits and trade offs are for such a role.

    Does anyone consider themselves a leader, and if so, does this make you want to fill the role or shy away from it now after watching this?

  8. I really wish this was common knowledge and that ALL employees manager and above are taught some form of leadership education. It's absolutely appalling how self-serving some people are, I've worked for good and bad. The worst types of "leaders" are one's who have no concept of leadership and will throw people under the bus to save themselves. It's sad that our current system isn't refined enough to catch these phonies.

  9. power is nothing more than the acquiescence of another.
    This is important…
    as Noam chomsky said… "it's not like it's a law of nature that the ones with more capital should have the most control"

  10. Incorrect… Fear is why pecking orders exist. The alpha male wasn't given the role, he took it. If you don't want to be elbowed in the face, you'll wait your turn.

  11. Complete and utter nonsense. Since when have leaders EVER sacrificed themselves first? The entire point of a hierarchy is for those on top to get more than their fair share, and send their minions off to die in battle. With all of the mainstream anthropological research showing extreme collectivism and egalitarianism amongst foraging tribes, you'd think people would stop trying to say that humans are inexorably disposed toward hierarchical social structures. We are not made to dominate and submit, we are made to cooperate and collaborate. You may be believe that you are born to kneel, but I know that I am not. If someone comes along and has a greater capacity in some area than I do, then I will be eager to follow their guidance in that area, but I am not going to humbly prostrate myself before them as if they are superior to me in an absolute sense. No one is above any one else. The drive for power is based in the affect of shame, and power based societies create the affect of shame.

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