49 thoughts on “The Automotive Press Fleet Revealed: How journalist get cars to review

  1. Are there any of these press fleets in NY? Lots of googling has yielded no results for me. If anyone knows please let me know. Thank You

  2. I love your reviews! I earned a journalism degree just to do automotive reviews. In the past, I have not had much success in automobile reviews because of the lack of access to new cars. This problem has restricted me to only writing two reviews. I would love you guys to read them. Your opinions would mean so much to me. Is there a way for me to email them to you? Also,this video was very informative. I live in Louisiana, I don't know of any Automotive Press fleet companies in my state. Could you guys help lead me in the right direction?

  3. Lol these guys have a knack for comparing incomparable cars under the premise that they're very similar. X1 and Wrangler? Come on

  4. tbok, I was an OTR driver and worked out of the cab at truck stops freelancing as a writer until I broke in enough to stay home and do it. I've met the TFLCar guys several times, since we're in the same media area, and they do a great job. You can get into this from that truck if you work at it. Start by writing for truck stop rags and work your way up. 🙂

  5. Great insight into your world. Something I've wanted to do since I was young. I'm 37 now and a truck driver. I've always considered myself an enthusiast. I read and watched every car media I got my hands on. All toys and video games were car related. I test drove cars having NO intention on buying. Haha I wish I had a way to break into your field. You both do a great service and we thank you. 🙂

  6. I always wanted to know: What happens to these cars after they've been reviewed? Are they auctioned off? Are they required to be listed as fleet vehicles? Are they sold as used? How can I avoid buying one of them? Thanks.

  7. Excellent background on how you guys are able to do the voodoo that you do so well!! Appreciate the behind-the-scenes look and you guys being there for us to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Keep these kinds of videos coming….for instance, a behind-the-scenes video would be awesome if you again run into that model who presented the Fiat 500 Abarth. But seriously, thanks!

  8. You know what would be cool?

    If you could make a video about how you guys first started, that would be really cool.

  9. This one of the coolest videos ever. Always wanted to know how people got into this business. The guy that owns the company knows his stuff.

  10. It depends on some variables. If the vehicle is a pre-production model, it usually gets crushed. Some get used for research, studied for weaknesses and whatnot. Some are kept for PR to use while others can be loaned to other endeavors such as research and modification. None of these make their way to public hands. Thanks for watching!

  11. Yes, these cars get put through the ringer. We (journalists) have to test them constantly. Some, like lifestyle and family-oriented journalists use them as a family hauler while others feel they must find the performance envelope of each vehicle. We at The Fast Lane Car do both. These loan companies make their money by maintaining each vehicle to run like new for each journalist.

  12. More of a question for AMS, but how do most journalists treat the cars? It seems like a long process to inspect and clean each time, suggesting some cars don't come back in the best of shape. Do most people run these hard and return them wet?

  13. Roman & Nathan, what happens to these cars after they have completely filtered through ALL the press fleet areas? Can they be sold to the general public? (I've heard that since these cars have all be abused, that they must be sent to the crusher. Is that true?)

  14. omg I actually fell for that lil joke at the beginning, was about to cry thinking that bmw would go offroad :'(

  15. Thanks for the insight! Thats what keeps us watching! Poor Audi? Doesn't matter it is an Allroad with skid plates!

  16. Really enjoyed this. As a regular viewer it's nice to get to "connect" to you guys and what you do in a more meaningful way. You guys are an entertaining pair – we love the cars, but it's not just the cars that keep us watching. Also, I don't think most viewers appreciate how much what you do is real work and not just fun. Dropping a video a day is pretty intense work. Tip o' the hat to you and your crew!

  17. Great video guys. I love when Auto publications do the "behind the scenes" type of videos. It just makes me want to be a Automotive Journalist more; hell, I would be happy working for AMS.

  18. Thanks for the kind comments. We're very lucky indeed to have great viewers & fans like you. That's why we do these daily videos.

  19. I've always wanted to at least attempt this kind of a job. Now I have a thread in which to potentially latch on =) (Cars have always been, and always will be my passion)

  20. roman, i love these behind the scenes videos!!!!! they are great and your videos keep getting better and better each day! Your videos keep me entertined every day! thanks so much!

  21. @romanicagearguy you guys should have 200,000+ subscribers , no other automobile channel on youtube puts out videos everyday, its unheard of.

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