47 thoughts on “The Anchor Holds

  1. Every time I listen to him sing It makes my day, then I pray that he will realize soon that the ANCHOR really holds. 

  2. tears are welling up what a beautiful song God Bless you 
    you really know how to put across the feeling of the Lord and the spirit and the faith 

  3. This is the first Ray Boltz song I heard and it helped me fall in love with Jesus Christ. I am so very thankful for this song in its season. Out of the heart flow the issues of life!

  4. all his songs are inspirational, it touches lives. i realy enjoy listening to all his songs. he is a blessing 

  5. This is my favorite ray boltz song. Incredibly emotional and spiritual. What lyrics and what a voice! Scott I feel the same way. Lord keep your son in the palm of your hand. Ray hold on and never let go.

  6.  I pray the anchor will hold for some of us that our seas are ragging and God remember Ray B. where ever you are 

  7. Ray Boltz Is So anointed in all his music. I have listen to him for year's I guess he has gone through the storms himself Lord Hold onto him. give him strength that only comes from you. We Thank You Lord Amen.  


  9. I've loved this song from the moment I saw this video on TBN  when the album was released. Ray's personal life is of no consequence to me. I love Mr.Boltz for sharing this message with me then when I was at a low point in life&unsure what to do. This song reminded me then whatever life had in store for me,good or bad,GOD would forever hold&keep me. Now that storms have come again&as fear sets in I'm again reminded The Anchor Holds!
    Bless you for posting this&bless Ray Boltz for sharing his gifts with us all!

  10. The 80's and 90's had such great contemporary songs. Ray is right up there.  I wish he would make a new album.  His voice gives me chills.  Also allows me to be still and listen to that still small voice of God.  He hath done great things. Love ya Ray.  Keep on shining!

  11. This is one of my favorite Christian song.  It is important for us Christians to have an anchor which holds in Jesus name.  Thank you, Blessed Father!  Amen!  Let the anchor hold in spite of the storm.  All praises to you, oh Lord!  Amen and Hallelujah! 

  12. ive always loved his music. btw dmbarry777 i didnt know about that till i looked it up and i cant judge the only one whom can judge is god. no matter what i love the music and still listen to it to this day…..God bless everyone 

  13. One of my favorite songs.  I've sung it several times in my church.  It has so much more meaning for me now.  We forget our fellow believers have lives where pain raises it's ugly head.  I'm so thankful for Ray's transparency in the pain he must have endured for so many years.  My prayer is that we as the church begin to embrace that pain in each other, praying and not condemning each other.  You, Carol and the family have my prayers and love, Ray….your friend and advocate, Stan

  14. I have been to at least 4 of his concerts, he is awesome.  This world can turn Christians into what they consider the way it should have been all along.  I pray Mr. Boltz knows the truth and this world is so very temporary…build up our treasures in Heave….AMEN

  15. I had been bedridden with a very serious illness for many years when I first heard this song and it was so special. It spoke to me in such a deep way as I knew too that the anchor had held all those years for me. I am now able to walk again and am no  longer bed bound but this song still is so special. Thank you Ray Boltz I'm sure you have been a blessing through this song to many.

  16. A friend gave me a cassette of his yearsssss ago and I just fell in love with his voice. Love, love, love!!

  17. I have been playing this song over and over. It truly touches your heart and soul, so much that it makes you want to fall on your knees and worship the King of Glory. Lord God release this man from the evil grip of the enemy. Father, your mercy is far much greater than any sin can be. My heart goes out to this inspirational man that he is. I declare and decree this day that this man will be made free. Holy Spirit move upon him in his greatest need, which now. Amen!

  18. There is a thorn in my flesh that i can't seem to overcome. It has battered and bruised  me, torn and ravaged me. . But the Lord's Grace always restores me and his strength always uplifts me. But I know and believe that my lord and savior Jesus Christ will deliver me with his abounding Grace.

    For all my brothers and sisters in Christ going through trials and tribulations. I pray that our God and Father Uphold You with his righteous right hand. May he deliver   you.and  Sanctify you for His Glory. May The Lord comfort you in your darkest hours. He is there For you , Loving you. So that we can love one another. In Jesus name Amen.

    Pray for me my brothers and sisters in Christ. That I may overcome this trial and tribulation in Christ Jesus is the Victory. Amen.

  19. great song!! Anchor holds no matter how bad its broken when God is in control of your life! Praise his holy name!

  20. Regardless of anyone's life this song is uplifting and shows a person that has leaned on God for the storms in his life (which, by the way, is no ones business. That is between him and God). Just sayin! Thanks for posting and for not removing! God Bless

  21. I am just gonna say that God has placed gifts in vessels and this vessel has a true God given Gift! This song has ministered to SO many people through the ages that we may never even know about. I can truly say that God has used this song and several others performed by Ray Boltz to minister to a part of my heart that was hurting! Thank God for music and it's profound gift to usher in the presence of God! In spite of our circumstances God is still on the throne and his ear is still listening to the cries of his children! Amen and Amen! I am so glad that HIS anchor will hold from now to eternity…

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