31 thoughts on “The American Presidential Election of 1824

  1. So I am listening to an audiobook biography of Henry Clay that really goes into detail about this election, particularly the "less than fully corrupt bargain." And also into how Henry Clay was a lawyer who enjoyed theatrics in the courtroom. Henry Clay biography video one of these days? In the spirit of Franklin Pierce bios, perhaps…

  2. Yeah we already have one traitor president (tyler) calhoun woupd have been an active traitor while sitting in the white house

  3. Jackson us the only man to have the most popular and electoral votes and still lose. Also only one of 3 people to win the popular vote in 3 staraighth elections (fdr, grover cleveland)

  4. This may have been the Era of Good Feelings, but there weren't many good feelings between Jackson, Adams, and Clay.

  5. I notice a much larger percentage of the total population voting (27%) than in any prior election (all of them being between 1-5%); only rich, white guys.

  6. to those other history buffs, does anyone else consider it ironic that at one point, Andrew Jackson and henry clay agreed on most issues

  7. Even though Henry Clay lost four times, he is the only person to have a mountain in the presidential range named after him that was never president.

  8. If this was the first election that got rid of the property ownership requirement, why did only 26% of the population vote? 1860 had over 80%

  9. I'm only at episode 10 and I feel like the USA has always been a divided, elitist, gerrymandered, partisan, corrupt, voter suppressing, anti-democratic shell of a banana republic it is today. Has anything changed?

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