35 thoughts on “The American Political System Explained in 10 Minutes

  1. I listened to this as a way to find out about the United States political system. If you as the commentator want to criticise your own political system then the should be in the heading. In my opinion if people think the video is something that it's not they will lose interest pretty quickly.

  2. LMAo.. what a croc. Each candidate must win the "popular vote" of each state. Then the Electoral College is to vote for that president. Each state is worth more or less electoral votes based on what? Population. So some states are worth more than others. What would have happened if the electorates had said we will not vote for Trump, even though he won our state, we will vote for Hillary. There would have been a revolt. We declare the winners before the electoral college votes.

  3. President isnt even in power these old fucks been in the goverment oe that other place for years and years making bad dissicion while president is blamed thats it basicly right ?

  4. I agree with other comments. He just rants about what he does not agree with rather than explaining as the title suggests. Clickbait.

  5. What is the difference between central authority and central government? Are they the same?

    Is a 'king' a central authority?

    Francis Fukuyama stated that a king was "a central authority that held a monopoly on military power within a defined piece of territory."

    Three institutions make up a liberal democracy the state, rule of law, and accountable government.

    But I am trying to understand… Is the central authority a single person or body? Do they depute or transmit power to other bodies of government?

  6. It’s really sad that Evil is taking over our country…..when will we all wake up and realize what we are doing…. SAD SAD SAD !!!!

  7. Every other democracy can be explained by. 1 vote per citizen in a given district. WTF is a the electoral college but an undermining of the people.

  8. As a Canadian I found this video very interesting and informative. Yes, it's somewhat editorialised but that's okay.

  9. Yes You Know It's FIXED After Communist LeftTard ShitLiB CUNT Nancy Policy And DemoRats Win lol. BullShit! Kill The CUNT! God And Guns

  10. Have you ever noticed that when Americans explain things they speak reaaaly slooowly… For the people that voted Trump no doubt lol

  11. Sorry l fell asleep at the 3 minute point what happened no seriously the problems with western politics is two party politics system we need a five party system to equalize the democratic system then you have true democracy eg: left (Greens Party), centre left (Labour Party) , centre ( Democrat), centre right ( Liberal Democrat ) right (Republican Party) god forgive us

  12. “Unless you vote in the state elections, you have no say in presidential elections…. so you should just cancel your vote.”

    Why not just start paying attention to and start voting in your state elections lol

  13. Worse than a rant. You sound more like a Russian bot, trying get get people to give up their voting rights. I suggest primal scream therapy for anyone who views this.

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