24 thoughts on “The Alternative Vote – The Post-it way!

  1. Great content! it was better than CGP Grey's video … but the quality of video and sound could be better.

  2. AV+ is a fusion of AV and AMS.
    AMS is used in Scotland where each voters gets 2 votes – one for their constituency and one for the region. 2/3s of MSPs are elected in constituencies under FPTP.
    A further 1/3 of MSPs are given as "top ups" to try and make the regional results proportional.

    AV+ is like AMS except the constituencies are elected by AV rather than FPTP.
    Personally, I prefer STV.

  3. British people are pretty stupid. They seem to genuinely think that they are electing the PM or even voting for a PM candidate. People only vote between the politicians in their district.

    The explanation wasn't 'wishy washy madness', it just explained the voting system. It's extremely arrogant to think that no one would understand it, who are you to speak for the 'normal person on the street'?

    And Clegg doesn't want more votes, he wants more seats, but the voting system is shit. Statistically, the Lib Dems got 23% of the national vote last election, but only got 9% of the seats. Meanwhile, the Conservatives got 36% of the vote and 47% of the seats. How is that fair?

  5. @secretsantaone Sorry but the liberals have always been the silly party of hippy ideals of chocalate rivers, trees of candyfloss,and a great big melting pot of humane love!…unfortunatly if they were in government we would now be slaves of Iran,russia ,america ,china and the EU …as they luv!… Everyone!..
    Just listen to the explanation on this video utter wishy washy maddness.. no normal person on the street would understand any of it ? or want, It was part of cleggs plan for more votes.

  6. @nathankw This is no open-end review of FPTP. Yes is explicit endorsement of AV, which is probably more excuse not to change. We've been stuffed either way by this referendum in that respect. Sensible discussion about AV+? Side-doors on top of indeterministic votes; Inconsistent, abstracted, non-monotone & encouraging of beige centrism. Democratically on par with FPTP.
    -1 to 3 Range Voting for weighted representation in 2 member constituencies pending executive elections would be ideal.

  7. @abh88abh If you want true PR vote yes to get AV and when people see the world doesn't end we can have a sensible discussion about AV+. If you vote no it'll be taken as an endorement for FPTP (whether that's what you mean or not) and electoral reform will be dead for a generation or more.

  8. Consider an AV election with 3 candidates A, B, C, and 9 votes: ABC / AB- / ACB / BCA / BCA / BC- / BC- / CAB / CAB… 55% prefer A to B, 67% B to C, & 67% C to A. To any one winner, a majority prefer another candidate. Majority support is mythical. So AV ignores some lower preferences (runner up) but inflates others; to distort the poll and fabricate a faux 50% mandate. It's a dysfunctional part-step to STV (which abandons the 50%/1MP myth). We want one or the other, not a perverse conflation.

  9. @TheTrigg1992 "back-room deals" end up becoming part of the legislative timetable in the Queen's annual speech so they're no big secret. Sure they discuss what they can agree on, but it's not a conspiracy. And of course people have preferences so it's not wrong to say "put us down as 2nd choice because we'll do our best for you, like no other party will". Hung parliaments rarely happen, from Australia's experience of their federal government.

  10. @nehalp100 That's fine, and you can do that if you really want to. But you still have the option to say 'well, if my first choice doesn't win, I'd prefer *this* candidate over the rest, and if not them then *that* one' and so on, and still have a say in who you think would be the best people for the job. It's completely up to you

  11. If this system was there, I would probably still only vote one party, just because after comparing them all, there's probably only one I'd want my vote to go to.

  12. How come people doing these demos always allow the second candidate to win.. when in the majoirty of cases the top candidate will win… unless there is a massive amount of sleaze etc…or the PM is deeply unpopular… otherwise it as it. Its not a huge change to the voting system just a 'tiny' change in the right direction

  13. I think it might help if you made blue win anyway in this video, since the problem with the AV campaign so far is all the videos have made a second place candidate JUMP to first in an effort to illustrate fairness, but if we illustrated some blue votes winning under AV as well, using second preferences, that might help.

  14. @TheTrigg1992 Did you not see how the AV system worked? Was it too difficult to work out? There will be less likelihood of a hung parliament with this system.
    There is a reason (probably) that only a few countries drive on the left, so shall we stop doing that? Stupid argument.

    I'm smart enough to realise that FPTP is an antiquated and unfair system. Shame you're not.

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