21 thoughts on “The Airborne Toxic Event – Sometime Around Midnight

  1. Your sick to think u could poison me out … carbon monoxide in my moms home … or in my car etc..!
    I am not afraid of u …!!!

  2. LYRICS … because I wanted to get the wording right.

    And it starts

    Sometime around midnight

    Or at least that's when

    You lose yourself

    For a minute or two

    As you stand

    Under the bar lights

    And the band plays some song

    About forgetting yourself for a while

    And the piano's this melancholy sound check

    To her smile

    And that white dress she's wearing

    You haven't seen her

    For a while

    But you know

    That she's watching

    She's laughing, she's turning

    She's holding her tonic like a crux

    The room suddenly spinning

    She walks up and asks how you are

    So you can smell her perfume

    You can see her lying naked in your arms

    And so there's a change

    In your emotions

    And all of these memories come rushing

    Like feral waves to your mind

    Of the curl of your bodies

    Like two perfect circles entwined

    And you feel hopeless, and homeless

    And lost in the haze

    Of the wine

    And she leaves

    With someone you don't know

    But she makes sure you saw her

    She looks right at you and bolts

    As she walks out the door

    Your blood boiling

    Your stomach in ropes

    And when your friends say what is it

    You look like you've seen a ghost

    And you walk

    Under the streetlights

    And you're too drunk to notice

    That everyone is staring at you

    And you so care what you look like

    The world is falling

    Around you

    You just have to see her

    You just have to see her

    You just have to see her

    You just have to see her

    You just have to see her

    And you know that she'll break you in two

    Songwriter: Mikel Frans Jollett

  3. No song I've ever listened to has ever resonated with me as much as this one. None has strummed the chords of my heart like this one. I love this song more than any other, and I also hate it for the pains of heartbreak it brings to the surface with me.

  4. I once went to a show in Montreal and the bassist started to cry playing their own song. The singer stopped singing and putted his forehead onto his but they never stopped playing… In that moment I understood that the bassist wrote this song about his heartbreak. This was so magical and every couples in the crowd were hugging and/or crying. After the song I left because I figured it wasn't going to get any better than that. One of the best shows ever. This is what I see when watching hearing this song.

  5. And she said " better to love and lose than never have loved at all" ….Me no way- Then I hear this, took me 2 months of drunken stupor to realize … Yup ,she was right, after you learn true heartache… your appreciation and gratitude is eternally burned into your soul. pain is truth.. and one never makes that mistake twice

  6. Even if you are suffering for someone or something, you should be happy you are alive and all those emotions are the proof!!!

  7. Omg. How can we women ever feel men are heartless. They write and sing the songs. Listen to this passion, this weakness this strength.

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