35 thoughts on “The £4 million business – Dragons' Den: Series 15 Episode 3 – BBC Two

  1. This woman on Dragons Den and every other member of that program should all be sacked the program should be shut down it is a fraudulent scam they get you to believe you're paying purefit keto for the price of £23 then they deduct £150 from your bank account and refuse to refund it it is a complete fraudulent rip-off

  2. This program should be scrapped shutdown they are cons and scammers they invested in purefit keto they for Ginny take money from you when you believe you're paying £23 and then they take £151 from your bank account and then refuse to refund disgusting program should be shut down

  3. Jenny probably doesn't have a dime to invest in anything, but, she lacks nothing in showing her faked indignation!

  4. this guy's an idiot terrible business man shouldn't be running anything.and has a company worth nothing and 2 million in the hole

  5. The clip in itself starts way into the pitch so I have no clue what the produce is. I can see from a distance but still have no clue. Bad clip it is. But I get it you cannot ask for that amount of credits when you cannot show any proof of the so called "future". I'm out too!

  6. Jenny says "i need a drink" like she is shocked, but what god damn difference will it make, she won't invest anyway. More chance of aliens landing on whitehouse lawn.

  7. With all due respect, how on earth does he expect investment if he is a minority shareholder? The person who practically owns this business (90% investor) isn’t even present. That in itself is a bit of an insult if I’m honest…

  8. You spent over £2mil creating a product that doesn't exist, haha what a plum.
    You should have just kept it in your ISA.

  9. I like how every time the investors are looking for something to hold on so that they could say "I'm out".

  10. I'm out because no one knows what he's selling this is my angle on it or angel pity your spelling mistake didn't alarm your device lol

  11. if the business is worth 4m surely the other investor who pledged 2m so far should only have a 50% stake lol

  12. I’d check the foyer. Contestants all appear to have lost their brain on the way up in the lift. Definitely something odd. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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