The 2008 Election, on YouTube

The 2008 Election, on YouTube

>> [Music playing in the background] >> It's important that we motivate and inspire
people for something. This fellow out here with the yellow shirt,
Macaco or whatever his name is. >> [Music playing in the background] >> That old Beach Boys song, Barbara Ann.
Bam Bam Bam. Anyway. >> I love my country and I'm concerned about
its future. >> This is an incredibly challenging time
for our country. >> [Music playing] >> And I'll be filing papers today to create
a Presidential Exploratory Committee. >> I am a strong supporter of responsible
domestic production. >> Simple.
We're gonna have to produce more energy and have to consume less. >> This is the first interview ever to be
conducted with a Presidential candidate from a college dorm room. >> I want to be part of a team. >> My plan to secure the border?
Two words: Chuck Norris. >> [Music playing] >> I'm wondering if you, as politicians, can
actually answer the questions that are posted here tonight. >> Would you be willing to meet separately
with the leaders of Iran, Cuba, and North Korea? >> What would you do to reign in corporate
power and abuse? >> [Singing] Hallelujah!
It's raining McCain. >> He's the biggest celebrity in the world. >> [Crowd chanting 'Obama'] >> And then of course you have Obama. >> [Singing] I got a crush on Obama. >> Yes, we can. >> Senator Obama, welcome to, uh, YouTube. >> Thank you so much.
I appreciate it. >> It's great to have you here. >> Thank you. >> What you guys have done is remarkable. >> [Music playing] >> I nominate Barak Obama because… >> He's the most progressive candidate on
the issues. >> I support John McCain in 2008. >> He will protect our nation from those that
wish to harm us. >> You think you can tell John McCain apart
from Barak Obama? >> Your new tax plan's gonna tax me more. >> It's not that I wanna punish your success. >> Well, hi.
My name is Helen and I'm Joe the Plumber, too. >> [Music playing] >> I'm getting my voter card and I'm going
to vote. >> All right, you guys.
I just now finished voting. >> And I just, umm, panned the camera accross
where we're witnessing a curb-side voting. >> If there is anyone out there who still
doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, tonight is your answer. >> [Music playing]

21 thoughts on “The 2008 Election, on YouTube

  1. True, most blacks vote democrat, however I would like to know where you are getting your statistics when comparing obama's support to clinton. Thanks to various youth vote regs there is a constant growth in youth voting. You don't need a wordy poll to tell you what you actually SAW on election day lol.

  2. A young Mormon calling himself MrHairyNutz ??? Won't waste my time on his brainwashed ideas. Reread your posts before you put them up.

  3. Jimmy seriously what is with this blue state red state B.S., how about the blue states are the republicans and the red states are the democrats huh,huh, Seriously do you watch the main media on T.V. cuz thats how they sound like.
    And jimmy there is no pussyfooting around it the republican NORTH had a huge majority during and after the civil war, something the likes of which we havent seen since FDR

  4. A lot can happen in 4 years. If he proves to be the Puppet President I suspect, when all the "first time voters" don't care enough to show up the next time, and when the republican party gets it together and chooses a better candidate next time, things could be very different.

  5. It's true that he got more black vote than any president ever but also more people also voted against him because he was black. Obama won because he inspired young people all races. Old people voted for McCain in big numbers, and in four years there would less of those people and Obama will have another win. I guarantee you that.

  6. ShaZAM! Right on.
    I'd like to add that the Democrats have a LOT of blood on their hands considering that they're the opposition and haven't done much at ALL. In fact, they've sided with the Bushonites on many critical points.
    I'm so disgusted that they did so much sitting around and for those who did speak out, they were silenced.
    I really think both sides need to be overhauled in a major way. To have to choose between two poisons.. that's unAmerican.

  7. after 8 yrs of bush its nice to see someone who can speek and answer questions.. and as for those who love war , and billions for oil ,and arms, and think usa should control other countries oil reserves, I hope that you can find a way to prosper, keep your homes educate your children, fix roads ,schools and provide medicine to americans. george bush made oil companys rich and made americans hated all over the world. but it will not be easy 11 trillion in debt, it might be too late

  8. Most blacks vote for Democrats anyways. Black support of Obama wasn't much larger than black support for Clinton.

    And there was no surge in youth voting.

    Your "analysis" fails.

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