25 thoughts on “The 10 Keys to Business Development

  1. 1. Prepare: read articles.
    2. Ask: don’t talk. What Are your needs?
    3. Provide as little as possible.
    4. Picture is worth a million words.
    5. Manage the follow up process. You push forward and set up limits.
    6. Persistance and pressure, Please. Keep pushing.
    7. Keep excitement up until deal closes.
    8. The sell begins after the seal is Done.
    9. Warm introduktions.
    10. Who Are making decisions? Save time.

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  3. Western Union collects data
    For a few weeks I was blocked by western union.
    Supposedly I have a few times too much money sent. In the month 4 meals from Euro 80 – 100 – 150 – 200.
    Now, Western Union wants data from me.
    Passport copy, registration confirmation, electricity and rental cost confirmation and more.
    That's just Bulshit. Nobody should send that to Western Union.
    These are private data.

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  6. Respectfully, this isn't BD. This is sales tips for entry level to mid level sales people. Like someone else already said below, BD is new business, channels, partnerships etc.

  7. This sounds so horrible. So not only do you need a great product, but you need to basically beg for people to take it, follow up, hear rejection, manage deals, be a good little boy scout until they maybe buy next quarter? When did a business ever chase you like that? Four Seasons, McDonalds? They spend time figuring out what people want and sell it, done.

  8. what he mentioned on his video are perfect tips, this is what I actually do on daily basis. Business Development can be Sales Focused / Marketing / strategy or even account management depending on the industry and service or product that your working on.

  9. Excellent points and I particularly "second" point #7. You absolutely have to take the reigns on follow-up.  Really a great vid.

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