100 thoughts on “Texas Police Officer Fatally Shoots Woman Inside Her Home | NBC Nightly News

  1. It was supposed to be a welfare check! Why was the officer creeping around her home? Why not knock on the door first?

  2. I finally understand why police are more likely to shoot…
    Has nothing to do with safety, its that dead people cant sue.

  3. FIRE arm found inside !! that just means a gun was in the house, not her holding it ! (my opinion) is that the only reason he shot that quick after saying hands up is that he had to be looking at a gun pointed at him !! I'll guess that did not happen! When I saw video I felt like I was right behind an officer that saw her , yelled a command, and out of "fear " for his safety over thinking about what was actually going down, he shot first to decide the issue in his favor first rather than risk getting shot himself !! I heard that woman say "what are they trained to do " I think with all the violence just getting worse, and worse, that the average police officer has decided that in a situation just like that, he is going to shoot first, ask questions after! but stay alive ! I wonder how many officers, that also combat veterans are involved in shootings like these !??

  4. Texas cops are killers is all i know. I hope cops never try to help me. I can survive criminals, just not killer cops. 🚫🐷

  5. Finding a weapon after the fact does not give reason for shooting and killing someone before it was even known it even existed. Review the footage to determine if there was any inkling of a threat.

    I think proper training would've directed him to wait for BU or NOT stick your head in a window!

  6. Rookies are the worse. I had a rookie once pull a gun on me and he was shaking so bad that I was pretty sure he was going to pull the trigger. Thank god other cops showed up and calmed him down it might have been curtains for me. In my opinion they should be paired with officers that have at least ten years of experience for no less than five years.

  7. This happens so much it doesn't take a very well thought out excuse to just sweep it under the rug. The police shouldn't have been there without a prior issue or at the request of the owner/tenant.

  8. Shame on NBC News to mention that the homeowner had a gun in the house. Trying to blame the dead victim and deflecting blame away from a trigger happy cop. People can't be safe in their own homes in Texas. All these Texas cops need some serious retraining or Texas needs some new good cops.

  9. Training of cop;s is 99% wrong !! The odds of a cop meeting a really bad guy is 1%.The rest is you; & ME !! We the 99% are the (GOOD) guy;s but are treated like the 1%. that is (WRONG)!!!!!

  10. ring the door bell. knock on the door. shine the patrol vehicle light on the door. put on the patrol vehicle emergency lights. make a phone call to the house. yell police into the home. lots of options BEFORE shooting in through a window. fwpd needs to release the full video version of the shooter killer cop and the others who found the gun in the house.

  11. Wether or not she had a gun irreverent this is texas we have guns in our homes. Why was he peeping in Windows try knocking on the door announcing you are a police officer.

  12. People. Please wait to find out what the officer saw and what was happening.
    Yall scare me how easily y'all just follow a completely untold narrative.
    Officer shoots woman in her home. Oh he must be in the wrong? Sheesh

  13. He was very negligent. He wrongly killed that girl. He should go to prison. The other police need to stop covering up for a bad cop. Something is very wrong with the hiring and training process. We see this kind of thing too often.

  14. He reacted rather quickly from a shadow of a person he saw thru a window. How clear was his view of the so called perceived threat? It’s was very dark. Was she carrying a weapon in hand? What was the threat? He may have over reacted and caused an unnecessary death. But it’s hard to know without more details.

  15. If a person is lurking thru my windows with a flashlight​ and a gun at night and doesn't identify as a cop which he didn't your dead and so there was a gun in the house its there right for this sole purpose it sounds just like the cop in Dallas killing that man in his own apartment they need to charge him also Ft Worth will justify the shooting

  16. I’ve always wondered why people don’t think we aren’t already under martial law. We’re living the dream y’all.

  17. I’ve always wondered why people don’t think we aren’t already under martial law. We’re living the dream y’all.

  18. The judge will just give him a bible and another hug and the bailiff will comb his hair again. This is so sickening beyond words, they are trying to exterminate black people by cops.

  19. He better not testify he didn't hear anyone say anything before the shot is fired. Or he might find himself dead a week later for doing a "drug deal gone bad"

  20. Notice they didn't say the woman was holding the gun, just that there was one in the home. This stinks to high heaven. Why in the world would a police officer shoot into a home that he knew could hold innocents? He should be fired at the minimum…

  21. Guess the officer was too paranoid and got startled by the unfortunate victim. He shouldn't have retaliated how he did. He should've just knocked the door until someone answered or taken cover if he thought someone had a weapon. In America getting pulled over by an officer is a scary thing, because any weird movement from your end could cause them to pull the trigger. Prayer for the family

  22. Cops across the Country, say "Citizens Should exercise their Rights to own guns", Just so they can claim, "GUN" when they Murder You!
    The Second Amendment is the Only Right, that you have, that they use as the reason, for Taking away your Ultimate Right to Life!

  23. Wake up Black People !! Fight the Power or All your Children shall be controlled We gave them power ….take it back

  24. If we dont police the police we might as well have the right to defend areselves from them. shoot them on site of residence without warrents being posted on the door prior perhaps. make them jump through a few hoops.

  25. If an officer is outside your property and not identifying themselves……. shoot first. Same as if any armed criminal is on your property. Stand your ground and fire straight. Aim for the head because of the chest armor and do not stop firing until the criminal is no longer a threat. Defend yourself against these criminals and never take an officers word above that of a fellow citizens. The police are a criminal organization with no regulations. Shoot first! They already claim they are afraid of us. Let's give them a reason to think twice before they break the law.

  26. I hope her family sues the PD and the officer gets fired and thrown in jail. Why do police officers keep getting away with this crap?

  27. …U.S. cops: The most fearful heavily armed twats on the face of the Earth. In spite of multiple weapons, body armor, radios, backup, etc. they always seem to be “in fear of their lives”.
    Coming up next: The obligatory coverup, obfuscation, lies, and the smearing of the victim.

  28. It's time for black ppl to start policing their own communities. Stop calling the kkkops. You can lose your life for being black.

  29. So the
    Black man call a number for help?? And got the woman killed. They dont know who the officer issssss?? He unidentified???????? But you know when he got hired?????

  30. Here we go again! Another black person shot in there home by a texas police officer. What's up with texas police? I'm sure he'll say, she had something in her hands and he felt his life was in danger. All we have to go on is the word of the killer. Like Childish Gambino would say "This Is America!".

  31. Freedom for black Americans! Stand with black peoples! America is hopeless, where’s the human rights for black Americans?

  32. Don't worry about mass shooters.

    Imagine if Police and Military were the only people that owned guns.

    Just imagine the possibilities of being subject to domination on a daily basis.

    It's what they're planning. 😁

  33. Several things come into play about why he shot his gun so quickly; as soon as he says "show me your hands, he fires his weapon". This is definitely a nervous, rookie cop who probably should not be a cop, It didn't seem as if the Officer announced who he was, if he did this, the woman in the house would have responded back. I'm sure this guy feels bad, he took an innocent life unnecessarily.

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