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  1. I'm from San Antonio but haven't been back in several years. I got to check it out. Apparently they have MOUNTAINS in Bandera now! Must be those wacky Schlitterbahn volks, ja?

  2. Why most of US media presenters have evangelist ultra deep voice ? Isn't that ennoying for american ears ?

  3. I enjoyed this and have been enjoying learning more about areas in Texas! Need to plan my own road trip as I have only gone through the pan handle.

  4. Folks, the ones on this list are beautiful, but none of these in this video deserve to be in the top 3, although State Hwy 16 from Medina to Kerrville (Bandera Pass) would be in my top 10. Here is my top 3:

    1. The El Camino Del Rio (RR 170 from Terlingua to Presidio.)
    2. Chisos Basin Road (Green Gulch, Big Bend)
    3. Davis Mountains Scenic Loop (State Hwy 166 and State Hwy 118 west of Fort Davis)
    – Honorable Mention: Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive (Big Bend)
    – Honorable Mention: The Twisted Sisters (FM 335, FM 336 and FM 337 from Medina to Camp Wood.)

  5. How about the road between Schulenberg and La Grange? That is one of my 4 top roads in the US. # 1 is Guanella Pass in Colorado, My # 2 road is Rte 666 between Endeavor, PA and Marienville, PA. # 3 is also in Colorado and runs from Carbondale to Marble and side trips to Redstone make it beautiful. That road between Schuenberg and La Grange belongs in this list as well.

  6. Why do these list always leave out west Texas/Big Ben area? Love the Hill Country, go there often. But Big Ben is bigger and better.

  7. I can't believe that the drive from Leakey to Vanderpool on Ranch Road 337 didn't make the cut. Easily the most scenic drive in hill country.

  8. West Texas hands down. From the drive around Mt. Livermore near Ft. Davis up 118 and 166 back to 17. And also the epic scenic drive from Lajitas up to Presidio.

  9. A few scenic routes that may be over looked are State HW 17 from Marfa to I-10. The stretch just north of Fort Davis looks like western Colorado in the winter, there's a great picnic site there. Also 207 south from Claude to Quitaque (TX 86) in the TX panhandle canyon country is quite pleasant.

  10. The most scenic drive I have been on here in Texas is just out of Big Bend heading west along the Rio Grande.

  11. Texas' best, eh? If you're from Texas, it's a given that you're proud, boastful, and exaggerate about your state and yourselves. Everyone knows that. I used to live in a subdivision in another state (won't say which, because y'all hate on other states as much as you brag on your own, tyring to elevate yours by lowering theirs) that was more scenic than this "Texas Best Scenic Drive." But hey, as long as you're happy. It doesn't matter whether it's due to reality, or "hooray for us" brainwashing.

  12. Go onto a tall mountain in west Texas and you'll see what I saw. P.S. The night in west Texas is absolutely stunning (on good conditions)

  13. I miss Texas. I'm stuck living in Commiefornia for the time being. Can't wait to get back to the lone star state.

  14. Hwy 16 from San Antonio to the little town of Medina then towards Vanderpool is one of the pretties stretches I've ever been on. Especially in the fall.

  15. Why not get IN the river at Lajitas and float through the Santa Elena canyon?  It will take you two days, and what beautiful scenery….just the river and steep canyon walls. In a year like we've had with all the rain, there's bound to be some white water going through the rock slides.

  16. Highway 170 (the River Road in southwest Texas) is the most scenic, hands down.  It likely wasn't on the list because fewer people travel that remote part of Texas.

  17. Seeing the castle towering over the hilltop reminds me of a European countryside in Germany, or Hungary ,even Slovakia.  Like the lilac wild flowers by the roadside. Really Texas has breathtaking views. Thanks for sharing! 

  18. If you're going to Enchanted Rock, might as well check out the Willow City Loop. It should be on this list.

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