Tesla Roadster Update!

Tesla Roadster Update!

100 thoughts on “Tesla Roadster Update!

  1. Take a socket that is a bit too small to slide over the lock then hammer it on! Works like a charm…socket will be shot so use a cheapo or one with a lifetime replacement. People lose/forget these all the time…tire shop trick!

  2. Um can I say lincoln is such a nice kid from the beggining such a nice boy oh and idk how old he is srry ! But I love your vids Keep up the goodwork!

  3. What's inside really came a long way. I haven't seen the channel in the longest time and now they're getting custom wraps on their teslas

  4. Dont you feel very sad that there is just one tesla and you are a tesla fanboy being surrounded by petrol,manly and great sounding cars

  5. When putting black bars on top and bottom of your video as to make it look cinematic, it’s better to render only that part in a different aspect ratio 2.35:1? And put it in your usual video!:)

  6. "can't wait to take my daughter to school and embarrass her with tons of blasting music"

    Typical dad that embarrasses their children, like my dad

  7. Noticed its not charging. Just letting you know that if you let it stand it will drain the battery, and if it goes to 0% the car is useless

  8. wow this channal is awwesome if you love your dad make sure to go sub to my channal plz help it grow its called mr crazy cool

  9. Okay wow, I've been watching some videos from not too long ago and Lincon turned from a boy to a man real quick especially with that voice😂😂

  10. If its possible id put the sub under the seat there are thin subs now adays you can put under seats. Makes it very clean look

  11. If you get some decent sounding speakers than you really don’t need a sub woofer.
    Especially in this type of car I would let that out.

  12. Ich dachte im ersten Moment ich hätte mich verguckt bei 2:43 😀 So ein selbstgemachtes deutsches Nummernschild in ner Amerikanischen Autowerkstatt 😀

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