Tesla Model 3 Features Update – July 2019

Tesla Model 3 Features Update – July 2019

well it’s been a month since our last
test the model 3 features update video and since then the company has been hard
at work and has released some new software features for the Tesla Model 3
including a pretty big one and yes I am talking about that racing game let’s
dive in and first let’s take a look at the
brand-new racing game that you can now play on the Tesla Model 3 called beach
buggy racing to Tesla edition beach buggy racing 2 was originally a mobile
game that has now been ported over to the Tesla Model 3 for free-for-all
owners if you’ve played Mario Kart or another similar type of racing game
before you’ll know how to play this game the best part is you get to use the
steering wheel and brake pedal as controls for the game in single-player
mode the car the game automatically accelerates so to brake you use your
real brake pedal and to steer the car you of course use your actual steering
wheel there are multiple maps and characters to play each with their own
challenges and special abilities you can even recruit SpaceX’s star man as a
driver for your Tesla in the game also one really fun thing is that the Tesla
that you drive in the game is the same one as your car it’s the same exact
color and later on according to the developer of the game it’ll have the
same wheels and trim as well all the other cars in the game are of course
Tesla’s no gas cars in this game and in my limited experience playing this game
I’ve really enjoyed it and that was surprising for me because Tesla has
other games that you’ve been able to play in the model 3 for a while now and
I haven’t really been drawn to them most of them are Atari games but with this
game it’s different it’s I think it’s because you’re playing a racing game and
you’re using your car as a controller for a racing game I mean it’s just fun I
don’t think there’s another adjective I could come up with to describe this
experience other than it’s just fun this is definitely going to be a hit with
kids and there is a two-player mode for the game as well so your front passenger
can get in on the fun the developer in a recent podcast episode of the Ride the
Lightning unofficial Tesla Motors podcast with Ryan McCaffrey said that
they hope to bring in game controllers support for the game so
two-player mode is a bit more fun for the second person than just tapping
buttons on the screen related to the new game Tesla has now added two new icons
to the application launcher in the main UI of the car what was formerly known as
the Easter eggs can now be located in what is now called the toy box in the
application launcher this includes the fart machine
romance mode etc the second new application icon added to the launcher
is Arcade which is now an easy shortcut to get to all of the fun games you can
play on your Tesla for free while you’re parked of course next up improvements to
the display auto brightness Tesla has adjusted the auto mode for display
brightness to better account for ambient light especially in night mode if you
prefer your display a little more bright or more dark
you can still adjust the brightness of the screen while the display is in the
auto brightness setting to help train the car to learn your preferences the
last feature update to go over is improvements to dog mode Tesla has added
an update to this feature where you’ll receive a push notification on your
phone every 30 minutes if your Tesla’s battery reaches 20% or lower while dog
mode is enabled this is somewhat similar to a feature Tesla already has for when
you enable climate control through your mobile device if you forget that you
enabled climate control and have left it on for too long
Tesla will actually send you a notification from the app reminding you
that you do have your climate control set to on well that wraps it up for this
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to see more Tesla videos like this one well I’m Josh Teder for 6 Months Later, thanks for watching

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  2. Well Josh, I guess Your Car can now be used for more than just and old fashioned means of,
    "Transportation" !

    Try to extricate Yourself from it "Occasionally" lol 😉.

    I've heard of people "having" to live in their cars before, but I can almost see it becoming a,
    "Preference" to do so !

    Have Fun Josh, which You already seem to be doing 😊.

    Have a Fantastic 4th of July 🇺🇲,
    and Many Happy hours, "Motivatin" 🚗 🔌,.

    Thanks for the "ContinuingTesla Epic" Update" !

    JaneLee 🕊️
    7/4/19 – in Pennsylvania

  3. No mention of the potential for wear to the tires due to dry steering or any negative or potential negative for any of the new features. I'm done with this level of shilling. Unsubbed.

  4. Atomic bomb ??? let’s totally destroy two whole cities of women and children – Marvin the Martian says, no alien technology for you

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