100 thoughts on “Tensions on the street after Trump rally

  1. BRING BACK THE "DRAFT" Every Male and Female! Those Brats on the street need to know how blessed they are to be in the USA!

  2. The guy you are promoting today is full of lies and Showtime and time of evidenceon several countries where they have been selling their political spot or their office

  3. I see is a bunch of lowlife-loser-wannabe-thugs harassing the police.
    These people disgust me… not one of them knows the meaning of the word "civilized".

  4. Wow they harass the police who have nothing to do with Trump! Idiots! They should be glad they are there to keep the peace… These are all the people who love welfare and live off the system! And believe everything the squad says!! They don't get it they will be dictator'd by the liberal socialists and loose all their freedoms if Trump looses. HA idiots!

  5. It's been proven over and over again that Trumo is a criminal and a traitor. The common thread of the story is obstruction, obstruction, obstruction. That alone should have landed him in jail a long time ago.

  6. I saw no " tension"…Just some tribal Trumpkins HOPING to have some violence to blame on those of us who SEE WHAT TRUMP IS…
    The dishonest rightwingers are showing signs of DESPERATION……AS THEY SHOULD BE…

  7. Trump 2020👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏻👍🙏🏻👍👍👍👍👏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. They're building their brand. They can prove their involvement and "devotion" in all of this with their persons in the news reports and their Instagram photos of "being there" and then market themselves to woke companies in need or affiliate marketers posing as real people to spread their propaganda.

  9. Wow! Lots of social rejects plying the streets there in MInneapolis. That scuzz in the grey windbreaker, the one with the big mouth, needs to get up close and personal with the hard end of one of those billyclubs. He's BEGGING FOR IT.

  10. Why aren’t you (Fox) focusing on the tensions on the street….? You know, the agitated demons w/ their eyeballs popping out & their heads spinning….Fox is in the running for FAKE/propagandized news…w/ titles that say one thing & then they figure out how to twist it to bashing OUR DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT that the DemonRats are attempting a COUP, not impeachment, on…..🤷‍♀️

  11. Sadly, we will see more and more of this reaction. When Trump wins 2020, don't be surprised if we see protests with growing levels of violence. The left is tolerant of their violent elements.

  12. All lives matter to me, as long as you don't get up in my face and start spewing ignorant remarks and trample on my rights to support my choices in life. Another thing is, You stupid Socialrats who don't want to work and want everything handed to you. You are in for a big surprise. If they ever do come into power.(God Forbid!) I hope you like Being told what to do and when to do it, having to walk everywhere and eating out of garbage cans and waiting in long lines for sub-standard medical care and rationing of goods. While your governing leaders and their comrades eat the forbidden beef. And, In the mean time, You will be wishing for the good ole days of personal freedoms.Idiots!

  13. This Guy is Demorat Hack. Why would Trump trust anything about the FBI, CIA or anyone in those branches. They have been Corrupt and weaponized against him.

  14. These foolish people are only here because the Media has brainwashed them into this. It is a sad day in America when groups of people are being so hateful to a man that is doing more for America than any other recent president in history. The MSM and the rat party are seditious and should be taken down for treason.

  15. Guys we support our beloved President.  Lets get a PETITION going by WE THE PEOPLE  stop Voter fraud ID required….join us…..go to our USA team: @ Trump America For Safety and Freedom (c) simply…copy paste search … are you in?
    Love the honest Media at Fox!

  16. Best President in history!!! Keep on investigating corruption in Washington DC!!! Trump Republicans for Congress and Senate in 2020.Trump train roll on!!!!

  17. Just look at the faces of these protestors. They are demons!!! Totally possessed by demons! Compare them to the healthy look of Trump's supporters.

  18. All a bunch of confused, easy to manipulate, no good, young stupid children with nothing better to do! A black girl in white face! RACISTS! HYPOCRITES ALSO!


  20. When will the government start taking on Antifa/Soros.  They are violent bullies that feel they have to yell, scream, get in your face, and hurt you.  What of bunch of cowards.  They are the ones out of control.  Not conservatives.  By the way, the more they promote violence, the more votes President Trump will be getting.

  21. The only tensions I see are triggered Antifa Nazi's and fake lying Media who didnt get the blood and guts they were hoping for.

  22. Leftist need to learn how to deal with anxiety in a different way. They all smoke cigarettes for copping. Look at them. Poor bastards

  23. let the FBI investigate? where has Ethan Bierman been for the last five years the FBI's reputation is in tatters and will take a very long time to recover!!

  24. If liberals think it's ok for them to initiate violence and to the degree they decide appropriate, what happens when the conservatives "up the anti"? LOL Snowflakes can't stand heat. Second Amendment Solution is the ONLY solution.

  25. These terrorists from Minnesota are part of the fleahead Omar’s plot. She needs to be remove from Congress and ship back to somolia

  26. Are these people insulting and abusing the police even American? I heard thugs from all over are part of Antifa and even saw some videos of really violent ones in repeated areas, like they are bussed in to cause riots and thuggery!

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