44 thoughts on “Ten days to save Merkel? German leader under pressure over border policy

  1. I can not believe she walks free as does her monster sister Hillary. Perhaps these heinous criminals will one day hang together for their horrible crimes against humanity.

  2. Merkel must be get rid of she is a disgrace to Germany to Europe why because now she was is allowing millions of rapists or terrorists then they attack Europe she is worse than the Nazis at least they did not allow people who are terrorists rapists murders in to Europe with them as long as you went to the UK Switzerland Iceland Greenland then from Greenland America or Canada or Australia or hell new Zealand you would be safe but now terrorists will take over Europe or neo Nazis then they will try to Spread their ideas to Africa spreading to the middle East reaching Asia then ociana than Russia boats and planes will spread it to north America then south America then it will start massive civil wars then ww3 will start killing more than ww1 and ww2 combined of coarse Merkel will already be dead so they will never get to kill the evil that started it like ww2

  3. Germany save yourself from this insane immigration or your culture will be destroyed becoming darker and dumber.

  4. too little too late Angela. We Europeans have seen how our way of life is under attack by you and your cronies. We are not putting up with any more of your evil deeds. You will be remembered on a par with Hitler.

  5. Even a child can say Merkel is a psycho…Europe…do you know who Muslims are..they are well known dacoits…most useless inhuman people in the world..Merkel is a stupid leader…She has finished Europe.

  6. Last time I was in EU was 20 years ago then where finished Germany was full of Turkish Holland full of Andunajain and England was Pakistan and Indian and Arrb Italy full of Afghani

  7. Donald Trump is the world's biggest racist. You have almost destroyed America with your wickedness. As for all of you who commented here. You all should burn in hell with Trump

  8. Merkel muss weg – Merkel must be fired… The destroyer of Germany – she must be kicked out of office immediately, otherwise there will be civil war within the next few years.

  9. This unprecedented influx of refugees from the Middle East and African countries is the result of the Bush-Cheney and Obama-Clinton administrations' promoted 'Regime Change' in Iraq and 'Arab Spring' of 2011 respectively to dislodge dictatorships in the Middle East and Africa disrupting the relative orderly lives of people in the countries concerned and causing untold death and destruction on such countries. The living conditions in countries like Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Syria before the allied military interventions in these countries were definitely better off than what they are now after such military mis-adventures. People and governments should learn how to live and let live and not intervene in other countries' internal business and way of life.

  10. No, Merkel will not resign. She was sworn in for a fourth term as chancellor in the Bundestag. But i do believe that this term may be her last term.

  11. Are we human beings or animals no I thought we are animals coz even animals are far better than us now a days

  12. These people are so CLUELESS about Trump and the US! Those pictures of children in cages were taken in 2014 during the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION. Evidently all they get is Globalist media! DOWN WITH MERKLE AND THE EU. YOUR CENTRAL GOVERNMENT DOES NOT WORK.

  13. These "refugees" need to be turned back to their own countries. These "refugees" need to fix the problems in their own countries, storm their own capitols instead of storming Europe, and see how that works for their corrupt governments! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!. Open Letter To Angela Merkel: If you don't like borders, tear down the walls of the place where you live! Let anyone who wants to come into the PLACE WHERE YOU LIVE. After you have succeeded with tearing down your own walls, the "borders," of YOUR OWN HOUSE, then you could see about doing the same to GERMANY and its people! UP with the German people! DOWN with Angela Merkel!

  14. I find it amusing that most Europeans (and liberal Americans) dismissed Trump as a joke. He’s proven them wrong at every turn and now they’re the ones looking foolish.

  15. Spain is considered Islamic territory…I'm not surprised their government allowed the NGO ferry to dock and disgorge their passengers..

  16. So Angela Merkel of Germany tells the 3rd World come one come all….we will take care of you…and now SHE wants the countries who NEVER invited these migrants to shoulder the responsibility for unemployable migrants.
    Hopefully it's Time to sing the " Ding -Dong the Witch is dead.."

  17. Wow, France 24 actually seems here to be a non corrupt liberal media like BBC or CNN … Is this an honest channel in Europe ?
    Trump was referring to VIOLENT CRIME …. Which is up huge all over Western Europe with Rapes and Crimes against Women up 20% in Northern Europe…… Sweden is Rape capitol of the entire world…….

    Angela Merkel will go down in history as the second worst leader in 60 years………. Barack Obama will be the Worst……
    Historians will judge them both harshly…………… The credible ones at least…….. Liberal Media will go down also………..

  18. Bye Merkel !  Don't let the door hit you…….   Why didn't Merkel and EU set up refuge camps in Africa and middle east instead of opening its boarders?   Oil & Water do not mix –

  19. Erdogan will become a dictator and is moving to turn Turkey back to a model of the former Ottoman Empire. Watch this space… Erdogan is not to be trusted.
    He is aligning with Iran … watch the politics. Iran is currently experiencing internal unrest and their currency is dropping as is Turkey’s. Iran also is experiencing drought, which is severe….
    What a mess MAN has made of our world.

  20. Why stand on a platform, in a castle, promoting everything the hugh migration is, and will destroy. How much more dissociated can Merkel and her cohorts become!
    Yes …. A Theatre, words words words. Words more patterned on lawyerism, deft, slick, clever….never crossing real lines.

  21. talk talk talk endless – and its all soap bubbles – nobody believes in protecting european borders – only nations will

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