16 thoughts on “TEDxHamburg – Linda Polmann – "What's Wrong With Humanitarian Aid? A Journalist's Journey"

  1. Shut your eyes, look away, don't listen and keep donating. Or you could instead put up a project of your own. Maybe you get some help. It is not difficult to send a box filled with stuff to a remote village school somewhere far away in a poor country. Make sure the people get it themselves.

  2. Vrouw met een groot inzicht in de wereld van de ''charity''. Ik roep alle jaren tegen iedereen dat ze moeten ophouden met het spekken van de liefdadigheidsindustrie. Het is een verdienmodel geworden en niet zo misselijk ook. De organisaties en netwerken zijn verweven met elkaar d.m.v. vriendjespolitiek, subsidies, belangenverstrengeling, corruptie, fraude, enz, enz.


  4. I'm profoundly shock by this speaker who generalise aid. Sure some "bad guys" as Ms Polmann mentioned will take advantage in some ways but the essence of humanitarian aid is life saving and build resilience. Most Aid workers do reach the most vulnerable and build strong relations and support communities and use the funds adequately. I would question the honesty of Ms Polmann a lot.

  5. Competition thing and biais in humanitarian aid, or even "business" aid let'say, cannot be denied, and can be raised, but not with this level of generalisation , simplification and with the same scope for every story.

    "They…" as a package of same organisations and same people all doing wrong… At a confernece we expect better judgement.

    Her example on Cholera in Haïti is not only wrong but a lie. Cholera was not expected as not existing in this area. But it was bring by UN Soldier from Bengladesh who managed it really porely (throwing body in the reiver, and th UN still deny theire responsability for it. That would have been an good criticise of the system trying to help but destroying. But it asks knowledge and judgement. It concerned a specificgroup of UN soldier, with bd luck (bringing cholera from home), and poor judgement. But it wasn't Big International NGO, , not smaller International NGO, not local Ngo, not development Ngo, not emergency Ngo, not medical Ngo…

    This world is complex and not idylic but some people try hard and do a tremendous job.

  6. Seems journalism needs share of the aid money competing for same resources.If the aid organization are corrupt,what will make the Journalist not become corrupt???

  7. That was all very interesting but that conclusion sucked.

    I want to know how to fix the issue for the next nation in need of aid, it's obviously too late for the current ones.

  8. Its very true, you will only rubbish her and call it journalism when u gaining from the whole system eg. Huge salaries or u have to keep your big titles as members of this organisations. I also have to say that this organisations are forced to compromise since the governments they deal with are so corrupt they wouldn't let this organisations work without being involved. Good idea but this is where huge resources get lost. Human beings are so selfish. This noble course aint serving its actual objectives fully anymore. Its all about safeguarding interests.

  9. i am afraid this speech is sometimes simplistic and to a certain extent populist in the way it portrays aid organizations as idiotic people competing for funds.and missing obvious points

  10. In Haiti, documentaries show aide workers dining on three-figure dinners across the street, literally, from refugee camps without food or water, and they charge these dinners to the .Org, you donor dollars. I watched Execs excuse this on the basis of "used to a certain level of luxury." That's where you charity money goes. I worked for chairties for years, what a bunch of scammers and Trustfund Baby thieves.

  11. She is blaming the rebels in Sierra Leone, but the real killers are the EU nations and USA whose policy for 100 years has been to depose every elected President by supporting coups d'etat. Sierra Leone is the resource, richest per square mile nation Africa, but the poorest people. EU and USA have kept rulers in place who allow the resources to be taken by same said nations (France, USA, UK, Belg top list, and Nigeria) for NOTHING. The rebels wanted what all nations want.

  12. Oh no, she isn't gonna … oh no she won't , , Girrrrl she did not, oooooh! DId she tell the truth about empty charity, self-interested feel goodism, convenient guilt-dumping covering the perpetuation of colonial exploitation! Oooh, Girrrrrl! Hm Hm.

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