25 thoughts on “Ted Koppel tells Bill O'Reilly he's ruined journalism

  1. Atta boy Ted. We may be too far down the idiot path to survive as a society, but I still prey for a miracle.

  2. Both O'Reilly and Hannity acted like hurt little children after Koppel called them out on their partisan crap. Ego is a double edged sword. If you're ego needs to be out front and charged up by the adulation of your fan base you will also be taking criticism directed at you personally.

  3. But does the brain dead O’Reilly understand what Ted Koppel said? None of these guys, Sean, Jeannie and Bill on Faux Noise have journalistic qualities. In the journalistic world they are considered talking heads. No substance just all hot air.

  4. Ted people that don't tell the truth ruined the news service. No one tells the truth including Ted Koppel. You can have the story on tape and CNN and others turn it around to suit their own story.

  5. Bill, Bill, Bill_____ you are over the hill and water under the bridge. The No Spin Zone turned into a spinning whirlpool that sucked you in and spun you to the bottom to join the other bottom feeders.

  6. people if the government didn't rely on tax people money than they wouldn't have to listen to the people. But it is your tax payer money and other of your money that put them in office
    And gave them the ability to become a corporation which is called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Plus your signature For them to be in this office. so you can sign them out people if the congress of this USA isn't abying by the rules in the care of the people of this USA. and causing endangerment against the people.
    If they can't resolve the issue within their category. then the people have a say to Congress regardless of what game their playing. The original bill of rights is still a protection for the people. And what ever was added to it; was done without the say of the people but was allow secretly to bypass the people to dismantle the people rights. So this game is deeper than the rabbit hole.

  7. you americans selebrate 4th of july as an independens of america from ingland but ted calle who is american born prince charlse dictates british polacy over american hom made polacy to run your country

  8. Only morons hate freedom of speech. Ted Koppel has absolutely no right to tell another human being how to speak. If Bill wants to become a commentator he certainly has a full right to do so. Ted doesn't like it because just like the news correspondence who believe they have a right to put things in check by telling stories publicly anyway they chose, as if they hold everyone accountable. When the shoe is on the other foot and commentators give a more detailed scenario about some of these stories, he doesn't like it because now they are held accountable. Who in their right mind would not accept a second source for accountability. Only those who are being held accountable.

    When certain media leave out important details it certainly has a serious impact. Lets take when the media refused to show President Trumps rallies by scanning out further to show the crowds. That is irresponsible journalism at it's finest. This media does not want others to see the complete picture of what is actually going on in the U.S. They should be ashamed of themselves for hiding the real facts of what is actually occurring in the U. S. Hitler did the exact same thing by not telling the Germans what was actually occurring during the war. Like when they began to lose the war.

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