Tech "journalism" does it again

Tech "journalism" does it again

hi so today I'd like to talk a little bit about this whole FBI and the iPhone thing with they'll trying to hack into the iPhone the FBI having issues hacking into the iPhone they spent a bunch of money to hack into the iPhone and then this researcher at a university winds up doing the same thing the FBI did pretty much you know it looks like you know doesn't bubble guns and duct tape by comparison to the FBI's resources he was able to get in and he provided a really really great document showing every single thing that he did I would highly suggest that you find this and read it I'm gonna mispronounce his name so I'm just gonna highlight it but he did step by step he did pictures he cited two sources this is just an amazingly well-written piece and I suggest that you read it now a lot of people have been criticizing the FBI the FBI spent upwards of a million dollars trying to get information out of this phone and this guy again we would with what is by come in contrast to the FBI bubblegum and in duct tape was it was able to do the same thing and he detailed how he did it now I a lot of people are criticizing the FBI saying see he was able to do it like that why couldn't you and I understand the criticism to some extent because the FBI is one of the largest law enforcement agencies and in the United States whereas this is one guy looking up stuff on the internet like again a researcher at a university you would expect the FBI would be able to figure this stuff out and they did and a lot of people have been you know thrones a little bit of snark at the FBI over that and that I understand that I'm not going to dispute what I am going to dispute is this article that came out which again did I already tell you how much I just can't stand tech journalists and my bias against tech journalists for the fact that they very often do not practice any any real journalism all while do in their work there's this article that came out and it's entitled $100 store-bought kit can help anyone I repeat anyone hack into the iPhone passcodes store-bought kit can help anybody hack into the iPhone passcodes and then and you know she quoted Sergey here and she's talking about the FBI a little bit and how they paid 1.3 million dollars for a third-party to hacking to it and she's saying that this guy was able to do what the FBI said they couldn't do it's a very very short article again with this title store-bought kit can help anyone hack into iphone passcodes and the issue that I have with that we would with this is like store-bought kit and anyone is that again it makes it very very obvious that the tech journalists did absolutely no work here so no you know in an older video I was talking about a CNM CNET writer or Sarah pure well that did this article on how you know oh yeah you can just replace your iPhone six glass only with a suction cup and a plastic pry tool even if you are really really advanced than good at this it is gonna come out like absolute garbage if you use just those tools and nothing else and the average person ninety-nine out of a hundred of them are just gonna destroy their phone doing that but that's not gonna make for an interesting article and the same thing is true here we have this article saying $100 store-bought kit can help anyone anyone that's what it says hack into iPhone passcodes and if you go over this I mean let's just think about this here anyone does anyone have a PhD in computer science does anyone have a master's degree in science physics and electronics dating back over ten years ago does anyone have experience hacking hardware security for 20 years can anyone solder desolder the NAND flash chip from the iPhone without destroying it then have anyone solder individual wires from that nancha on to a PC board then have anyone write a program and see or use some like to make this work I mean let's just read through this because this is something I want to read through it because it's very very obvious that the person who wrote this fucking article didn't read anything so I figured that we should at least read it so that we're ahead of the Guardian so let's just go through this a little bit so let's see first let's just look for the word program here so he figured out how to program it he has the self-made universal IC programmer yeah oh yeah bio is store bought yeah yeah I know they could you find this in CVS right next to the tampons the diapers and the vitamin B right like the fuck store boy like your that that title applies anyone who can just go to his store and buy this like oh and if you go to the article you'll see let's search for the word store what store is this in store bought kit because he can't here's the is the problem of the word kit kit implies pre-assembled like or even even if it's not preassembled that it has everything you need inside the kit like an eye fix-it guide like one of those Arduino setups where they send you everything you need with the sensors with the instructions with the how to where is this show me the Radio Shack where they have this set up as a kid show me the CVS where this is set up as a kid show me the Best Buy where anyone can buy this and do it like again no just get out of here with that shit but if we go to read the article all the signals were replicated with a slower communication speed of one megahertz using the C programming language so this guy used the logic analyzer to work out a proprietary custom protocol used for non communication and then use the C program language to replicate that communication at a one megahertz speed anyone store-bought kids are are you fucking kidding me like if we continue reading this article when we continue going through to realize the issues that he was having some of the issues he was having these are issues that you would expect on a breadboard by the way you see how he's wiring the chip so over here he's wiring the NAND flash to the you know to the board after do you know cloning it this thing by the way I have worked with students I've taught many people I've taught people that have electronics experience and I've taught people that have zero electronic experience and I and I know that in within this entire range it is very possible if you have a class of twelve students to have one or two or three students at the end of the class they'll have difficulty soldering a large LCD connector and again when you use the word anyone yeah cuz anyone is just gonna solder twenty or forty or sixty wires from the motherboard to the flash without screwing anything and anyone by the way anyone is going to find out that there's oscillation and ringing on the line using their oscilloscope which are totally well-versed in using to realize that there is oscillation and ringing that wasn't present and then anyone is going to know that obviously because it comes in the when you buy this kid at CVS that you're gonna put termination resistors in series with each one of those lines to get rid of the oscillation and ringing at the expense of about one or two nanoseconds of delay I mean I would honestly say this is even worse than Sarah pure wills article on how you can fix an iPhone 6 glass only with a $25 kit a suction cup a pride tool yeah no no heat gun no no hot plate no loco oak or any of that just this is he this is even worse than that article this actually Trump's that one like if you just read through this whole thing I would suggest that all of you read through it rather than just looking at my highlights you will see that this this is some advanced level shit and and he does a great job of bringing this this chair really does squeak a lot don't buy the Aeron chair knock-offs anyway he does a really good job of making this seem simple and that's that that's one of the signs of a true genius because everybody says you know the geniuses are the ones that write this stuff that oh my god I would never understand this but the true geniuses are the people like Sergei here who know that if they can explain this very very advanced topic in a way that almost anybody can read through it digest that and understand it I think anybody who works in our industry would would admit as long as they don't have the ridiculously large ego that this is a difficult thing to do this is something that requires hours and hours days weeks maybe months of trial and error to get done to find a solution that you're gonna be staying up all night for a long time you're going to be asking a lot of questions that nobody has an answer to and you're going to be trying over and over again to make something work and you know one of the pet peeves I have with this is that a lot of people will say that you know what I do is easy or I make it look easy to Stanley I do make it look easy but in order to figure out that quarter fans Ben was being caused by a clock I see yeah it's easy now it's easy after you figure it out everything is easy once you figure it out and everything is difficult before you figured it out some people will say that the syska RTC signal will go over one point seven volts when the clock chip is dead and sometimes it does but sometimes it doesn't and says clock RTC is perfectly present but that ship being damaged will cause quarter finnstrom and it's one of those things where I figured it out so obviously of course the fan spinning like this is gonna be related to the clock because it's related to time and the amount of time the fan spun is about 1/32 thousand of a second everything makes sense after you do it but before you figure it out it's impossible and you're pulling your hair out and you're screaming and you feel like an idiot and every single one of us that's figured out anything spend time feeling like an idiot before we got to the point we were successful and yes yes I will I will accept the snark on the FBI the FBI should be able to figure out the same stuff that a security researcher at a at a college could figure out I do agree with that but at the same time I think people are really oversimplifying this and making it seem like the you know the FBI or just a bunch of dunces that that have absolutely no idea what they're doing that you know that they barely even know how to check their AOL email because they couldn't do what the security researcher did with a hundred dollars of stuff and again they don't include what the security researcher is using his PhD in computer science from eleven years ago his master's degree in science and physics automatic automatics and electronics from 1997 he has a background in chemistry electronics and pewter science physics he worked in an effort he was I need to get breakfast I was working for industry designing various electronic devices for eyesight diagnostic and correction again when you use the word anyone this literally spits in the face of everybody that actually spent time sitting in a room torturing themselves for 12 to 16 hours a day not getting any sleep until 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning until they figured it out and this is something that I talk about with Jessa because Jessa she does that now she sits in a room until 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning for weeks on end gets no sleep has worse bags under her eyes than I do neglects everything else in her life to figure out some long screw damage on an iPhone 6 now it causes no backlight just so that she could be the one that figured it out and once she figures it out oh yeah it's easy oh it's obvious didn't you all know that but before she figures it out before she figured it out nobody on any form had any clue what they were doing nobody figured it out it's easy to say it's easy once somebody has figured it out for you but it's hard to be the person that actually sits in the room for 12 to 16 hours a day at the expense of everything else in their life to figure it out and the difference between the idiot and the genius is not their level of experience it's not always how intelligent they are how much experience they have how much effort they put in the idiot is the one that didn't figure it out and the genius is the one that did very often the difference between genius an idiot success and failure is oh I figured it out and I hate to use the word luck I did talk about how you shouldn't use the word luck in your own you know to just define what you can and cannot do with your own life and a lot of people I feel use luck as an excuse to define what wealthy people or hardworking people have done but you know I was talking with Jessa and because she what she did and you know what past life in her past job as she were she was a researcher working to try and cure cancer and what she said is that you will have to test many many different theories and there could be an intern that started you know in that's two months in and they find the cure to something just because they checked the right thing and they chose by random whereas you could be working in the field for 40 years and never get anywhere and it can be really depressing to know that you're doing a good job to know that you that you know your stuff and that you're putting time and effort and and not figure anything out it is in and I feel that these type of comments these types of articles these types of titles really shit on the people at the FBI that probably did what I do or what Jessa does or what the security researcher does which is stay up at night you know again neglect everything else in our life so that we could figure out this one fucking thing you know Duke on the forum that either that I have from the motherboard repair forum just recently I'm not gonna say how he figured out how you can use a thirty dollar graphics chip that's just as good as the $230 graphics chip in the new in the 2011 iMac that does all the other failures he spent about twelve hours of his day good twelve hours of his day just sitting there saying this shows up a black screen how do I modify this machine via hardware software or firmware so that I can use this thirty dollar chip that's going to be better than the $230 chip that's being sold because that $230 chip is rare it's hard to find that's why it's expensive it's not because it's better he spent 12 hours of his life doing that and that you know that that is what we do that is what all of us do to figure this stuff out and you're really kind of spitting in the face of all the people who do that when you say Oh a store-bought kit anyone particularly when that's not even the fucking truth again like just show me the CVS that this shows up and of course you can't site where you found it of course you cannot site what store you buy the kit from of course you're gonna call it a kit rather than a collection of pieces that somebody came up with after months and months of researching using 20 years of experience because that makes for a better news article that gets you more clicks that gets you more views that gets you more affiliate revenue but this is not journalism this is bullshit and is either one of two possibilities either either Olivia never read the article at all and just it's never read the article and it's just an ignorant tech journalist or she actually read this article she read this entire thing including all citations including everything required including all programming knowledge including all electronics knowledge all soldering all you know reverse engineering by eavesdropping on communication protocols and commands and decided to outright lie to every single person who clicked that article by allowing them to believe that anyone can do this to every single one of the tech journalists that think that they can just copy and paste it from everywhere else to not actually put any real journalistic effort into providing a real story real information with we with proper context just to stop just stop just find a new job and stop to stop polluting the internet with more garbage misinformation it just doesn't do anybody good and we should just stop clicking this shit and the irony is that by doing this video I'm going to cause more people to click on this article more people to read it more affiliate revenue more comments which means that the Guardian is going to think that this article the person who wrote this article should write more articles so I mean I'm part of the problem here as well which just makes me even more sick but anyway that's it for today as always I hope you learned something really do read this article seriously it's um yeah this is I'm just gonna I'm probably gonna forget to put this in the description so I'm just gonna put it up here one more time so you can read the URL that I have here the title of it is the bumpy road of iPhone 5c mirroring this guy did a really just phenomenal job like this these are the types of researchers these are the types of Sciences stitches this gets stuff done and they don't try to make it seem like it's some impossible thing or like that holier-than-thou he just he explains he explains all this stuff in a really simplified process and just to just did a really good job he cited as he cited every single one of his sources professionally I mean this is just a really like above and beyond just amazing amazing feat and I think that you know he deserves some thumbs up for it so yeah that's it time for breakfast I'm hungry

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  2. I enjoy your vids, but this one I have to completely disagree with you.
    A kit does not have to contain everything to complete a project.
    I do see your point of the use of "anyone" being an exaggeration, but you went well beyond that exclaiming a doctor or someone with 20 years experience is required to do this. When in actuality, anyone could do it, given a complete set of instruction. They probably wouldn't know "why" certain steps are done, as maybe someone with prior knowledge of electronics. But that wouldn't prevent them from sucessfully competing a project. That is, considering they have a complete set of instruction.
    I have done classes for 8-10 year olds where they were taught how to build a pc. These weren't advanced children, but problematic children that had various problems. Every child I've encountered was able to accomplish the project sucessfully. They learned what each component did and why. They didn't learn more advanced skills like how the components worked. This was because tjey didn't need to know how it worked to complete their project.
    Your title, The Guardian is NOT Journalism, again, I have to disagree. I just want to point out, I dont personally use The Guardian as my source of news. This shouldn't even be an issue. I understand you don't agree with this article, and maybe others as well. But that doesn't change the fact that they offer investigated journalism to the public. They do offer opinion as well, as many news outlets are siding towards. But completely dismissing The Guardian as Journalism simply because you dont agree with their arcticle is disgrace.

  3. Anyone can be a journalist with store bought keyboard and generic internet access.
    Anyone can be a US Congress member by answering a casting call put out by leftist Marxist political action group🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  4. I’m not complaining, but this older video was on my homepage as well. I know you were confused about that other video getting a bunch of comments. I guess the algorithm is starting to favor older unwatched content? Who knows with YouTube anymore.

  5. Seems like Youtube is recommending your older content a lot more often now… Anyhoo, keep up the great work!

  6. I don’t know if the newspaper changed the article since 2016, but when I read it today I’m not as critical as you are. They still had basically had the same headline that you described, but further into the piece they did refer to where the parts could be bought. This was just after Skorobogatov’s YouTube video which clearly showed this was not an “off-the-shelf” product.
    Another quirk showed up. If you translate “Skorobogatov” into English, it roughly means “soon rich”. Too much flat earth conspiracy theory here, lol.

  7. WTF You Tube…Why are you constantly putting Louis old videos on top of main page….not that they aren't interesting .

  8. At the risk of being pedantic she said "help" not "enable". Anyone seriously setting out to do this would find that kit (in the equipment rather than the collection sense) helpful. Most people would also undoubtedly find it much too hard and give up and you are quite right that this article gives the impression it is much easier than it actually is. That said, now that fella has done it once and published a well written guide it is much easier than it was and "anyone" with sufficient dedication and average or better intelligence (a more reasonable definition of "anyone" than the literal one) could follow his instructions and use some fairly cheap kit to crack that phone. It might take them years to develop the skills but they could so while the author might be misleading her audience I don't think she's technically wrong.

  9. What's the difference between a tech journalist, a games journalist, & a political journalist? Nothing… but for some reason people take political journalists seriously. Journalists are just "clumps of cells".

  10. "Olivia Solon is a senior technology reporter for Guardian US in San Francisco"

    I wonder what other drek we can find in her later articles. It's telling that she didn't feel the compunction to issue a retraction or even a note admitting wrongdoing.

  11. Didn't the FBI hire a 3rd party to work on it? Thought I saw that in the article as you scrolled by.. So yeah, as fun as it is to poke fun at them, they just threw some money at the problem and didn't get anything.

  12. well ANYONE now can (with practice, in china, as long as they follow the same step as strange parts) they just have to break the encryption too (i think anyway)

  13. Honestly, journalism for pretty much anything including tech these days is filled with but clickbait type shit!

  14. What's the problem? Anyone who studies computer science and electrical engineering for 8 years can crack the iPhone password with a kit they've assembled from components bought at stores. Too long of a headline, so reduce the irrelevant bits like how many people have 8 years to devote to it and voila true statement.

  15. The Guardian??

    I wouldn’t even piss on that marxist shit-rag. Fuck The Guardian and all connected with it.

  16. thanks for all the videos Louis. While im not an electronics engineer, I will be taking your advice and getting a Lenovo laptop next instead of another apple device.

  17. If the researcher, who did a great job btw, had taken a picture of all the equipment he used, including the stack of paper where all his thoughts were sorted, she might have thought otherwise.

    With the briefest of glances, the researcher's description of the process does look like a "how-to" manual. When reading the main text however, is is almost immediately clear that this is not the case.

    If you were to ask me how did the "journalist" came to her conclusion I would say this was the most likely scenario:
    She read the text in bold, not understanding the first 2 sentences, or ignoring them.
    Scanned trough all the pretty pictures, saw all the neat laid out cables and thought: "Oh, this looks like a kit. It probably is."
    Hit "CTRL+F" wrote "$" in the search field, which doesn't exists, put in "dollar" instead, which DOES exists, took in "100" and "off-the-shelf components"

    Now, I do not know this journalist, nor do I need to; She is clearly lazy and/or incompetent, neither which I have any respect for.

    As for excuses like: "Ignorant", "pressed for time", "put under pressure from boss to take a certain angle" those all fall under "incompetent"

    Sorry for my grammar, English is not my first language.

  18. Fair play for doing this video Louis. That dog-shit article you have debunked, what an utter dis-service to the hacker.

  19. I think it's o.k. to say something is possible after somebody figured it out. But it's hard to figure something out.
    The FBI take some mony and buy some kit ( or an expert in this field to take the job, the easied way is to ask the manufacturer (they did this).
    Many guys make living with reverse engineering and after these guys write a manual, it's "easy", but the first time it's very hard.
    The garbage is, that the media don't show the whole storry. They want a smart and short story. The media is good to find some first hand material, but you need to take the step from the newspaper to primary source. It happens a lot of time you only had to say: Read the next article or the next page from the primary source. (if somebody come with some mighty stuff)

  20. I wanna buy that 100$ kit that includes iphone, scope, logic analyser, soldering & hot-air station… WHERE do they sell it?
    Oh and a PC… you need a PC too.

  21. In reply to the genius part, I say that a great musician is the same way, they make really advanced stuff sound easy. But when idiots (like me) try and replicate what they did you will see that I have no chance of doing it, least not without years of training.

  22. now that you know what an iphjone 7 or 8 is made up of component wise, how much do you think they actually cost each one to be made by apple? i/e how much do you think all the components and screen etc are worth? certainly not worth 800 right?
    i mean if they sell 1200 of these, which they'd sell in any mid sized town, they make a million dollars. for 1200… it's mental, i mean people are so in love with iphone, even used iphone 4s and 5s are still hundreds of dollars, how is that possible?

  23. "The mirroring solution presented in this paper was
    achieved using off-the-shelf components bought from an
    electronics distributor with a budget of under 100 dollars.
    The same approach could be applied to the newer models
    of iPhone. The same type of LGA60 NAND chips are used
    up to the iPhone 6 Plus. Any attacker with sufficient
    technical skills could repeat the experiments. Newer
    iPhones will require more sophisticated equipment and
    FPGA test boards"

    The author pulled their headlines from the first sentence of this paragraph from the document.

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