38 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Barbra Walters Interview | Barbra Walters Most Facinating People | ABC News

  1. Hey guys, maybe 2% will see my comment but, last night i just a illuminati video and they said that shes one of them.. In her vid lwymmd(bird cage), she buried her self, style mv… Is this true? Please denied it… Ill be sad if she is a devil worshipper…

  2. Love Taylor but Hate Barbara. One of the most fakest journalist and interviewer I have ever seen. Shes not at all genuine and is a media sheep.

  3. If only D&D watched this video before making the embarrassment of season 8 GOT. Maybe they would have learned how to understand and respect the fans. Go Taylor.

  4. kanye should realise that there are even more great artists than him even his fans too and he should stop comparing himself to god

  5. Great Music and Artist Career
    "Taylor Made" from The Heart and Soul for The People's
    She The Rule to success not an exception
    Her chillin's Tayla&Taylen Saylor & SayLa La La are going to be gifted
    They could beTaylets
    I feel your lyrics voice sounds
    You're incomparable for those who tried to say otherwise
    I pray your guy and you find one another love
    God Bless Your Career Family Friends and Fans All your Days

  6. I didn't like her at first because of the songs about her exes, but after seeing her in an interview, I can like and respect her because she's human

  7. She's racist. She said she's afraid of black men. " Taylor swifts". Well I'm afraid and get paranoid against white women

  8. Taylor needs to gain a lot of weight. She is way too thin that is not healthy. She will look so sexy and healthy with 50 pounds more. She is very intelligent and disciplined. But don't over burden yourself with stress and discipline. Live free and love your body with natural chubby fat.

  9. Struth, she’s grounded, natural and mature – doubly so considering her circumstances……. very cool.

  10. I just want to say that there is So many Up and Coming Female artists who are not getting a chance mainly because Taylor Swift has contracts that keep only her in the spot light. Taylor Swift, you are already RICH and Famous,why don't you stop and think about the other Females who are just as good if not better who haven't gotten a chance to START. To the next Female artists who have NOT been getting a chance because of Taylor Swift,keep trying…don't give up.Taylor Swift doesn't care about you only her millions. Someone will eventually notice your talent. Sexism is everywhere both Female and Male… Taylor give someone else a chance for once….abc News Thank you for Real News

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