Targeted by Games Journalism I am a Figure head of GamerGate it seems

Targeted by Games Journalism I am a Figure head of GamerGate it seems

I'm ballin so hard like make my bones so hard like the mayor so on the 19th of June the lone wanderer let me know that I was added to a gaming journalists article no gamergate strikes again thankfully the lone wanderer highlighted the part about me at the time I figured this was the only article written about me it's a Gundam is also Eckert I'll be cambrie the quartering started out his video by saying cyberpunk 2077 cool game you got hit there will be a shame if something happened to it that's funny what's wrong with that that's an opening line I should have stole that from the quarterly he's lucky I missed that video I would have snagged it real quick I'm a joke thief and he later on accused Anita sarkeesian of extorting CD Projekt RED for consultation money I mean consulting money of what was she trying to do dude like for real what was what was that come on bro you can't sit there and go she was lovingly trying to save CD Projekt RED she's looking for a paycheck what do you do and do and then right after that we find our feminist frequency is broke in four years they have one point six million dollars it's down to 30,000 dollars they spent 200k to 300k on a YouTube channel somebody's pad in the books dude did you see the YouTube channel it's slightly better than mine on production value because someone's in front of the camera but I assure you if I ever decide to get in front of the camera I've already got a green screen setup at least I went that far Wow I'm already off the hinge did I cursed I hope I didn't yeah you gotta not curse for the first few minutes of YouTube they don't spank you too hard they love fingering me on YouTube let's see Papa Papa this article is already fantastic I love this guy as well as regurgitating and already debunked falsehood about her being one of the reasons Bioware's last to gains Mass Effect Andromeda and anthem have been poorly received I know she had something to do wasn't she like in there to give like consultation for anthem like why would Bioware need her and let's just say not everything she touches turns to gold dude come on I mean really she was there these pictures she was there what are we gonna do we gonna say those photos were deep fakes it wasn't really Anita sarkeesian some some gamergate troll with godlike cgi ability put in and he is chic easy and it's all a lightweight that was on her Twitter feet I'm not even gonna bother looking for because I really don't want to go back there it's a Gundam also echoed similar statements he further added a political dimension to the debate by complaining that people are trying to inject their own political and personal beliefs in a goddamn video game based on the fastest tells you dystopian future how is that complaining it's true video games are a source of entertainment am i right like you don't go to the bar for the bartender to tell you how he wants to die or something you know the last time a bartender had a sad story a guy in a piano named Billy Joel wrote the piano man John at the bar is a friend of mine he gets me my drinks for free cuz he's never check I rock or latias smoke for there some place that he'd rather be shake it belly you know my pain brother this is killing me as a smile read away from his face oh I'm sure I could be a movie star if I could get out of this goddamn place god dammit Billy Joel don't you ever die anyway back on point yeah that political bullshit in gaming it sucks it fucking fucks yeah I want to look in the game I'm interested in coming out and see all these people complaining about it because it doesn't have enough gender inclusion you could be any gender you want it's not enough we need to not gender we did not binary now they're like trying to figure out how to make a genderless Prix a player preset for people you know if you really want a really far-out shit you want to be a furry you want to be like an asian girl with a huge dick learn how to mine it's coming once cyberpunk hits I swear to god dude you can go to uh what's that site the lovers lab and you will be able to find whatever weird vice you want as far as modding yourself into weird crap I've seen wolf porn dog porn cat stuff you could turn yourself into a female cat with a dick and big tits the sky's the limit if you really want that you can't expect CD Projekt RED to put all that in on the bass game in me saying it's kind of bullshit that people give this man over a picture of a ad with a woman with a giant robotic dick I'm accepting of it fantastic great more power then it's like oh now you're fetishizing the transgenders well what do you want my god what do you want what the fuck that's pen pen [Applause] Gundam is transphobic because he wanted to call himself Bruce transgender alright so I thought that was the end of it you know that was the one article that hit me let's see also names out of course the coeur d'alene clean prints gaming and young Yi I feel bad for young Yi cuz uh he's the cleanest one of all I mean for real young Yi is so safe I'm telling you right now ladies if you were gonna go out on a date with a guy that was stable and you had to choose between me a young ye it probably young Yi all day I assure you young ji has never spent any time in the crack house I have it sometimes you just out there looking for venture when you're young you know it's like I had to do wild stuff Vince Neil was snorting a line of ants I had to do drugs with the Hells Angel in a crack house it was gonna be a part of my book with my band got big then everything went wrong and now I'm a asshole on YouTube with a small white dog nothin homosexual about that yes darling oopsie so honestly I thought that was the end of it right I forgot to do a video on it awhile ago because uh I'm working on painting model kits to be auctioned off for the Children's Hospital I'm such a sack of shit I want you to know that I'm gonna spend the next hundred and forty-one days trying to paint as much as humanly possible to make money for the Children's Hospital I'm not running the auction at all all I'm doing is donating to it and they do it they take the kids they auction them off they handle everything I'm just doing something alright so don't come to me telling me it's in the money someplace fucking else so then the next article gamergate never disappeared it merely changed face see a funny thing about gamergate to me because i don't remember much outside of like the base stuff zoe Quinn's tomfoolery and everything that they were exposed mostly journalists were exposed for those is the term nepotism probably not but you know Zoe Quinn just happened to be with certain game journalists who gave her game good reviews and the weird thing is like how she still seen as a hero you know it doesn't make any sense where are these goddamn tweets cuz I've already talked about it before fuck me this is why you gotta have shit laid out one more thing I forgot to mention like with the whole cyberpunk with the tweets that got them in trouble with a few members of the LGBTQ and reset era where they even went through the hassle of daxing someone who worked at CD Projekt RED because they were angry at some tweets like why would you do that see this is the problem most of us have there's this level that I hate to say the left but you know is willing to cross at any given moment the second they feel they were offended by something I've actually had like a little fog let's face it she knows I've had a Moran's company copyright claims some of my videos and get the monetization from them right and I've had people who knew her have all her information send me all the stuff on her and I've never Doc's this woman never I haven't even talked about her personal life there's a certain line you don't fucking cross even if someone fucks with you well directly I've been fucked with it's not like she did a tweet and I felt offended you know that's how is it that I'm a bad guy how did I become the villain in all of this when you think about it all I do is point at certain things in society that are ranked you know most of the time I laugh you know Charlie Chaplin said something to the effect that humor is an act of defiance that we must laugh in the face of our helplessness against the forces of nature or go insane and where is he now dead shit I forgot my point at this point cuz I had to make sure I had the Charlie Chaplin quote correct oh wait that's right Zoe Quinn there we go good thing I saw her head back on point cuz I have total abd as I stated before in previous videos as mom bought stated on Twitter Zoe Quinn was staying this is a year ago to date almost Zoe Quinn was staying in a very expensive luxury hotel in Japan meanwhile she supposedly broke in the eighty thousand dollars she raised for a video game is gone and there's no game and it's what happen how many years but you know me talking about games and stuff and pretty much a joking manner I'm an instigator I'm a gamer Gator I'm a bad guy essentially it's pretty much what it is how come gaming journalists didn't pick up on the person who's supposedly the transgendered person actually who supposedly worked with zoe quinn who leashed a firestorm of damning tweets against zoe quinn well see is one tweet that's really bad that was done in july 14th but her account was uh deleted or taken down I should say remember when physically disabled trans women who worked for you actually became homeless as a direct result of supporting you and how it's been for years now and she still hasn't fully recovered and you couldn't be bothered to at least give her some lunch money there are even more tweets like this I'd have to dig up on mom bought it because for god sakes at no point did I accidentally eighty thousand dollars and then not deliver on a product I'm just saying like for real I don't know what the fuck is up families frequency can extra thirty five thousand dollars for discord and discord is free you don't see journals coin it's a little odd they need this money for discord let you see the movement and everything boba we must look at the fraudulent beginnings of it all and specifically why so much of what characterizes the movement criticism the movements criticism on the other side could just as easily be applied to them when the tables are flipped okie dokie at no point do I take myself seriously everything I do here is an opinion mine and even when I review video games I'm honest about it even when I reviewed tech products that I was given I was honest about them to the detriment of my channel that's why I rarely ever get any sort of sponsorships especially the computer tech because I keep it real you know I told what was it some company sent me well they send me a keyboard so I can't remember no wait now I remember it's like a gang case a game of gaming PC case and honest to god is a nice case to look at but functionality it sucked it cost as much as a corsair case that was rated far higher and for $50 more you could have got the fan text evolved to or something like that I got it another room I stoven put my PC in it yet but like the level of quality was night and day I couldn't sit there and go this is great but I bet if I as a part of gamergate I'd have it like this case cured my mother of lupus when I turned on the lights I felt all the toxins leaving my body this case is revolutionized my life so that's why most people don't screw with me into this day alright you want to know something about me I'm gonna tell you right now probably shouldn't be saying is a very big company big that has a streaming site was trying like hell to get me to stream on their platform specifically is like an exclusive type of person some shit in the amount of money they offered me was enough that I'd turn up the computer lay on the floor face down didn't scream and then come back to say no because I didn't like their policies and I don't like their business model and I don't like the fuck they've done on the Internet it doesn't matter what you do even if you have integrity someone's still gonna call you a piece of shit and women's inclusion in the medium was only conditioned on the notion that their breasts be universally sculpted to the male gaze utmost desire they were treated as objects and cattle for gamers to celebrate over and for male developers to exert dominance over huh even though there was a great crowd of females and otherwise female presenting players who absolutely loved the okay so I guess this part is about how video game characters the female ones were only there for me to masturbate to and the game developers the guys there they knew that I was yanking my crank to the pixelated body of Laurel Croft in Tomb Raider 1 and 2 obviously because those triangular breasts nothing sexier I don't even I don't know anymore I remember dead or alive he used to be back like they had ripped clothes physics and everybody's clothes rip off but the woman's clothes ripped off in a sexual way and frankly it's Japan you know like but expect honestly on the top of that it's a game they need to do something in Japan to get their fuckin uh people having children because Japan's population is plummeting and we have journalists over here in America going oh there's too much titties and breasts oh my god and Japan is like trying to get everyone to have sex make the female character sexier my god if it was so bad why there's so many women cosplaying as these characters you ever noticed that I could injure analysts never do that ever noticed it they're even female characters in games like Laura Croft now is not sexualized at all and I don't really give a shit but what I do care about his last Laura Croft game was garbage like they rebooted it reboot was pretty good and then we get the second one and his trash compared to the first one that's where I take issue wha let it go dude this is not about gamers but anyway how could gain journalists never write about female cosplayers sexually objectifying female characters that don't have sexy costumes in order to make money off of lonely dudes how come nobody ever writes that article never it's always you go girl girl power take Princess Peach turn her to Bowser and now you got tons of women dressing up his boughs that sexily you got zombie unicorn doing body painting his boughs that nobody writes in the article my god dude Twitter's cosplay scene there is no greater den of scum and villainy is obi-wan Kenobi will put it literally I don't even know what these girls are trying to cosplay ass anymore it's like you just see a girl either naked with a wig on or bikini and she's like oh I'm this character it's like I wouldn't know because you're not wearing her costume and you might go Gundam are you on there obviously I have to do shitposting is Billy to entertain you motherfuckers you get entertainment everywhere Twitter YouTube twitch what's next I gotta come out in person and it detain you for shekels but for real it just doesn't make any sense you know in gaming if a female characters remotely remotely revealing skin people go crazy on Twitter they start throwing hissy fits but then these are the same people that draw like those weird little tumblr sex fantasy novels and shit the whole world is topsy-turvy but we're all in agreement I'm one of the bad guys but hey at least I know this is like a bullshit article because young E's in there so you know things are wrong it's like whatever the firing squad has me on a post with my hands behind my back and young E's next to be going young out I know something's wrong you have been found guilty by court-martial of cowardice desertion and disobedience in the face of the enemy the sentence of the court is that you are to be executed by firing squad god save the king young out oh god oh god I have to try it edit that in I gave myself a headache with that well they give me the chair dude I'm saying young out gun of you have been sentenced to death for your constant cultivation of Japanese pornography any last words young out honestly to be real fear I don't care what characters any game long as the game is good like for real one of the best games I played recently held late oh my god it's a woman is the lead how could my misogyny allow me to enjoy this it was a great game my only problem with help ladies I felt it was too short that was the problem I had with it I hope there's a sequel and I hope the sequel is like got even more shit cuz it kind of felt like a walking simulator but it has a lot to do with mental illness and is somebody who has voices in his head why did I say heads out laughs fuck head it's very relatable for me it was a great game but you know I was only there because I wanted to jerk off the sinua how did the game developers is cert dominance over like female characters that one I don't get but I'm gonna move on now this is the meat and potatoes of the article for me because it names me finally the recognition I deserve for being a hero oh wait and it looks like I'm the douchebag again the effect of gamergate as well as its pursue perpetuator sorry in fact the gamergate as well as its perpetuators are two distinct entities when youtubers such as legacy killer HD young yeah it's a Gundam geeks and games the AK man plus a plethora far too many to fully recount where an entire army gentlemen we're a legion apparently no blahblah present their concerns before the are present their concerns before their audience it's usually done in a veil of professionality and virtue signaling I don't fully know how to virtue signal like I don't virtue signaling for me is when like you're out in a date with a chick and then she starts ah I'm a vegan do you know what they do to these animals and I'm like yeah it's really sad but gotta get my protein baby these guns don't grow on their own and let's face it what I'm dead things are gonna eat me you know the earth is gonna get a piece of my ass too I'll probably be like tree food it's a circle of life didn't you see lion king that uh it's like those guys who tell you their male feminists and then tell you how bad you are because you're unapologetic about your masculinity oh my god yeah well you know I've been in a couple fist fights in my life I don't know maybe that reaffirmed my masculinity even though I was getting knocked out I felt like a man and the working class hero bro I just put it that way to you I'm the every guy I'm the everyman I'm the average Schnur I'm the guy who has to deal with all the bullshit of real life family and otherwise you get crapped on every day and everybody tells you how you had to man up you have to lead by example you got to be this in that and at the end of the day you just want a little entertainment you know you want to play a video game you want to watch a movie you don't want to deal with all this shit you hear at the water cooler about Mary being a feminist and how the patriarchy is holding her down and it's kind of like you make way more money than me I don't want to hear this bullshit who's holding you down if anyone attacks you people will save you if someone beats me up they'll laugh my god you know it's like to talk to a woman and have her go I was almost raped and you're like oh my god what happened this guy looked at me was walking down the street in he looked at me far too long and it felt like he wanted to do something to me so I hurried along I'm like that's not almost rate that was someone looking at you and there I go well how many times have you been physically assaulted the streets never thank God I'm sitting there like bitch you know many times I've been robbed three times I've been beaten up and you sit there complaining about men being terrible and no one so much is touched a hair in your head you haven't even been robbed yet my god and to be a man and get robbed and not die is an accomplishment itself cuz usually they kill men they robbed but somehow you are the one who is in danger and I rule the street somehow I'm like Don Kohli on people see me and they give me money it's the dawn thank you for coming here Don grab my point I'm sorry let's see since there is an unspoken contract between these content creators and their audience for them to continue delivering on their news in a tone that is a la force conditioning condescending I don't even like it is that French forgive me I went to a very bad school you know instead of us taking French class we had a riot one day it was quite colorful it was a riot right after we watched cinemas list actually it was quite interest that was a day I'll never you know I went to school so bad dude they ripped the fire escapes out to school so if that school went in flames from the bottom up we were fucked nobody cared it was bad school and let's see unspoken contract between these content creators in their audiences oh I don't even understand that one I really don't like I've never spoken a legacy killer HD or young yeah geeks and gamers act man I've spoken to the court Erlang once we had like some DMS of one time about like charity he was doing and then people got mad at me for it yeah that's about the only time occasionally he asked me like when a loti of God was threatening to copyright strike me if I talked about him and I let low-tier know like yo you ain't worth my time you're not interesting enough I mean if I were to talk about what lotia God does i proud get in trouble for sexual harassment because that's what load to you God does he gets mad at his audience I'm on a whole different tangent but fuck it he gets mad at his audience especially guys and he starts saying I'm gonna have my men hold you down and open your mouth for my BBC to bust down your throat and you sitting there like why is everything like gay rape scenes of low-tier God straight-up this dude is like the booty warrior street fighter hey cept he keeps getting bodied it's like if the booty water you're lost every fight on this hunt for booty oh man I'm on fire today you know what the contract to have my audience is it's a to try and frame all of these uninteresting things and make them funny that's pretty much it people come to me for Laughs at this point now there's a meme going on where I'm an oompa loompa and also the phrase make me laugh clown comes up quite often now because I've made an off the color comment about how that's how people go into my videos oh it's Gundam make me laugh I've had a rough day and now it's a meme you know whatever what I'm doing is not rocket science it's nothing more than an average guy ranting into the Sun help me don't just dance baby please I'm watching a medium I loved a medium that helped shape me as a person because growing up being raised by women you don't have many male figures and the ones you do aren't exactly uh noble let's say so your lessons in life for many young men came from superhero movies comic books and video games the person you had to be alright as out there trying to learn how to do the whole shit Ken you ever try hit a bully and then go oh my Oh emotion dead oh and then he just socks you in the face like I don't know what the point of this article is other than to name a couple guys and try and make us seem like we're supervillains like we're somehow doing irreparable damage to the gaming community that it isn't doing to itself in general all right these developers are sitting around trying to accommodate many people who aren't their core audience it's literally suicide from a business standpoint that's why anthem failed that's why Andromeda failed they don't know what they're doing anymore they don't know who they're trying to market to for god sakes Andromeda was a hot mess it's weird how can you make a sequel and all you had to do was make something like Mass Effect 2 and people would have hailed you a fucking hero it's the same with Star Wars Battlefront 2 all dice had to do was reskin bf3 or bf 5 which storm before my bed with story to pers and Dave would have been heroes they screwed that up look without my bow Phil five smart moves the gaming sphere as far as PC and console goes is predominantly male I'm not trying to be an asshole I'm just giving you some common sense it's like going to a store and saying oh I need a fork can they go well here's a spoon you're like no I need a fork then they go okay here's a butter knife I would like a fork please would you care to understand how the patriarchy has oppressed women and you just like you know what I'm out fuck you and then they're like why aren't we selling anything let me try and finish this all because I'm kind of done with it and this has gone way too long since there's an unspoken contract and audience continue delivering their newsletter for business and me but also demeaning of their behavior it's quite easy to see why few of them are afforded the leeway to even express remote approval of what gaming journalists do what are you talking about I said what was his name Jason Schwarz Kotaku has because at least he comes up with shit that's actually informative interesting and real gaming journalism on occasion Jason Schwager oh not all the time though but I can give the man his dues but like what what the fuck is this like I'll even say something about people even to my detriment I got the metrics to prove it you can look at my social blade and see how that shit spikes up and down in YouTube lays the smackdown on me they are independent in their sense that no editorial bottom line is at play but their opinions are fully within the views controlled as dictated by their financial dependency on them oh boy if I'm gonna tell you this right now if what I was doing it was about money I would be doing this very differently all right my youtube channel would be a 180 from what it is this isn't profitable my dude it's not ninety percent of my videos are demonetised 90 percent it any day I know I could get in enough trouble for YouTube that my channel could be deleted this isn't exactly a profitable like if I was doing this for money I'm going about it all wrong there's no safety and security in this there's not I'm literally doing this for the fucking lulz my channel was created so I could deal with depression and keep myself busy rather than thinking about how I feel that's it this was never a get-rich-quick scheme my dude if I wanted to make money my content would be cleaner I definitely curse less to give you an idea like working blue was not profitable here it's not nineteen nine anymore if it was hell I wouldn't be on YouTube I'd be working a comedy circuit I'd be hanging out with Sam Kinison snorting coke while Jessica Hahn played with my hair instead I'm sitting here reading this and punching myself in the nuts because I deserve it how their times I think about walking away from this there are many times I think about that if it was so amazingly lucrative I wouldn't be doing it the quarter link still has his day job for God's sakes make this about money if I wanted to make money dude I'd be doing a channel talkin about drag queens alright if I wanted to make money on YouTube I do a channel right now about drag queens and makeup because my makeup game is as strong as James Charles the only difference is I say his eyebrow work is impressive and I'm not gay so obviously the community would definitely be against me oh it's a straight man encroaching on our stuff stop him and someone will get mad up look he's doing a camp gay man voice homophobe Jesus I forgot to close my window fuck my neighbor probably heard me doing this I'm fucked gaming provocateurs I like that along that line of thought would post their concerns as a necessary safeguard against widespread corruption within gaming journalism isn't the same thing they said about YouTube Oh YouTube isn't changing things around to suppress people due to Google leaks come out what blood guests they were doing it anything that involves people is not free of corruption especially when it involves a company and their money is tied up in their website youtubers are a threat to the old gaming medium we are I know it now and I know as I become more popular I'm gonna be probably the biggest target because I'm the least PC of the group yeah whatever you know what whatever I'm not gonna bother the rest this

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  1. I started watching your vids about a year ago, and I truly believe this author is upset that you’re good at using comedy to shine light on some harsh truths. Glad to see your channel growing.

  2. Yo, the rant on masculinity, spot on my man. Doesn't matter how many times we "mansplain" what its like to be a male today the fems refuse to hear it.

  3. Never quit. Never stop. The entertainment is a riot, but the truth is what I truly respect. Keep on keeping on it'sAGundam

  4. What gets me is the flat line from Jim. He hasn't been touched and is silent, it must be that whole "I'm part of the LGBT community"

    Go figure he follows carlos maza, he is happy with rivals censorship

  5. That Yong Out joke was spot on! YongYea is my main source of news along side Jim fucking Sterling son and Gundam is the someone with whom I can complain on how shitty it is while joking about it.

  6. The angrier they are the more powerful you become the louder your voice is. Dont throw in the towel. Take a break if you need to occasionally but quiting is letting the insane side win. We got your back gundam

  7. Wow u ain't gotta lie to kick it…u are trying to make money…its sad u try and manipulate the npcs…no one worth their salt believes u do this for any thing else but the money and "respect" u believe u get from the community as they applaud u for speaking out as they dont have the platform…but its whatever I dont knock ur hypocrisy…

  8. Gundam, its was foretold in The Dark Knight, "You either die a hero and live long enough to see yourself become the villian." Since you have independent thought, you are now an enemy of the Left.

  9. Meh. I've learned if you've got a dick you're by default labeled a "face of gamergate" and sexist/racist/transphobic/etc/whatnot/alien space invader.

    Much like how if you've got any form of mental retardation you're perfectly qualified to be a "games journalist".

    Can't wait for them to find Birdman LOL! "Man, I'm sick of these lying ass game urinalists playing on recruit difficulty. Hold up, let me catch my son pretending to work as a pretend journalist like these fools…"

    Game Urinalists die of shock, pearls still clutched after death

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