38 thoughts on “Tammy Taylor "My Soul Been Anchored"

  1. Yes Lord, I found this version a long time ago, Always love it. The preacher just messed up the aftermath it could have caused, b/c at the Apostolic church we would have relished on this song.

  2. Wow! what a great rendition of the song…a true soprano Ms. Tayor. Beautiful and you made it your own.

  3. @okebaram -I don't like to compare either but we Both obviously have because we all are different and automatically have opinions, that just being human and it's no sin, just as long as we are not trying to negatively hurt others, it's all right to have preferences and disagree, just as long as it is done in Love, all is well.

  4. Tammy is awesome, and her never-ending awesome range is beyond incredible. Still, Chrystal is a sangin' wonder with exceptional voice, skill, control, ministry and delivery that many singers can't touch, be they high sopranos or low altos. I certainly don't agree with your preference, and I don't like to compare singers in a competitive way, but I wish Tammy would sing more, knowing she is more like an agent than a singer. I mean, what a gift she has! Tell Tammy I need to borrow some octaves 🙂

  5. @TheyShallBeMine -everyone has their personal opinions, personally I prefer Tammy over crystal any day and Crystal is a great singer in her own way.

  6. Check out: 1 Delores Taylor-Love; When We All Get to Heaven; Donald Vails Choraleers: “Yesterday, Today and Forever” 2 Lisa Scott; For God So Loved the World; Lisa Scott: “Lisa Scott” 3 Lisa Scott-Bailey; Thine is the Kingdom; Lisa Scott-Bailey: “How Excellent” 4 Lisa Scott; That’s All There Is; Ron Winans: “Family & Friends IV” 5 Lecresia Campbell; Even Me; Lecresia Campbell: “Even Me” 6 Tammy Taylor; God Is My Everything; Ronnie Bryant & The Christian Community Mass Choir: “Greater Faith”

  7. Tammy Taylor is the bomb! She sang in Ronnie Bryant's choir called Ronnie Bryant & The Christian Community Mass Choir. Tammy sang lead on the song called “God is My Everything” on their first album, “Greater Faith”. For soprano lovers, this is a MUST have in your collection. Same choir that recorded the album and song, "He's a Keepa", produced by Donald Lawrence. Some of Ronnie’s albums are under Rodnie Bryant. Tammy is one of the only sopranos that sings as well as Lecresia Campbell.

  8. @Clemsonshawty understood. I find some soprano voices less than preferred as well… but I like a beautiful toned voice, and sometimes sopranos can produce such a tone with more ease, because they have softer voices, but they have to have the control and smoothness too. And I don't like weak tiny voices… I like power too. Generally, altos have more earned control of their voices than sopranos, because their voices challenge them; and men generally have more earned control than ladies

  9. @okebaram i know you was asking Qball but its crazy cus I love really high notes, but I prefer the alto voice over the soprano voice. For me sopano voices can get a little whiny after a while but altos seem to have full/rich tones that sopranos lack. but dont get me wrong, i'm the ultimate fan of a high note

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