Talking Tom and Friends - Vote for Tom! | Season 2 Episode 9

Talking Tom and Friends – Vote for Tom! | Season 2 Episode 9

Previously… Angela got a scooter,
and she wasn't gonna let me ride it. But I was determined to find a way. Ginger, you can't just say
what happened to you. I know! The CEO started running for mayor
and threatened to shut down the garage. So Tom had to run for mayor, too,
in order– Back to the important stuff! Eventually, I got to ride
Angela's scooter. Go Ginger! [upbeat music] Ah! Argh! ♪ Whoa-ohhh! ♪ [laughs] Ah! -[sighs]
-Hey! -What are you doing?
-I give up. I can't beat the CEO. If I put up a poster,
he puts up a laser billboard. If I find a baby, he's already kissed it, burped it,
and sung it a lullaby the entire time! So, you're packing up the garage
to make him think we moved to the center of the earth. No, I'm packing up for when he becomes
mayor and kicks us out of here. Come on, don't be so dramatic. Oh, I'm glad Tom's running against me. That way, when I beat him, destroying
his company will be even more fun. -[evil laughter]
-Oh! I'd say my greatest weakness is
that I have no weaknesses. -Wow! I'm on so many channels!
-Ugh. Sounds like it's time
to start playing dirty. No! We cannot sink
to the CEO's level. You're absolutely right. My class voted me line-leader
three weeks in a row. -I can make things happen. Call me.
– Hold on to your socks, everyone. I'm about to knock those socks off
with a secret strategy to make Tom mayor! I've isolated the four secret elements
that guarantee a win. Hard work. Charm. Big ideas.
And honesty. Have more of these than your opponent,
and you can beat anyone! Yeah! I can show everyone
that I am a hard worker. Right after someone else unpacks
these boxes! [sighs] Excuse me, sir? I see you're doing some hard work. And, as a candidate for mayor,
I'd like to help you. [gong] Ha! Hoo! Cha! Ha-ya! Ah-haaa! [all gasp] CEO in the house! Make way. No! My piles! Oh, did I blow them away? Oops! These jet packs will do that
sometimes. Hey! Tom was showing everyone
what a hard worker he is. And he has a secret system now
to beat you in this election. Look at that. There are four categories
in this secret system. -The first one is hard work and then–
-No, no, no. I'm not telling you
because they are secrets. Hard work?
Nobody cares about hard work, right? [all] Boo! Now, hold on. I was kidding. I'm the best at hard work!
Watch this. I'll just pull this weed…
out of the ground… Er, gotta warm up… -Ohhh! What the–?
-He couldn't even do it! Remember when Tom made
all those nice, neat piles? No fair! I normally pay people
to de-weed my earth. [chime] Well, you got one. Next up: charm. -Hey, citizen!
-Huh? -Nice hat you got there.
-Yeah! [chime] -Oh, yeah!
-Yes! This next category is easy. Nobody has more big ideas than me! [phone rings] [Hank]Hey, Tom. Did you hire a plumber that looks
like the CEO with a fake moustache to come and take pictures
of Ben's secret strategy? What? No, no! OK, so… the CEO might now know
your secret strategy. But he fixed the toilet.
Flushes like a dream. Ugh. Hey, guys, uh, we may have
a problem. [gasps] Jet pack ahoy. Make way, make way. Gather round, citizens. I've got some big ideas to share with you. I said gather round! [muttering] When people would say there is
no room for more water slides, I say there's plenty of room! Where? Underground! [crowd cheers] [bleep] Oh, no. That lout stole my secret strategy! It's OK, we can still win honesty. Yeah! You're way more honest
than the CEO. -Everyone knows that.
-Tom. Is he really honest? Is his business partner, Ben,
an inventor or a mad scientist? Hey! I'm very rigorous
about my scientific ethics! [CEO]His girlfriend Angela wants
to be a famous singer. But here she is riding on a scooter. Are you a singer or a scooter rider? I'm both! I can be both. [CEO]Hank and Ginger. They've sure spent
a lot of time with Tom. What are they hiding? [Hank gasps] What am I hiding? [CEO]Tom. I just don't trust him.
Do you? This is such an obvious dirty trick.
There's no way it's gonna work. -Uh. It worked.
-What? Looks like the CEO is gonna
win after all. Not necessarily. It just means it's all gonna
come down to the big night. [MC]It's all gonna come down
to the big night! It's the live-on-TV
Mayor Factor competition! Tune in. It's your civic duty. Yes, TV, that's exactly
what I was talking about. The CEO won't get away with this. [suspenseful music] [owl hoots] [dog howls] So, you finally decided to come to me. I had no choice.
The CEO… he's a cheater. But I'm starting to think
that I should cheat, too. You know about dirty tricks? Nooo. I absolutely do… not. I have to win the election. So, even if you have to, you know,
sabotage him or play dirty or– Op-op-op. Say no more.
This meeting never happened. [crowd cheers] [MC] Democracy, y'all! Time to find out
who's got that Mayor Factor! [bell dings] I'm so excited it makes me wanna move! Tom, no matter what happens tonight,
I want you to know that– Don't worry… I'll get this guy. -That's not what I was gonna say!
-Oh. Wait. You aren't planning
to play a dirty trick, are you? No! -Of course not.
-Hmm… G-g-g-give it up for your candidates! [crowd roars] Yes, yes, thank you, thank you. I can't believe you're still trying
to beat me. I've still got a few tricks
up my sleeve. Tonight, you will pick the mayor
by texting in your vote! Now, as you can see
from our vote graphs, the CEO has more support than Tom. But can he keep it?
Does he have the… Mayor Factor? [MC and crowd chant]
Mayor Factor! Mayor Factor! Challenge number one. As mayor, you'll have to juggle
lots of problems. So, let's see how well you can juggle! [bell dings] Huh, huh, all right! Ha-ha! Yeah! Ahhh, democracy. [chuckles] Argh! Oh! Yes! -Argh!
-Fumble! Not very mayor-ly. [chimes] Challenge number two. The mayor is the top of the town. So, let's see who could be the first
to get to the top of this wall! OK. Let's do this. [laughs] What the–? Argh! [bell dings]
Oooh! Crash and burn, CEO! [chime] Challenge number three. Ha-ha! Whoever becomes the mayor will have
to balance the town budget. So, let's see who can grab more cash
in the Money Monsoon! [crowd roars] What the–? Oh, ow! Oh! What! This money is balls! Ugh. You are helping Tom cheat! Sorry, Angela.
We're in the big leagues now. Ah, yeah! Wow, Tom, you're winning over the crowd!
[chimes] I wanna thank everyone
who text-voted for me. But I wouldn't be here
without the support of my wonderful girlfriend Angela. Come on up here, Angela. -Grrr!
-Whoa! -Aww.
-Wha–? Hey, I can ex– Angela? [sighs] Actually, I have to admit something. [crowd gasps] This whole night, I… have been cheating. [crowd gasps] [laughs] You blew it, Tom!
Right at the end, too! -[evil laughter]
-I know. When I started this campaign, my girlfriend said I shouldn't try
to win with dirty tricks. And you know what? She's right. If I can't beat the CEO honestly,
then I don't deserve to beat him at all. I'd rather lose this election than lose the trust of the people
who are important to me. So, I'm sorry that I let you down. But being honest is
more important than winning. [mic feedback] [slow clap] Huh? [more clapping] [cheering] [chimes] Wow! You've got this Tom! Huh? [gasps] [chime and jackpot] What an inspiring
and heartfelt speech from– Wait, you guys like cheating? I've been cheating
during this entire election! [crowd boos] I made up lies about Tom. I stole his secret strategy. I paid for robots to vote for me! [crowd boos] After all I've done to you! Oh! Tom wins! Tom is the new mayooor! Aaah! Tom, I want you to know– I know, you're still mad I cheated. No, I'm proud that you admitted
you were wrong and won the election! Mwah! So, my secret election strategy
worked after all. I think it was actually
Tom's last-minute speech. Maybe that means
people actually like integrity, admitting when you're wrong… being a good dude! I think it was my thing. Argh! [cries] [crowd cheers] [all] Ha-haaa! Woo-hoo! Yeah! Woo-hoo! Yeaaah! [upbeat music]

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  1. Tom was forgiveable because at least he feels bad about cheating.

    The CEO just straight up admits it without regret

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