Talking Kitty Cat 57 - The Cat That Hacked The Votes

Talking Kitty Cat 57 – The Cat That Hacked The Votes

Previously on the Talking Kitty Cat series… Here you go! Now don't tear it up too fast, okay? What the hell? Where is it? *feels her tummy*
Shelby, are you kidding me?! The other animals are steppin' on my turf and I need 'em dead! *knocking*
Steve: Coming!
Todd: Rufus!
Steve: He found us! Steve: Would you guys quit making that frickin noise?
Random and Gibbyson: *chirping nervously* Todd: Rufus! Steve: You were the one that invited Todd over the house!
Sylvester: Yeah Steve: Show Sylvester how you really feel! Steve: Just just do it! You know, it's like she's been squeaking for so long, I don't even notice it. Sylvester: Well good for you! Steve: Wait… Kitty, are you… does it still bug you?
Sylvester: Yah Steve: Well, Sylvester you'll get over it.
Sylvester: When? Steve: I don't know. Whenever you decide to accept the dog for who she is and stop being such a dick!
Sylvester: I won't. Steve: Kitty, hey, Sylvester.
Sylvester: What? Steve: Be a little more tolerant. Sylvester: No!
Steve: It's not that bad! The veterinarian said there's a surgery to remove the squeaker but it's super dangerous. Sylvester: Cool.
Steve: No like it could kill her. Sylvester: Good!
Steve: Sylvester say sorry! Sylvester: I'm sorry your dog's so dumb!
Steve: Is that your apology? Sylvester: Yeah!
Steve: Kitty, chances are Shellby's just gonna squeak for the rest of her life!
Sylvester: Great Steve: It's okay Kitty you'll get used to it. Gibbyson, you have plenty of cat food. Why are you eating Shelby's food? You know what Shelby does when she sees cats eating her food, don't you? That's what happens. I can't let my dog go under the knife just because she's a little extra annoying It's not like she's hurting anyone so to prove my point. I think I'm just going to let everybody vote! That way we can all decide whether it happens or not.
Sylvester: How?? Steve: By voting kitty but most likely everybody will vote no so it won't happen anyways. Sylvester: Why?! let's just do it!! Steve: That's not how politics work Random Kitty hey kitty here. There you are Random hey hey can you come downstairs for a minute? Steve: Okay, but come here just it'll only take a minute Steve: C'mon kitty I promise it will be quick In the matter of should Shelby girl have a dangerous surgery performed on her to remove a harmless squeaker Gibbyson, how do you vote Yes or No? Gybbyson: No Steve: That's a good kitty and Sylvester Yes or no? Sylvester: Yes
Steve: Somehow I'm not surprised about that My vote is going to be that I love my Shelby girl and of course it's a no I don't want anything bad to happen to happen to you cuz I kinda like you your'e a good girl. Okay but we still need one more vote so Random Kitty Random I need you to vote Why are you why are you running away Random? Kitty I'm not trying to hurt you just come here. Sorry, are you in a bad mood or something? Look I just need you to vote on Shelby yes or no? Random Kitty: Yah. Steve: Yah? Kitty are are you serious?! Well that was freaking weird. Sylvester What?! Steve: Random kitty voted yes Sylvester: Yah? Steve: Yep but we're not having this surgery Sylvester. Sylvester: Why?! Steve: Look it was just an experiment I don't wanna have a surgery on a dog. I figured everybody would say no except for you random kitty totally blew me away Sylvester: Damn! Steve: Yah I know there's nothing we can do it's tied votes the system is broken. Sylvester: Can we fix it? Steve: No kitty there's nothing we can do about it's tied up but thank goodness for Gibbyson if it wasn't for you I would been the only one that voted no! Dear Todd, Thank you for coming over and scaring my roommates, but you were supposed to kill them too It's Sylvester Todd quit being a little bitch! Okay I'll send them outside starting with the gray one kill him first! Now I just have to get him outside somehow. I have a genius idea! Get out of here dog lover, I hate you! Steve: Have you seen my phone I can't find it anywhere. Sylvester: Recount Steve: Recount what recount my steps to find my phone? Sylvester: No Steve: Recount the votes? Sylvester: Ya. Kitty we already talked about this it was 2 to 2 a split vote. Sylvester: No. Steve: Yes yes it was Sylvester: No. Steve: Yes it wait did you do something? Sylvester: Yes. Steve: Ok so it's 1 for Sylvester we got Random Kitty that makes 2 let's not forget about me and then Gibbyson Gibbyson! Gibbyson! Hey kitty Gibbyson, where Gibbyson! Sylvester!! So what now your'e just gonna take a nap Sylvester? You can't just hold and minate 1 of the voters your way that's not how it works now tell me where Gibbyson is. Sylvester: No. Steve: Sylvester come on, this is about the surgery it's not even a real surgery the squeaker's just stuck in Shelby's butt anybody with a pair of gloves could get it out it's actually freaking simple. Sylvester: It is? Yeah, but that's not the point the whole voting thing was a joke just tell me where Gibbyson is. Sylvester just tell where is there anything I can do to get you to tell me where he is? Sylvester: Yup Steve: Okay, what do you want me to do? Are you sure there's not like some other way we c.. Sylvester: No! Steve: Okay alright fine Sylvester il'l do it but youre gonna wanna look the other way it's gonna be pretty gross. Sylvester: Go! Steve: Okay i'll do it.. are you sure there's not some other way that we could.. Sylvester: No! Steve: Alright fine fine i'll do it Sylvester: Get in there. Steve: Shut up cat. Sylvester: Nice and deep. Steve: Kitty will you… uh I can't I can't I can't there's no way there's no way I can do it. Sylvester: What?! Steve: I can't do it I can't stick my hand of my dog's but it's just gross! Today was a tremendis victory Gybbyson is gone and I nearly got Steve to stick his hand at the dog's ass. He didn't go through with it though Which is sad very very sad Also Todd should be here at any moment to kill Gibbyson all in all I gotta say. Today was a good day.

20 thoughts on “Talking Kitty Cat 57 – The Cat That Hacked The Votes

  1. Open and do her surgery to get it out I don't like dogs I am worth it I can't help it my allergies I like every cat you have

  2. I love all your videos I love the talking cats even Sylvester he's pretty not bad but he's mean to I think he's very cute I love you guys in shows I hope I could go to your town I'm somewhere else I'm in Las Vegas I wish you were not this place and my name is Persephone I'm a fan of a big big fan so I hope you can come here Sunday I'm going to be at the strip if you don't know where it is have your phone and go to the map and I will tell you where to go I know I'm Sylvester has lots of bad words I'm fine I'm only 7 I hear all those words so hope you have a nice day at your your place Shelby she's a pretty cute girl well I had to say goodbye right now so bye

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