TABS UPDATE – Spooky Halloween Faction Showcase! – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

TABS UPDATE – Spooky Halloween Faction Showcase! – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Halloween update is here! It brings us 2 spooky versions of existing maps and a whole new faction! Medieval and Dynasty have been transformed into creepy lands of the undead The Dynasty hole is no more and there are plenty of pumpkins all over the place What about the units?! Here’s the Skeleton Warrior! Then the Skeleton Archer! Candlehead! Vampire! Pumpkin catapult! Sword caster! And last… The reaper! Before a closer look at each unit, let’s see how this battle goes! Reaper doesn’t joke around! Let’s check out each unit and see what they can do! First the Skeleton Warrior! Weak and silly looking skeletons should be no match for the fearless vikings, right? The skeletons are able to fear the enemy, making them flee in terror! If they are hit though, they fall apart instantly Poor Sigurd Watch your knees! A unit that rebuilds skeletons would be pretty neat! Run Jurgen, run! Things don’t look promising for him… There it is, bye Jurgen I’d say we have seen the full potential of the skeletons and the vikings that face them Skeleton Archers seem to have fire arrows So it makes most sense to put them against Ice archers! Yikes, this happens when you fall asleep at the beach They seem to have similar range and rate of fire but the fire arrows are stronger It’s starting to smell like burnt chicken in here Candlehead seems to have some sort of ranged spirit push So let’s see how that does against a bunch of drunk armored pirates! Unlucky, I’m sure they can beat., let’s say., halflings They can send a fair amount to the spirit realm but there’s still too many The vampire is pretty neat, we had to put him against his close relative I’m sure Vlad can handle it Wait for the sounds Would be cool if Vlad was immune or if they could convert units into vamps! Pumpking catapult is pretty similar to the regular catapult Bouncy pumpkins, a terrifying thought Swordcaster really likes swords So let’s see how he does against squires! Very edgy way to die Let’s see how painters deal with the swords, since they can dodge projectiles now They need to sniff a lot more paint if they wanna dodge these swords Very violent unit, this Swordcaster Lastly, we got the Reaper himself Let’s see how he does against the Pirate Queen, since they are worth the same “Not my queen” – Reaper What about Blackbeard? Reaper doesn’t care even a little bit Artemis should get him, just so we can see what happens when he dies! Mini black hole it seems! Halflings for the heck of it! Very satisfying if you ask me For the finale, a big battle with all spooky units against the new pirates! Slight advantage in pirates favor, when it comes to money Considered censoring this Harpooner pulls a skeleton only to get feared by him, smart Perfect use of the Queens ability! Candlehead wins, why did I ever doubt him Let us know what spooky stories would you like to see!

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  1. Wow October was probably the most eventful month of the Tabs community.
    First, some of the dinosaurs were brought back from extinction
    Then night fell for the first time in the history of this game
    And we got, not one, but 2 factions for this game
    The Pirates and Halloween factions! I know I'm going to spend the next few hours after school doing.

  2. You should show a hafling get killed in the beginning and then he becomes the reaper
    Making his own army for revenge and then soon gets defeated by all the forces


  4. Theory :the reaper isn't real its just a random dead skeleton the cap and hood though is from the real grim reaper hes just visiting his friends the pirates(thats why black beard is alive from the dead) proof is that when you kill the reaper his bones are naked while the others keep their armour

  5. I bet the reaper told the pirates that one of there units were supposed to die now, that's why he came. But they fought back and he summoned his army

  6. could ysou make a story that there is a squire that gets bullied and then rages and attacks someone but fails and dies and then he will become skeleton warrior and then later on reaper and is killing everyone? that would be a good story i think

  7. i have few questions first those new maps will replace medieval 1 or how is it called and dynasty for halloween or are they new permanent maps? and other thing those units are new permanent faction right? and last question (i promise) are there some secret units?

  8. how about we continue the story of sleletor or what ever his name, and also i miss the tabsian minecraft story please continue that aswell

  9. What should've been in the Halloween Update:

    Name: Slenderman
    Location: Hiding Behind a Tree in Spooky Medieval
    Ability: Shouter + Skeleton Warrior Abilities, Does Casual Damage
    Cost: 1250

    Name: Skeleton No-Brain
    Location: A Pile of Bones in Pirate
    Ability: Very Weak, Dies in 1 Hit
    Cost: 10

    Little Girl
    Floating Under the Spooky Dynasty
    Units Won't Attack Her, But When They Aren't Looking, She Possesses Them. Can Only be Killed by a Priest or Monk. Can't Possess Spooky Units.
    Cost: 5000

  10. The Reaper and the vampire are my favorites mostly because of their abilitys especially when the Reaper grabs it's victim and just keeps him like a decoration and of how the vampire can turn into a bat and suck away their health.

  11. TABS is really violent now… they got flesh eating vampires, suicidal sword casters, and slenderman combined with the grim reaper. Definitely an interesting Halloween this year, for sure. Really happy we finally got skeleton units as well. So many story possibilities for them now that we also have pirates

  12. I have an idea for a non-modded story. Basically, a shunned Bone Mage turns to the dark side and raises a skeleton army. The gods use the Clam People to try and delay his army while getting people to safety. Unknowingly, the Bone Mage unleashes Death incarnate, causing everything in the world to wither away slowly. At first, Bone Mage celebrates this, but then learns that Death used to be an ancient Bone Mage too, corrupted by dark magic. The Bone Mage, realizing his mistake, sacrifices himself to draw Death into an eternal vortex, where he and Death must be locked in combat for all eternity. And the Clam People grow stronger…

  13. PLEASE READ THIS!! Tabs do you guys know who made the new dark peasent in the unit creator. If so tell that person to update him (if he does) to where when he gets cheered he would tranform into an even powerful unit to where 1 set of 2 tentacles would do his normal attack but it would have a chance to come up behind the enemies heads and stab them, turning them into the dark peasents minions, another set of tentacles would poke out and stab into the ground and perform the old first dark peasents (that you guys made) attack spike come out of the ground and stab them, and the last set of tentacles would go into the ground and do little dolphin jumps in the ground and hit an enemy and it would do a chain reaction like how Zeus`s lightning bolts do and spread to other units. The last and final addon he should add is when the dark peasent transforms by being cheered he would be enveloped in a cloud of souls and he would grow bigger and have a creepy looking grin that would glow along with his eyes and he should have a ghostly soul skull on his head and shoulders , he would have chains on his arms, legs, neck, and he should have an X shaped chain over his torso and he would strike fear into some of his enemies and his body would emit souls off of his body and he would have a chest on the back of his back for decorations.

  14. With the afterburn effect from the skeleton archers, i am one step closer to having everything i need to make a Pyro from TF2 once the unit creator comes out!

  15. Make them in actual faction and units and then maybe a skeleton king who has his own skeleton Castle and statues of him

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