TABS UPDATE – Pirate Faction and New Secret Units Locations and Showcase!

TABS UPDATE – Pirate Faction and New Secret Units Locations and Showcase!

The Pirate faction has arrived and it comes with 4 new secret units, all located on the new Pirate map! The first secret unit is located on the table and it is represented by a bomb on a stick Wow didn’t expect that name Next is a weird one… hidden in an underwater cave, in a big clam Third one is on the other side of the map, a special cannon Final secret unit is hidden inside the waterfall, sneakiest one yet! Flintlock Unit! Blunderbus Unit! Bomb Thrower Unit! Harpoon Unit! Cannon Unit! Captain Unit! Pirate Queen Unit! Bomb on a Stick Unit! Bomb Cannon… guys? Blackbeard! Flintlock has 2 flintlock pistols that have a single use, then he drops them and fights
with his hands Blunderbus has very stylish armor and a chaotic weapon that can’t hit even if you paid it to If you think about it, it’s realistic if his armor are wine barrels, the guy is drunk all the time Bomb throwers are pretty straightforward Harpoon is the most unique unit in terms of fun abilities! Cannon is a pretty weak but neat siege unit Captain has a pistol and sword with some extra moves Pirate queen has a very cool new combat move! Bomb on a stick is a 300 IQ unit Bomb cannon is a combo of the cannon and bomb thrower, obviously Bomb cannon is a combo of the cannon and bomb thrower, obviously Blackbeard has to be the coolest looking unit so far, anchors for arms? Let’s see pirate queen vs blackbeard, they have the same cost! The queen wins! The bomb combat move is quite powerful after all Harpoonist with the help of a billion cheerleaders vs halflings has to be interesting Not sure if we can classify this as “interesting” but it is definitely something Excessive bomb throwing is pretty powerful as well Time for a big pirate battle! Every pirate unit, from the faction or secret, in a battle to see what a historically accurate pirate battle would have looked like! The forces have been distributed equally with the assumption that clam people existed and there were 2 Blackbeards due to a crack in space-time continuum May the best clam win Turns out clam people decided the fate of most pirate battles in the past, why do we have no evidence of them is a mystery This has been the Pirate update for TABS that brings us 11 new units, an epic new map and a campaign! Let us know which stories do you want to see made on this map!

100 thoughts on “TABS UPDATE – Pirate Faction and New Secret Units Locations and Showcase!

  1. 4:57 well 300IQ is for pirate queen,2000IQ is for bomb in a stick

    edit: harpooner:"exist"
    scorpion:im gonna exist in tabs world soon

  2. Blunderbus is basically the Storm trooper of TABS

    Also I wonder if we can get back the Hillary and Trump units when Modern Faction gets released.

  3. I've got an idea for a pirate story..
    1. The pirates and the Royal Navy are in constant battle; in their latest fight the pirates lost.

    2. They now need to recruit new pirates. This starts a brawl between the humble farmers and the pirates because one of the farmers was a spy.

    3. Only two of the spies survived; the spies immediately went to report back to the king but got ambushed by the pirates instead. One of the spies was disguised as a balloon archer and the other was disguised as a firework archer. (This is important later on)

    4. The two spies eventually tell the king; the king then tells them to go to Japan and Italy, (Renaissance and Dynasty) so then they do, they use their disguises to sneak in. Once they sneak in they both convince the rulers of Italy and Japan (De vinci tank and Lady red jade) to help the king stop the pirates. Lady red jade will do it but does not promise peace afterwards unlike Da Vinci who only wishes for knowledge so he can improve his tank and flying machines.

    5. The king was not willing to share the kingdom's knowledge and so he executed the spy who made the deal and tricked Da Vinci. The two spies were great friends, and so the other spy joined the pirates and became a Captain/modded unit you see fitting.

    6. It is an all-out war between the King and Blackbeard's troops. Da Vinci and Lady red jade figure out they have been fooled and that they have been working for the villian the entire time. Once the king realized they knew he started Plan B and hid in the town while spies in Japan and Italy.

    7. As the war wages on Blackbeard, Bob the spy from before, Lady red jade, and Da Vinci (a Painter) begin to hunt down the King..

    8. The group is ambushed and only Da Vinci dies..

    9. The group is ambushed again, this time Lady red jade is captured while Bob is training with Blackbeard..

    10. Bob and Blackbeard are grieving all their closet allies when they see a suspicious figure..

    11. It's the king and some goons; Bob is killed.

    12. Blackbeard backs the king into a corner. The king pleads for mercy but it is too late..

    13. The villainous Tyranny of a king.. His crimes have finally been punished.

    The end

  4. Blackbeard : *exists
    Red Jade : what I see is a human wrecking ball that thinks he can defeat me by just sitting on me

  5. I found three (blackbeard, the bomb on a stick, and the cannon bomber) without help but the clam I eventually gave up on and got help.

  6. Scarecrow : for as long as there's people guarding me, nothing can stop me
    Harpooner : i'm about to end this man's whole career

  7. Battle:
    first side :
    2 cannons on the ship (put them in a way where they can’t move forward)

    20 musketeers on the borders of the ship

    50 small gun wielding men in ship

    1 tree giant on front

    Second side :

    30 harpooners on land from each left and right corners

    1 captain followed by 20 bad shotgun troops wearing barrels as cover

  8. using unit possession, can you test how many Harpoons it takes to reel in an Ice Giant, with you being the ice giant going in the opposite direction.

  9. Pirate + 15 Cheerleaders + 10 Healers vs Ice Giant

    Pirate: Oh no Argh Doctor!!! Charge Me Doc! Drinks His Bottle Oi Srampi Ohh Sh*t

    Everyone Whoever Knows Team Fortress 2 Will You Agree For Tabs To Update More Heroes Like
    Scout Low Health But Fast And Can Double Jump, Soldier Quite Good Health But A Bit Slow And Can Rocket Jump and when landing can grab your shovel and hit an enemy to do a great damage but when landing damages you too and when you rocket jump, Pyro Moves Like A Kid But Speed Normal And Likes Fire, Demoman Quite Drunk But Moves A Bit Slow And A DEMOLITION MAN!!?, Heavy Big Health Loves Sandwich And Moves Slow, Engineer Builds A Sentry To Level 1 Only 1 Gun Level 2 Double Minigun Level 3 Double Minigun With A 4 Rocket Shooters Above it And Loves Drinking And Stealing Bottle Oi Scrampi, Medic Heals Teammates Use Bonesaw To cut Enemy Body Parts And Likes Birds Also When He Heals Enemy For Maybe 1 or 1 And A Half Minutes he makes ubercharge that can make his healing teammate to be invisible for 30 second and loses the ubercharge when he died, Sniper Loves Coffee Pees At A Jar And Throws It At Enemy Always Focus And Finds A Good Place To Start Sniping, Spy Can Be Invisible Backstabs Enemies To Kill Them Instanly (except invinsible enemies) moves like a gentleman

    Scout Weapons Main Gun Scattergun Melee Metal BaseBall Bat
    Soldier Weapons Main Gun Rocket Launcher Melee Shovel
    Pyro Weapons Main Gun FlameThrower Melee Fire Axe
    Demoman Main Gun Grenade Launcher Melee Bottle Oi Scrampi
    Heavy Main Gun Minigun Melee Fist
    Engineer Main Gun Shotgun Melee Wrench Sentry Deployer (I forgot what's the thing name maybe go to tf2 and find what's the thing engineer use to build a sentry)
    Medic Weapons Main Gun Medigun Melee Bonesaw
    Sniper Weapons Main Gun Sniper Rifle Melee Machete
    Spy Weapons Main Gun Revolver Melee Butterfly Knife Sapper (Disable Sentry until Engineer destroys the sapper it's enabled again) Who Ever Agree Make this Blu 👇 Who Don't Agree Or Still Agree comment to tell me what do you say about this comment Hopefully more than a hundred will like this comment and hopefully Tabs Central Will Update Tabs Next Update Like This

    Edited: Also Spy can Disguise As An enemy or his teammates to fool the enemies as you look like a teammate from the enemy but your not and to make it normal if you touch your enemies while disguise all the enemies will think you are an enemy and if you sap their sentries all enemies will think you are an enemy also these 9 heroes are all boys or you could put in miss Pauling from the tf2 that scout likes

  10. 8:45
    Harpoon blue: come there flintlock!
    Flintlock:oh sh-
    Harpoon Red: you kill my brother you spin of a ***
    Harpoon blue :. Oh snap
    Harpoon Red : kills 2nd harpoon

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