T.I, The Game & Others RESPOND To Fox News Reporter Laura Ingraham Laughing At Nipsey Hussle

T.I, The Game & Others RESPOND To Fox News Reporter Laura Ingraham Laughing At Nipsey Hussle

yesterday in LA thousands lined the streets to say goodbye to rapper Nipsey Hussle now this dear artist recently released a song called F DT F Donald Trump okay now that's a very creative very catchy barricades in Berlin is it it all began and ended with Irving Berlin for your dinner so the refrain the chorus it goes on and on is that related to the lowest unemployment ever basically for african-american households Fugit about one of the Parkland survivors you just like or listen I went to school with some of them nasty blonde bitches she wanted them is she about to lose all her sponsorship just for being a fucking mean a switch of a bitch of a woman for what really you tryna clown a young man who just saw his classmates murder you laura ingraham you horse-faced fuck you you big tooth biatch you found something funny about the passing of Nipsey Hussle you found something funny about his memorial you think that's funny do you think it's funny when you wake up in the morning and a plume of smoke comes out of your vagina do you find humor in that I think it's funny that you have oversized count tooth veneers I think it's funny that when you laugh at your own bullshit you're so pumped up on Botox your fucking face doesn't move call your fucking plastic surgeon and get a fucking refund your grill is all fucked up why doesn't your face move when you laugh at your own bullshit Laura Ingraham you Horsetooth fuck you

37 thoughts on “T.I, The Game & Others RESPOND To Fox News Reporter Laura Ingraham Laughing At Nipsey Hussle

  1. if that fuckin bitch show her face around me ill put a 45 in her face and blow her motha fuckin top off and laugh at that ill LAUGH AT THAT BITCH WHILE SHE LEAKIN OUT  HER FUCKIN HEAD!!!!!!!!

  2. If you disrespect the POTUS in a rapping song that says "F" Donald Trump, then be prepared to be disrespected yourself alive or dead.

  3. If there was no media nobody would know and better no one would fucking care so go make your songs and suck some more Jew dick you fucking scumbags

  4. Don't get mad at her black people instead get mad at the black guy who shot him dead….stop black on black crime than people of other races will stop laughing at you…

  5. That wasnt even Nips fkn song. Notice how these fucks tie in their bs right wing agenda when discussing something tragic involving the black community? Notice that? To try and take away from what happened…Nipsey murdered BUT he hates Trump. Gtfo of here. Fuck Fox News. Stupid cunt. And regardless of ALLL that…you dont discuss something "funny" at the same time discussing something tragic. Smh. Classic Fox can't refrain from throwing in your political ideologies when even discussing someone's death.

  6. Even if you don’t respect someone….. they’re dead……… what’s the point on commenting??!! I know why she did it. Because she had never heard of him until then, and found out that he participated in a song about D.T.. So of course she had to cover it. It was definitely a big mistake on her and the networks part!

  7. 😂😂right on tht mouth pretty bet she can send me to th moon i love her mouth. I get hard everytime i c her😂

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