Swamp Watch: Giuliani has become an unmitigated, unethical disaster

Swamp Watch: Giuliani has become an unmitigated, unethical disaster

100 thoughts on “Swamp Watch: Giuliani has become an unmitigated, unethical disaster

  1. Steve Hilton is Shepherd Smith with a funny accent and no hair… This isn't the first time he's snuck in merit-less statements, he thinks that FOX viewers are mindless followers who will turn on Giuliani if FOX tells them to.

  2. This is a left wing narrative by the NYT to shift it away from Biden. If professional lawyers are hired to be lawyers, then they are being hired to perform a service in their field of expertise. If a son of the VP of United States who’s only credentials are snorting coke and sleeping with his dead brothers wife is hired as a board member of a foreign company in a country his dad is providing $ billions of US tax to, that is corruption. Get it right dill weed.

  3. I thought I could trust Steve Hilton but it seems he is now making allegations with no evidence to back it up … not a good look Mr Hilton, not good at all. You have some explaining to do. Mostly because Mayor Giuliani has been fighting corruption for many years and has been called "America's Mayor" for years and now you're accusing him of being corrupt? You've lost major credibility with us unless you can produce solid evidence that he is … other than a NY Times article, that you yourself have deemed unreliable.

  4. So Hannity has informed Trump that it’s now time to throw their old buddy Rudy under the bus, and so Trump dutifully abides. Steve Hilton has been tasked here with floating the message.

  5. WTH!? I will dump Fox News so fast if you start regurgitating CNN propaganda! Are you crazy!? Who put you up to this, Paul Ryan?

  6. MAGA! LOL, whoopee! here we go. Fox is going after Giuliani! This is the part where Trump throws Giuliani under the bus. That means there are indictments coming soon for Giuliani from the SDNY for which Trump can't pardon. But wait! Giuliani said he has insurance. Any bets on how long before Giuliani turns on Trump & starts cooperating with prosecutors?

  7. Trump Is the Founders’ Worst Nightmare
    The very conduct that necessitates presidential impeachment also supplies the means for the demagogue to escape it.

    Donald Trump’s Republican congressional allies are throwing up different defenses against impeachment and hoping that something may sell. They say that he didn’t seek a corrupt political bargain with Ukraine, but that if he did, he failed, and the mere attempt is not impeachable. Or that it is not clear that he did it, because the evidence against him is unreliable “hearsay.”

    Be RAD, Restore American Democracy
    Dump the 🍊🤡 and his MAGA MAGGOTS..

  8. Now that's interesting, I wonder what reverse psychology play this one is, there is a play here all is not what it seems, trap being set, but for who and why?

  9. If there was anything to the accusations about Biden, wouldn't Attn Gen Barr already investigated & indicted him? Trump's been in office now almost 3 years.

  10. Sounds to me like another criminal Trump buddy is being thrown under the bus. Boy Trump sure has a bunch of friends that turn out to be crooks. Donald's judgment of people sucks. Maybe, just maybe Donald J. Trump is a crook too and it's not his judgment? He actually chooses to have crooks as friends? Maybe Trump has a way of turning people into crooks? Donald is a habitual liar and con-man after all.

  11. REAL NEWS includes SUPPORTING EVIDENCE to their claims. America needs and deserves to know the facts, not just more MSM rhetorical op-eds. regardless their facade, FOX NEWS is schizophrenically straddling the fence in the war to retake America from the globalist bankster cabal. which side are you on, FOX? choose wisely…

  12. Steve, reports say – now that you just got your US citizenship – you’re gonna show your true colors. After using your connections to get naturalized. Hey! Sources say! Where’s my evidence? Well. I don’t need any. Just taking your lead – like you did against Rudy. How does it feel?

  13. Wow…reading these comments, it’s amazing how many people here completely disregard or don’t believe this based on bias…sorry but facts don’t care about your feelings or bias folks. Saying this is based on a NY times article, then discrediting it is pretty stupid. A claim is true or false on its own merit, not who reports it

  14. Swamp Watch is degrading to swamps everywhere! Things found in a cesspool's more resemble & smell like Democrats hate promotion drives!

  15. at least rudy's got hair, and unlike you, he's a private american citizen! he can do whatever he likes, what's it to you, anyway, fox! i'm tellin' tucker to cut'n'run! yer done!

  16. You have lost another viewer. Fox is getting as bad as CNN. You are right, it’s time to dump toxic chumps. Goodbye

  17. You have lost another viewer. Fox is getting as bad as CNN. You are right, it’s time to dump toxic chumps. Goodbye

  18. You have lost another viewer. Fox is getting as bad as CNN. You are right, it’s time to dump toxic chumps. Goodbye

  19. You have lost another viewer. Fox is getting as bad as CNN. You are right, it’s time to dump toxic chumps. Goodbye

  20. Seriously bro. Your show reminded me of a Chinese slave controlled by the state. How did they get to you. Threaten those you care for?


  22. @Steve Hilton I don't believe it for a minute! I trust Joe De Genova and I trust Rudy! You are listening to Swamp Media! amd The Swamp that is the Southern District of New York!

  23. Hmm, sounds like the Whiners have moved to FOX? I’m happy he’s upset. Maybe he’ll go home and pout like his cohorts. And, remember, “ALWAYS TRUST THE NEW YORK TIMES.” (This guy is an ineffective and lazy bloak who takes his news from someone else and then rather than investigate, announces this Fake news to be true. Oh well, it’s now BlahBlahBlah on FOX too!

  24. Is this Fox's total flip to the left?? Been watching it coming for some time, piece by piece, so why don't you just tell us That you are going LEFT!

  25. Less talk and Show some Tangible Evidence. The Dems have gone and stayed too Far Left and are fighting amongst themselves. The Dems dug a deep and wide hole that they can’t get out of.

  26. This report just seems odd even the reporter seems like he doesn’t believe it.. Fox is imperial scum don’t let them fool you

  27. Give us some proof on Giuliani. At this point Giuliani has a strong reputation and record of fighting corruption. We also know there's a lot of people that want to shut him up over Ukraine, Him and Trump both. You need to bring some proof. Right now you look like an idiot.

  28. Steve, I normally like what you have to say, but this peace about Guiliani is just incorrect on so many levels you really need to talk with you investigators. Because they are wrong, Guiliani is a Hero!

  29. Whoa there Bunky: How about a little proof? Never thought Id hear you spouting MSM BullDorky. Give some proof or back up till you get some.

  30. Why do you think all of this impeachment crap started ?
    It started when the Democrats figured out that Rudy had been in the Ukraine investigating the witch hunt. They panicked because they realized that Rudy has obtained evidence of their corruption. Rudy has sworn AFFIDAVITS and high ranking Ukrainian officials willing to TESTIFY against the Dems, but the ambassadors won't sign their VISAS so that they can come over, why do you think Trump fired the last Ukrainian ambassador, you know, the women that just testified against him, even though she had no knowledge of the phone call.

  31. Steve: is this a joke. Its not April 1st so this isn't funny. You still have my trust ,but you have to show some real proof! Rudy is the man who Busted the Mobs.

  32. The problem shows up at about the 1 min mark. It seems apparently to be a segment based entirely upon an NYT article….umm….news flash…THEY ALWAYS ONLY HAVE BAD THINGS TO SAY ABOUT TRUMP AND ASSOCIATES! This is a crap piece and bad reporting. I dunno…maybe he partied too hard the night before, didn't make a well planned/researched talky piece and grabbed an internet headline and slammed something out really quick and this is it?

  33. its funny how someone sits in a office at a news station all day but talk like they know everything thats going on in the real world all these people do is repeat hearsay, when was the last time this snobby mr clean lookalike been to the Ukraine

  34. Fox is getting worse and worse and apparently is being corrupted by the Deep State. Honestly depressing that there are literally no nationally known news agencies reporting truth anymore.. Get your daily dose of Socialist propaganda watch the news. Sick and tired of the 💩💩💩 being pedaled anymore.

  35. A british propagandists from their deep state. They where using the five eyes help to overthrow Trump. The Brits Banksters and the Queen were helping run this coup. President Clinton, Prince Andrew helped run Epsteins pedophile ring. They are all coming out to protect their masters who committed Treason against the US.

  36. So now, Rudy Giuliani must go ?? 🤣🤣Funny watching Republicans throwing themselves under the bus because of an ilegitimate Impeachment hearing 😭😭
    Trump literally had turned on every other loyalist conservative who ounce supportted him. Trump is literally destroying the entire conservative party infront of everyone 😭😭😭

  37. OH SNAP Now its Rudys turn to get thrown under the bus for Trump ? LMFAO Cant wait to see his so-called "insurance" hes got on Sir Orange lol. Wheres me popcorn 😉

  38. Steve, shame on you. How about FACTS on the table first. Now you sound just like Rachel Mad"cow" and other conspiracy theorists. As far as "enriching" himself – so what? If Rudy gets the goods, and at the same time makes money, again, SO WHAT???? That's called BUSINESS, obviously something you know NOTHING about.
    You dumped your personal opinion without any relevant fact presented so a big 5 Pinocchios for you for this one, and I usually enjoy your show.
    Continue like this, and it will be lights out for you and Fox if you join the swampy sewer and start propagating innuendos instead of credible facts.
    This segment SUCKS, as evidenced by the down votes. You get the down vote for me on this one as well.

  39. I am disappointed you gave no evidence to support your statements against Giuliani. Well? What are your facts?
    Do you think that your spoken and advertised opinions require no supportive facts? Without facts, you could just switch to CNN. This calls into question what I have previously thought to be good reporting by you.

  40. Is there evidence to go with these accusations? What is this? I can get accusations without evidence (slander) on cnn.

  41. Gulliani is draining the swamp. The swamp rats are projecting.
    It's funny how the crooked DC rats are squirming. 🐀

  42. Interesting how all Vladimir Trump’s lawyers end up on the wrong side of the law and in prison. No coincidence considering Trump has run a family crime syndicate all his life. Forget about Trump trying to govern US. His eradication is the solution, Russian style.

  43. Gosh, given Trump's pattern of self-dealing and corruption, how surprising is it his troops get the message, and line up at the easy-money trough themselves?

  44. How about pack yourself up and go back to wherever you came from. I seriously doubt Giuliani is anywhere near as corrupt as you state. Get the facts and no hearsay to us and we will decide. We do not need you to make any decisions for us.

  45. These are accusations that should be backed up with evidence. Has FOX stooped to scoop the bottom of the Swamp's Cesspool for Fake News? Bongino Rule" wait 24 to 48 hours after politicized stories before jumping on the band wagon of fools".

  46. BS! Guliani is an honorable man! Fox is going down the tubes! Unsubscribing and eliminating Fox from my cable bill will be next!

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