25 thoughts on “Suspect in Mackenzie Lueck’s murder wrote murder novel

  1. She was the one who was weird. She was a FREAKING "SUGAR BABY." She had websites all up. Now wtf is a "SUGAR BABY"? I don't want to desercrate the dead but is it like a High class Well Dress Hoe? I mean I graduated from College in 1978. I have heard of Sugar Daddies, but not no Sugar Baby.

  2. Book says “Inspired by true events.”

    Must’ve killed before. Perhaps when he was in Nigeria. Heck, maybe he killed more women in the U.S.

  3. ok yes hes a HOSEBAG we all realize, but these reporters on this page were saying he had visitors that drove scooters and they spent the night. and that's ODD? and he should've been REPORTED for having visitors? SO IF everyone in usa HAS A VISITOR SPEND THE NIGHT……………they all should be reported??????????????????????????????? am I hearing this correctly????????????????

  4. Would everyone feel better if she was killed by a white man?
    Murderers, as we know, come in all colors. Victims, of murderers, come in all colors.

  5. Someone will eventually call this man an "animal." But animals are not sadistic. It takes a human to be this bad.

  6. When society convinces the public that its "racist" to report suspicious behaviour of black people this is the result…

  7. how many more innocent girls did this demon murder,kids need better education as not all groups value women like we do in the west ,some think of women as sex objects to use then abuse then throw away but i bet the left will defend this evil thing but as always the left call us names because to them politics are always more important than young peoples lives.

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