100 thoughts on “Supreme Court to hear 3 cases for Trump’s financial records

  1. They have oversight over the President of the United States, not the American citizen living in the White House. He’s civilian tax returns are not public property.

  2. America is a farce. Americans are mean, angry, and deadly. English is not spoken, it's citizens talk American (modifying verbs with adjectives.) Hopefully, fracking will continue and spread throughout the central plains where it can sink into oblivion. Yes, I'm leaving. How many of you will validate the statement?

  3. Wow just wow! That orange mutant still hasn't showed us his taxes?! Haha his supporters have an amazing excuse for that I bet! Poor losers, they will never wake up…

  4. It should be interesting! It's only costing us a few million dollars everyday plus not doing the work they should be doing!

  5. Trumps financial records:
    1. Suspicious Russian transactions
    2. Records of money being withheld from Ukraine
    3. McDonald’s food and orange face paint

  6. Sure feel bad for my manager he’s not rock n roll magician like me lol he sure really wants to be just as much as anyone else

  7. I'm curious about Pelosi, Shitty, Sanders, and Waters became multi millionaires while in politics. I want to see those tax returns!

  8. Shannon does Fox News pay you to be or pretend to be …..delusional?
    Any name or party that has the word Democrat attached to it is not to be trusted.. They have taught us that! It's like being called a racist or bigot from people that are racist and bigoted. That's what the left does and it gets old. Progressive Democrats and left Wingers do nothing more than try to control speech and thought. That's their goal in this country is to get rid of everybody else. And when they get rid of all the Conservative Christian Liberty and freedom right Believers they'll come after the little left-wingers a little snowflakes the little Millennials that were raised by bad professors in college they'll come after all of y'all until they get rid of you guys too!

  9. Alexander Hamilton wrote in Federalist Papers No. 65, that there is always a danger that the decision to use the power of impeachment would be driven by partisan ‘animosities’ instead of ‘real demonstrations of innocence or guilt.’

  10. 200 years from now school children will learn about Trumps crimes and his impeachment, and even the comments from social media and who supported obvious criminal activity from Trump.

  11. Like a slug leaving a slick trail of slime,
    The $wamp follows Trump all of the time.

    Country over Party. Country over Cult.

  12. With the exception of Gerald Ford, who only released a tax summary, every other major party nominee for the past 40 years has released their tax returns.
    Now all of a sudden we need the Supreme Court to step in? It's almost like Trump has something to hide.

  13. When Trump doesn’t pay the taxes on a 400 million dollar inheritance, he doesn’t get in any trouble. If I tried to not pay the taxes on $4000, I would end up in prison. FACT

  14. If pres is innocent he should appear immediately to end it……..and if he's guilty he should do everything he can to discredit the investigation……

  15. When do we get to see the financials of the Clinton Foundation or Obama's foreign contributions list that he was fined for?

  16. Obama judges against Trump wow what a surprise , now maybe the real law will be applied. Investigate Trump and the Republicans about everything and don't investigate any Democrats because they are surely above the law. Not to mention that the law office in New York that is asking for his records has Comey's daughter working for it.

  17. A president should enjoy the same 4th amendment protections we all have. The IRS has them and that's good enough. Public sector taxes are different. They're operating on our tax dollars and we need transparency to assure there's no criminal activity in use of public positions. Speeches for favors come to mind. Using third party institutions like "charitable" foundations comes to mind.

  18. Now there going after his tax returns. Dems and Liberal Media are determined to over throw our power. Not gonna happen folks.

  19. Let's get to reality here Clinton (a married man) lied about a sexual dalliance. Trump attempted to extort a foreign country by withholding aid already approved by Congress seeking help against a political rival. This is what happened and attempting to imply that these two is so Republican …..

  20. Why is the president so afraid to turnover his tax returns? Trump can make the argument that until he's been proven guilty of a crime, than he has a right to privacy. but i remember he was on Obama's case about releasing his birth certificate in the same fashion and he eventually released it proving Trump wrong. so just release your tax records and shut these people up. if you're so confident that the media has targeted you in a witch hunt, then prove it.

  21. The do nothing Democrats dont need his taxes….they'll just start another incompetent investigation where they incriminate themselves.
    ……dirty liars.

  22. This will never stand up in a court of law, if it does for some reason then Biden, Bloomberg, Clinton, Bernie, Pelosi and all of the Millionaire Democrats will soil their pants. ♾Trump♾

  23. Congress needs to make a better showing? They just passed Articles of Impeachment? What does this guy expect? Storming the White House with pitchforks and torches?

  24. Since when have Facts mattered to a Democrat? Hillary Clinton was found GUILTY of many Federal Crimes but allowed to escape justice because she didn't "intend" to break the law.. HAHA

  25. This is going to be good. I hope Trump loses, even though I voted for him, because this is probably going to be binding on ALL politicians and so we'll get to view their tax records as a public right now.

  26. If the Democrats get these tax returns they will spin what then need BUT what will happen when we get ,say the Biden’s tax return or mad Max’s

  27. What this is all about is that they don't want to investigate Ukraine and all its corruption involving especially Democrats such as Joe Biden his son Hunter Mitt Romney his son whatever his name is Nancy Pelosi's son forgot his name and John Kerry's stepson all involved in getting dirty money taxpayer money from Ukraine and United States and laundering it for themselves not to mention that Hunter Biden also got a million plus from China he's such a smart guy don't you know this is the tip of the iceberg more crimes and more crimes for especially Democrats we demand Justice we demand all swamp creatures to be drained srip them all of their ill gotten money and incarcerate for a long time at the very least!

  28. Supreme Taco frijoles and cheese .. Orange Peach ..sooner or later buddy you go down ..later maybe Non political people still hate Trump They all hate ,him everyone says it not just Democrats every party every brain dead person hates him

  29. I can't believe people still are trying to impeach Trump.
    What an idiotic group of traitors people. This is why America is falling/failing.

  30. Looking at all these comments makes me sick 🤢. All of these welfare pigs that don’t even work, don’t even file taxes, and when they do they get 15k for their nasty bastard kids.
    They are worried about a man Trump that has worked his whole life for his empire. Taxes are between you and the IRS no one else. All of you get a job and start worrying about American lives!

  31. Only seems fair if we get the tax returns of the Democrats like Pelosi, Schumer, and many other brown shirts that placate our government.

  32. The IRS already perpetually audits Trump by request of the radical DNC. If there were any wrong doing by Trump, the IRS who has specifically targeted conservatives upon request in the past, would have already found something. The Supreme Court needs to acknowledge the perpetual harassment of Trump by the DNC and rule in Trumps favor or we have no country.

  33. Pray for peace and love God bless President Trump Prayers and thoughts God bless you and the people who loves you they just look at the light of freedom that fallen Innocent Citizens Soldiers,blood were shed in war and jails for freedom of every one, not representives Governors Mayors leaders that empower them selves to Destroyed innocent children families elderlies but themselves look they all working hard to Destroyed innocent man who bring the Country back because they guilty and violence against humanity, this is sisters 4 years but they just trying hard to destroyed President Trump but not doing anything for the Country,so the people are talking now ,time to have leaders that against evil power but love the Country,the Country was betrayal and misleading brainwashed by Criminal fraud hatred violence against humanity they hiding under politics action of threatening manipulated and threaten victims of politics action

  34. Term Limits would have spared us all from Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, et al… Even though that is reason enough right there, the most important protection against partisan impeachments like the garbage we are witnessing just might be…TERM LIMITS! Keep all of these fine folks from lining up for the life-long means of personal enrichment that Congress has become….

  35. I don't now nor ever have cared about President Trump's tax returns. His income isn't something I even care about.
    Is it a constitutional responsibility for the President to share his taxable income to the nation's citizens? What impeachable crimes has President Trump committed?

  36. The courts are as corrupt as the Government. Abolish Executive and Legislative appointment of judges and have lawyers vote on judges who have term limits and the corruption will disappear in the courts. Give politicians term limits like the president and corruption will reduce in Government.

  37. Time to get Clintons Records to see how much Comission Putin paid her for U.S. Uranium.
    Democrats have a Duty to Impeach per their Claims the President is Criminal. Failure to Impeach or withdraw their Claims the President is Criminal is a Violation of their Sworn Oath of Office.
    Failure of Democrats to take Proper Action means Democrats are Oathbreakers.
    It is that Simple. Impeachment is a Duty not Option for those who claim the President is Criminal. Oathbreakers!

  38. When those that lead and govern the people turn on the people. They are considered enemies of the people and will be labeled as traitors. They will be treated as domestic terrorists and will be dealt with accordingly

  39. All of this information has been carefully reviewed by the IRS. This effort is simply trying to find something politically embarrassing .

  40. Release EVERY SINGLE AMERICANS TAX RETURNS! If we have nothing to hide what would be the problem?!? No one should be allowed any privacy at all!! Democracy dies in darkness, right?!? Shine the cleansing light into EVERYONES TAXES and root out ALL THE CHEATERS! Seems only fair that those crying for the exposure should be forced to share THEIRS FIRST…

  41. Stupid Democrats whenever their president gets elected they don't do anything but the moment a Republican president gets elected they start getting butthurt and trying to impeach them

  42. Seem enough comments by those who are idiots. I have a question that should make it clear: if he gives up the tax returns, are they going to stop harassing him? If you think they will stop, you need the sh!+ slapped out of you. They always want more and you can clearly see I’m correct. Hell, he didn’t have to give them the transcript of the call…did they stop when he gave them that? Not many things are worse than a moron with TDS.

  43. I may be on the left but this whole impeachment and tax return crap is ridiculous. Focus on the upcoming election you will not impeach Trump its a waste of money and time.

  44. Remember when trump said that he would make america great again? When is that going to happen?

    Still no lower taxes on working families
    Still no health care for millions of Americans
    Still pharmacuitical companies not lower ling drug prices
    Still low education
    Still no payment from Mexico to build a wall
    Still so much hate and division
    Still no changes to climate control
    Still fox telling lies not protecting us from tyranny..
    Still white Americans believe that we invaded Iraq due to weapons of Mass destruction…

  45. So, if he does not show his taxes then all running parties do not need to show theirs. So republicans have changed this for democratic. It’s only fair

  46. so talking about what someone said 20 years ago, makes sense now? it depends. nadler wasnt a crook 20 years ago. trump was, and still is. ill take nadlers word over trump any day of the week

  47. I’m sure billionaires use a third party to do their taxes… Bill Gates had no idea Puerto Rico is listed as his primary residency because he doesn’t do his own taxes.

  48. His day is coming. He has so much baggage and dirt on him and too many people are having to be kept quiet. The truth will always come out. Obama told him that when he entered office. It is inevitable.

  49. Tax records as provided by previous new presidents (from Carter foward) was a courtesy provided by them, not a requirement by law. I am almost certain that Trump's tax records are perfectly legitimate, or might perhaps feature some small discrepancies, but nothing close to criminal. I am almost certain that Trump's fight to reveal his tax records is simply because he doesn't have to, so why do it at all. I am certain that he will win the cases at the Supreme Court. I am also certain, that once Trump is re-elected (and he will be), he will in the next term eventually release his tax records voluntarily, just to throw a "ha ha" at the Dems. It should never be legal precedent for anyone, president or otherwise to have to show your tax records ever. If the IRS has an issue with your tax records, you'll definitely hear from them, and may enter legal proceedings regarding them – still no one outside yourself and the IRS has any business looking at your tax records.

  50. TRUMP illegally stole MILLIONS of dollars from charity and bought a painting of himself. This money would have otherwise gone to veterans. If you're pro-Trump, you're ANTI-AMERICAN. Try to prove me wrong without lying (you can't). IMPEACH AND VOTE HIM OUT!

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