28 thoughts on “Suffragists: The Fight to Vote

  1. a lot of women don't even get up off their ass nowadays to vote.. that's because somebody hasn't looked at history. they did worst of these women than what this little video said they crack their heads open there's pictures of it. I myself have been tortured by my federal government in America apparently for speaking up.

  2. As always, they completely ignore the other half of the story. Most men could not vote before the 1918, the suffragIST movement was votes for everyone. This video is talking about the suffragETTES, a radical militant section devoted only to the female vote. Get the terms right if you presume to teach people.

  3. Did you know that most women didn’t want the right to vote. They didn’t want the responsibilities that come with voting. Most of the push for the women’s rights to vote was men

  4. also, why women to keep husband's name after their name. if so men also should keep wife's name after their name. Also after children name with father's name. It is time to change, common ladies fight it out.

  5. Tribute to Baltimore (Md.) Suffragist, Edith Houghton Hooker https://soundcloud.com/user660132316/mother-mends

  6. The "Fight" to vote? hahahaha please. How many wars have women fought in since then to earn all of them the 'right' to vote?


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  8. Suffragists struggled for many years to convince Congress and the states to pass the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which they finally did, extending to women the right to vote beginning in 1920. 

  9. Where in Virginia is this or was this "former workhouse"? Is there a monument or plaque there? If not, I'd like to join with others to see that it happens. I am a Virginian and this should be a pilgrimage site for women today!

  10. Great message and imagery but the narration is terrible both in content and form. The highlight is when the robotic voice calls the picketing women `innocent and defenseless`. What crap. They were participating in powerful civil disobedience. Nothing defenseless about it.

  11. Iron Jawed Angels was surprisingly good on the Alice Paul hunger strike facts and the harassment women faced for their activist. The Night of Terror for some reason doesn't get enough mention in the history books. Too often we seem to like to leave out the facts that show just how bad those in power and the activists own peers were in all movements in the US.

  12. Thank you for this powerful video. As a man, though some would argue with my doing so, I have considered myself a feminist since the late 60s (my early 20s). Nothing in my experience has changed my mind about the designation or the struggle. I have written a blog post entitled "Can Men Be Feminists?", sharing this video and making the argument it is both the right thing and in our best interests to support equality for women. I have also shared it on Facebook. I hope others will do the same.

  13. for many years I have been speaking on the Suffragists. This is the first and only factual, honest and respectful representation I have seen on Ms. Paul and the women who offered their lives so women can vote. I am thrilled with this and will refer to it forever. I am certain Ms. Paul & Ms. Stevens would be pleased.

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