40 thoughts on “Subramanian Swamy takes this leftist journalist on

  1. People like him sometimes come to earth to change the course of history and save people from destruction

  2. Such a brain hogged pseudo secular, arm chair journalist. You lost your dignity lady on air by saying "ass" on record. She should be sent to UP maybe its a safe place for her there with law and order. She is questioning the way of treating women, and defending a religion which is against women's free will. Get your facts straight. I guess she has lost her mind. At times I felt like she is a psycho and her evil laughter just adds to it.

  3. Madam if Muslims are in bad position in this country according to Sacchr committy report, you have to blame the party which has ruled India more than 60 yrs and used Muslims as Vote banks. Also Muslims have to blame themselves for supporting that pseudo secular party since Independence and even today they are digging their own grave by believing such bogus secular/ leftist parties and continuously supporting them. It is not Hindus who are responsible for their down status. Still they are having better status compared to Muslims of other countries.

  4. This journalist demon is such a cunning fox, she tried to be over smart through out the interview by sarcasticly laughing like a ghost and teasing swamy and she is so cunning that, she even told she will not let swami has final word. Such a smart leftish fox!! Let's not fall for her cunning buttery words. Jai Hind!

  5. why so many kashmiri pandit driven out of kashmir looted their daughters raped had been this So great interviwer been daughter of kashmiri pandit would she likeit.

  6. who is this idiot interveiwer not kowing history . is she given the job she talks for muslims only. Akbar was son of auranzeb fought against aurnagzeb on the side of Shivaji. and auranzeb tortured shivaji"s son Sambhaji in very inhuman way. are these journalist paid by vested quarters.

  7. What this journalist had done again and again in this interview, is make closing statements just to divert audiences from swamyji's views. With all due respect mam you should have left what to make out of sir's answer to us(the audience) and not make your own interpretations. Because this show is being sold to hear his views not yours.

  8. She seem to be high on some kinda weed. She seem to be hallucinating on multiple levels. Ashoka was a Buddha king at the time on attack on Kalinga. (Read ocean of churn. ) From childhood we are taught wrong history.

  9. She is such an Pseudo sickular who don't want to highlight the bad things done with Hindus by the so called peaceful religion Islamic world.

  10. निहायत बेशर्म व बौद्धिक क्षमताहीन व बेईमान महिला !

  11. Your Legs should be folder properly while taking to an Intellect. What do you want to show,………

  12. Swamy is an intellectual but it doesn't mean he's right. He's disruptive and that's how he is known all over

  13. She will challenge Hindus who stand up for themselves and call them anti-secular but will never question those who support Gazwa-e-Hind…..Hindus are weak because of people like her…

  14. The key of any communal riot in Gujarat…if, God forbid, it happens…lies with cunning Ahmed Patel…till he's alive…He is first class first M.Com in real sense of the word…..Master of Communalism.

  15. Any body who debates or tries to prove swamy wrong . Is already a fool to harbor a thought of that sort . Swamy didn't make a fool out of her, she was a joker you even before the interview.

  16. Who is this lady? She is twisting every word of Swamy to make him look as if he is against Muslims. Agenda driven interview and lying on stage..this lady blatant lying on stage..where ever her point fails..she "moves on".. Everyone can easily understand that she is a traitor and she is talking nonsense.. Bravo to Swamy not because of his intelligence alone. It's to his guts to stand with truth combined with intelligence.. First of all lady. You are not speaking for audience.. Adityanath brought a sense of fear among criminals of UP. UPites agree to this. Most UP was filled with criminals.. Crime rate, corruption was so high and it's Adityanath who aroused fear among criminals..

  17. The lady journalist is claiming to be liberal, secular etc. But she could not stand against sexual misconduct of her her ex boss Tarun Tejpal from Tehelka. Talk is cheap.

  18. Also this journalist talk about Ashoka as killer of Hindus..what non-sense..It was a time when India was completely a Hindu society. And if two dominions fight among themselves in that society, who do you expect to die?? Jews???!!!..what an Idiot.

  19. This journalist speaks about Akbar, son of Aurangzeb, who fought for Shivaji, against Aurangzeb..and creates a sympathetic note..but never mentions under which condition, under whose influence, whether under duress or not Akbar did so. This is how leftist bastards spread their propaganda. They tell you half truth..which is as bad as a lie.

  20. 47000 temples demolished by invaders n they r infamous but Ashoka did a masacar n he is famous as Great.what a hypocrisy

  21. 30% of Indian population is Muslims and Christians, and this is the reason for all religious unrest. These abrahamic religions with the theory of exclusivity is spreading hatred in India towards all other peaceful religions like Hindu, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Shias, and Parsis etc. With lots of foreign funding these abrahamic religion institutions are running anti India/Hindu campaigns 24*7 which includes majority of the media channels. They are also funding rogue leftist NGOs to destroy the cultural identity of this great nation. Fake news and false narratives are in full swing with fake media houses hand in glove. Corrupt politicians and rogue anti national elements are together in this deliberate destruction of all good things about this great culture. These foreign abrahamic religions are brainwashing their followers that their heritage and history is elsewhere outside India, like Vatican and Saudi. It’s causing disdain and hatred towards their own nation and culture. This is the bigger picture every Indian should be aware and act. We need to save our country and culture from this intellectual terrorism. It’s time we unite and support people/parties like Swamy to save this nation. Otherwise it will be too late!

  22. Fake news channel trying to interrogate magnificent human being in the disguise of debate! These senseless pseudo secular rotten maggots can’t understand his views or vision.

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