SUB) 배그 대박 패치!!의문의 자판기 등장! 프라이팬 던진다!! PC Update 5.1 review

SUB) 배그 대박 패치!!의문의 자판기 등장! 프라이팬 던진다!! PC Update 5.1 review

Hello Youtube friends! I’m Youki! Recently pc 1.0 5.1 version update was patched. It’s been a long time since I posted a ‘patch update’ video. In this pc 1.0 5.1 version, let’s find out what kind of things have been patched. (do note that this is only on test server) Survival pass season 4 is concluded and survival pass season 5: Badlands is released. For the skins released, vehicle skins, skins that are related to Miranmar stories, melee weapon skins Isn’t this the bat that the guy in Walking Dead carries around?? ( Lucille ) It’s a gold Groza skin but the most important part here is that it has the Battle stat attached to it here. There has also been an update on Miranmar grounds. For the first time in Miranmar, you can find in many places across the map ramps, loops, jumps that can be enjoyed for a much more fun gameplay. In (locations specified in patch include) Arenas, Casinos, gas stations, Motels and commercial buildings you can get painkillers and energy drinks from a vending machine that spawns randomly at set locations. If you press here, One energy drink comes out immediately! This is fascinating! It only works once Let’s see what happens if I shoot at it. Wah! An alarm! In Miranmar, only one New Gold Mirado is released at only one location. Am I the first? Out of the way~ Bye byeeeee (you are hearing a very excited Youki because he managed to get the one and only Gold Mirado) First, a review of the car~ Now, only the Win94 that spawns in Miranmar has a 2.7x scope attached to it. This weapon just got better. I’ll try to shoot the Win94 for a little, guys. It takes one hit. *radio (typo) If you are in a dangerous situation separately, this function will be useful to pass supplies to your teammates without having to move. Stop giving me~ Finally! You can throw your melee weapons! If you throw a frying pan, it will cost a lot of damage. You can pick up many melee weapons You can catch enemies from up close by throwing them It will be good if you loot and carry more than one melee weapon. Lastly, the zombie mode has also been patched. The most important point to note of with this patch. if you die from a zombie attack, you become infected with the virus. You will respawn into a zombie yourself. It feels more realistic. You can have more ways to enjoy zombie mode now. Save me~ (youki getting attacked by zombies) (resigned to his fate XD) Zombie~ Transform! Up till here we’ve explored pc 1.0 5.1 patch update. Using the various new updates, I will have more fun in custom rooms with you guys and make more fun videos to upload. Up till here, I’m Youki! 🙂 Bye~ DIE~ LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO YOUKI FOR MORE CONTENTS~

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  1. 유키오에 도전하고 하나의 비디오로 인도네시아어를 사용하는 것이 감히?
    I am from Indonesia challenging you

  2. Hii youkiii im ur new subscriber , i hv idea for ur next content , please make siege war at yasnaya only using crossbow or throwing melee weaponss 🤣🤣🤣 thx uuu i hope u read my commenttttt 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. 유키님 이거 어때요?
    학교 체육관에서 9명끼리 모여가지고 후라이팬하나로 피구하기(바닥에 떨어지면 주워서 상대방이 맞아야됨)(패스불가)(한대맞으면 아웃)

  4. 자판기 부분에 제대로 된 설명이 필요해 보이는데요…? 제가 알기론 총쏘고 경보음 울려도 결국 리셋돼서 다시 뽑을 수 있는데… 이런 거 올려주실 때 제대로 알아보고 알려주세요

  5. Finally..English subtitle , i hope you mantain yourself to do english subtitle
    Love from Malaysia🇲🇾💞

  6. please remove the Korean subtitles under the video, because it is very annoying when I watch using my language subtitles

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