Studying Public Policy at Harvard: Xevion Baptiste MPP 2016

Studying Public Policy at Harvard: Xevion Baptiste MPP 2016

I have been singing since the age of four and I think that would probably be my primary definition of myself the way that I kind of interacted the world is very much informed by emotions and music and looking at how things flow together I like the harmonic way that systems interact with each other how you can make an impact in education or in economics and then have spillover effects other areas like health I love being in this environment because of the fact that you learn just how interconnected everything is every discipline they don't exist in silos and they can't the best thing about being a student at the Kennedy School is the candor of the conversations that you can have being a student kind of gives you an access pass to people's thoughts they'll give you just the behind-the-scenes peek as far as the way they thought through problems being a Johnson fellow has been tremendous having someone who's willing to give you the value of their time words of warning and words of wisdom as I put it it's beautiful to have a tribe to walk with while you're at such a large campus you have a message and you have an agenda that you can tear apart during this interview stick to it I think that public policy is one of the few fields where it's not just about dealing with how the world is but it's aspirational it's about how the world should be so what kind of impact do you want to have on people's lives in my case using messaging how can you use words in order to build movements post-graduation I'm thinking strategic communications looking at crisis management crisis communications but also movements like the black lives matter be really interesting to look at and work with and then maybe I'll join a campaign as well I've never worked on one so that would be really exciting endeavored here at the Kennedy School every day somebody says something that changes my perspective opens my eyes a little bit I might I might not agree with them but just having a new way of thinking that is something that hopefully I'll walk with and try to create and replicate elsewhere

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