Students despise Obama policies...when credited to Trump

Students despise Obama policies…when credited to Trump

Donald Trump's first hundred days how do you think he's done horrible he's kind of he's uh really just the wire like pathologically it's kind of insane as of just recently he's done a little bit of work that's not exactly beneficial to Planned Parenthood we're a little wary of what's coming up it's kind of scary seeing I was like um you know you look up every morning and then you see something ridiculous and I'm surprised that what things he lies about she has not been impeached or whatever because I mean Bill Clinton was a beast for flying Trump recently went on what was called an apology tour to countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia basically apologizing for the past eight years and saying you know there's a new sheriff in town this old stuffs not going to fly him apologizing like that to the other countries is something that you know you would like to see him stop doing oh for sure I really think he kind of overstepped his bounds I think he's just trying to fix band-aids at this point and it's not really working for him so I think it's a bad thing for him you know you have to carry the image of the US and he hasn't done that so well the people he's apologizing to are not people should be apologizing to Saudi Arabia the Gulf monarchies dictatorships everywhere I don't think it was up to him to apologize on behalf of a nation especially with such opposition to him within the nation he recently has been talking about a 700 billion dollar jobs plan who attacks people and then use that money to try and use the government to help create jobs so that's something that you view positively or negatively God's aid kind of would be a little definitely a more negative so how is that going to help us you know he's raising and creating jobs for people that aren't trying to get a higher education knowing that Donald Trump is the one proposing it probably means there's like some turd in the punchbowl somewhere like him bringing jobs I just don't really see that happening using the government to do what states would do that kind of goes against the whole platform's really reminiscent of Beamer Germany when there was a lot of hatred of foreigners taking jobs I mean same types of rhetoric what's the shirt oh this is just communism chairman god I love the hammer and sickle got a collective the means of production the final thing that Trump has done is he changed some of the statutes of limitations on court cases so basically making it easier for people to suit each other what do you think about that um being in a long time sino I don't like it at all I think it would directly benefit Trump because Trump is a businessman by cutting down on regulation keeps up it's for one reason but it's just eyes don't see him helping that's pretty upsetting I also think it's kind of ridiculous how he wants to he was saying loosen up the libel laws I think it would make him money in the long run because I don't really think he's in it for the presidency like I think he's in it further on my personal game there's so many conflicts of interest in unanswered questions there what if I told you all the things I was asking about are actually things that Obama did his first hundred days Oh

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  1. The reason why a college degree is considered valuable is because not everyone has it. If something is rare and not common the value increases. If college was free the so called “higher education” would just be education and not higher because everyone would have it.

  2. So, a student is allowed to freely wear symbols of the most violent and opressive ideology in human history. I don't see why this douche shouldn't be jailed for it.

  3. I’ve just binge watched a load of these… I think the people in this one are the most ridiculous.

    They take first prize in the idiot contest.

  4. "Oh, wow," says idiots in college that are there to fill their heads with knowledge, instead become evacuated of common sense and truth. It's a battleground.

  5. Absolutely ashamed to call George Mason my Alma Mater. They need to change their mascot from a Patriot, ASAP. I was there for the low cost, being local, and their ROTC program (inspired me to go military, best decision of my life). Otherwise, education there was garbage

  6. Just more proof that America won't exist much longer. Soon it will vanish like the USSR did, and probably within the first term of the next democrat President. The day the rest of the world stops lending us the $200,000,000 we borrow every hour to pay for all of the nonsense our government pays for, that's the day America vanishes into the history books. You can't borrow 43 cents of every dollar you spend forever.

  7. Talk about Young & Dumb! Man! They never even heard of Obama’s Apology Tour! 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Yeah, you know a lot about current politics.

  8. Do you have a Patreon? I would be willing to donate so you can do this full-time. We need to fight back against the Marxist Communists

  9. Where are the other reactions to the “actually it was Obama” statement?
    That was 80% the part I cared about.

  10. Dumb and dumber seems to describe high school graduates, and students. Perhaps if education was not delivered by cultural Marxists, the result might differ

  11. Is there a website of colleges this guy visits… so I know NOT to send my kids to these Schools of "Higher?" Learning?

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