"Strong Mandate In This Election," Says PM Modi In Parliament

"Strong Mandate In This Election," Says PM Modi In Parliament

34 thoughts on “"Strong Mandate In This Election," Says PM Modi In Parliament

  1. Anyhow the mandate is not going to be useful for Indias development… One of wonderful growth stories of India has been derailed bcoz of the goons who surround you…. You are going to waste this mandate and you'll spend five yrs talking about Congress gandhis Pakistan etc…. Muslims and even Pakistani don't think about Pakistan this much…you are the one who benefitted out of Pakistan…

  2. Please Think It Over!
    3 things have not changed in the country.
    1- Media: Had been anti INC since 1947. Was considered a powerful weapon in the hands of opposition and had been vehmently attacking INC when INC was in power or supporting the ruling party. Thereafter, when INC was totally in opposition, since 2014, then media had been ragging INC left & right and not letting INC to be heard by public at all.
    2- Opposition Attitude of JS/BJP: Since 1947, JS/ BJP had been critical of Nehru/ Gandhi family whether INC was in absolute power, as in a coalition, or in opposition with reduced strength to qualify as an opposition party. Moreover, JS/BJP never missed any opportunity of Character assassination of INC leader Nehru/ Gandhi even when JS/BJP is in Opposition or in absolute power.
    3- "Ruling Party attitude" of INC: INC had always behaving as a ruling party whether in absolute power, partial power or in opposition with no political power. INC never lowered it's dignity and stooped down to the Character assassination of the leaders of JS/ BJP as to date as any Opposition Party will do in response to JS/ BJP's Character assassination Calls and irrespective of so many repetitive provocations by JS/ BJP.


  3. A true statesman, a great orator, a passionate speaker, a thinking and intelligent political leader with exceptional memory.
    A heartfelt namo to NAMO.

  4. Emergency में जेल से संघियों ने इंदिरा से लिखित माफ़ी मांगी, आपातकाल का समर्थन किया, उसे राष्ट्रीय उत्थान काल कहा

  5. Is desh ka P……D… Bhi modi hai ham hidustanio ka yakin karna muskiiiiiil hai lekin jo bhi hai yahi hai

  6. Bharat ka to tel nikal deya chai wale ne bus bat karne dedo inko badi badi baten karte aur vada pao khate feku PM

  7. Sach hai ki 1000 saal ghulami ke baad aaj bhi kuch hindu hai jo soch bhi nahi sakta azaadi kya hota hai. Isliye in logo ko parivarbadi partya achcha lagta hai.

  8. Dont forget EVM at all. This election was not at all faithful. Bring back ballot paper you will know where you stand.

  9. Mob linching kab khatam krne ka program he.? Bhashan bharat hi nahi puri dunoya me muqabla nahi. Umid krte he vaado ko pura karne me bhi duniya me koi muqabla nahi. Yahi dekhana he? Gareeb, dalit, berozgar, kisan, Muslims, sikh, issai, bodh her samaj umid bhari nazar se intezar kr rahe he.????

  10. 5 years on …. Pravachan continues while the country goes down the economic , cultural , political drain

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