Streamers Use *NEW* Legendary Revolver & *UNVAULTED* Pump! (Fortnite BEST Moments!)

Streamers Use *NEW* Legendary Revolver & *UNVAULTED* Pump! (Fortnite BEST Moments!)

oh my god I can't leave a molding app up right now hurry up it yet Billy my when it back really so Ellie go freaking oh my god a guy oh my god I got it nice oh wait oh wait did the new revolver wait what who hey give me my phone back you got the new revolver what is going on right now click big thing getting this lipstick I'll bring it wait why the hell are you chugging I've shut them aren't we need to read these patch nerds resist an accident what's going on we really should have read the patch notes cuz we have everything right now it's what you've got the new revolver yes I'm very all over the pumps back in the game the LMGs back up again yes I was the silence smg's back what is going on I'm gonna dinner I'm gonna use the revolver hold up huh oh my god 40 foot damage 45 damage yeah Oh God no this thing's pretty accurate get special actually pretty quick let's get him let's get him your friend coming up off I didn't hit anything from that oh I hit him 35 nice all right this thing is loud it sounds nasty oh my god wait they're over there right so I see they're right oh my god wish me luck this guy's sweating out oh my god I don't want to try oh my god just ruin this guy yeah this revolver is good I have there's another one down here Elliot come grab it come I'm coming down okay everyone's got something urgent form tanga side attacks on 436 far away for where where are they they're just over south I can we go I'm gonna put a launch fine I like it let's go find a pressure we got pops we got revolvers oh my god I just landed him we have this guy with the palm fronds off the hill just FYI dude the pump is back pump is damn back I just got the same with it oh my gosh I'm too confused to play the game I have won a limb because I've spent this whole round just being really confused about what oh my gosh what what meds did they have um Minnie's bra holy crap she got him you got a fresh kill the sweat oh crap it's a 1v1 yeah where you can defeat this way I'm literally just one tap what are you gonna do buddy let's go baby freak y'all holy crap ovaries everything is back what is going on here it's not the public that everything is back unbolt it baby no way everything is unbolted oh my god everything what the did they mess up did they mess up oh my god did they mess up something that for bro what the hell I wanted to play with it wait there we queue in the Sun did we queue into something bro did they mess up everything is unbolted right now everything is unbolted bro are you seeing these revolvers on the ground like this song happened yeah they got some new guns okay did they unbolt everything at once I don't know dude I got a shot you know it's all right now what shotgun you got or not shotgun on machine gun oh heck yeah I've never seen it before thing we're the last ones a liar bro yeah yeah good game yet those Newton now shooting a guy West though I haven't heard this gun shot in like four seasons or five bro did everything get vaulted like what is happening right now am I going there's a there's a pump what am I in a rel tiem bro there's something going on right now I'm freaking out right now China you okay yeah I'm good there's someone below you Oh later he's coming out 150 baby 150 baby you know what the hell is that the hell oh my god the new revolvers in the game what is happening what is happening right now what is this gone bro it's the new one what the heck run again there's a new revolver okay 53 it's not the single shot anymore I don't even know we're right there right there kick it out we're gonna try to win this it really doesn't have the range on it that the combat does a ah let's go man ah yeah that's all good I mean you can go up there if you want to brother thank you I'm not gonna stop you show them the other guns he's got to be dead I don't know what he's doing oh he's just coming out right now fuck you dawn why'd it hard double lie to them kid right here's another one got another one got another one another one let's get right here at 16 kills coming this fucking shop

43 thoughts on “Streamers Use *NEW* Legendary Revolver & *UNVAULTED* Pump! (Fortnite BEST Moments!)

  1. everybody is confused because none of them wanted to read patch notes because they didnt want to see another explosive

  2. Is anyone else considered that the legendary pump and epic aren’t in the game but at least green and blue are in the game

  3. If this is a new update,number 1,y is there no double pump?number 2,y is there no tac smg?and last number 3,y is there no maxium of 10 minies??

  4. The revolver and the supressed smg and the pump are NOT part of the 14 days of summer, they are here to stay until epic makes a bad move

  5. Does no one realize it’s for the 14 days of summer event😂😂😂😂, like they ain’t just unvaulting a bunch of stuff


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