Steve Bannon: Roger Stone Was ‘Access Point’ To WikiLeaks | The Last Word | MSNBC

Steve Bannon: Roger Stone Was ‘Access Point’ To WikiLeaks | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Steve Bannon: Roger Stone Was ‘Access Point’ To WikiLeaks | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. Roger Stone needs to be fitted with an orange jumpsuit for selling America to Russia through Trump!  Roger Stone is a liar and the worst kind, because he's using the Trump playbook…say anything and 43% of Trumpers will believe you!

  2. Ali Velshi starts off with one of the MSM's favorite lies about the source of Wikileaks emails: they were "stolen by Russian government hackers." — FALSE. That has never been proven.

  3. Save the best, the most posh cell for king lunatic then after he does self harm to himself put him in a straight jacket in a padded room.

  4. This is what trump wanted to do to Biden…. keep throwing up that he was under investigation by Ukraine thinking that most Americans think that where there is smoke there is fire. trump is a cheater… nothing good comes from trump!!

  5. It is amazing when DT tells other's to read anything because He himself never READS.
    Steve Bannon looks like a bad guy in a Batman movie.

  6. Trump and Bannon's good friend Nigel Farage was photographed visiting Julian Assange on at least a couple of occasions during this period. Why do they need another go between?

  7. The attempted coup has failed. Indictments of the Obama administration will come in the next few weeks. This story is proof of the weakness of thier impeachment attempt.

  8. MSNBC was more than happy to make money from Wikileaks and glorify Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers). All of a sudden, like magic, you're a criminal if you speak to Julian Assange.

  9. you can tell this is BS because the Russia investigation is over ,and it was proven a false allegation ,
    So how is this going on still ?

  10. EVERYONE was praising wikileaks, they proved the media and DNC collude and Jon Pedosta runs a pedophile ring,
    proving to everyone what smart people already knew

  11. I "think" that MSNBC is working with Adam Schiff and the Democrats to try to influence the 2020 election. I can't prove it, but I "think" it is clearly happening, so it must be true. MSNBC is an "access point" for the Democrats

  12. Trip supporters ! What are you going to do when Donald Trump has to face stepping down as president if he gets removed from office or if he doesn't get reelected in 2020. ?
    If he asks you to load you guns and take back what used to be ? Are you going to shoot your neighbor ? His wife and kids ? Your sister in law ? Your own son ? If Donald Trump and the Republican party lose power but won't leave , are you going to fight to the death ? All of your loved ones ? He has told thousands of lies that are proven lies . He has called everyone who doesn't support him piers , cheaters ,evil ! Are you going to create civil war on his behalf ? That's what Russia would like .Russia helped put him in office for a reason !
    The Russians will be there to help Trump take back America and control EVERYONE !

  13. Eric Ciaramella is not a whistle blower as described by the statute. He is just a CIA operative with an antiTrump agenda who had no first hand knowledge of the phone call that we all can now read, which is obviously legal, and primarily about stuff other than Biden. They just call him a whistle blower to keep him secret and avoid the 6th amendment allowing the accused to face his accuser. Now I did appreciate Wikileaks revealing that Hillary interfered with the democratic process by cheating and getting debate questions in advance. And even though it wasn't the Russians, if it was I wouldn't accuse Russia of interfering with our Democratic process by revealing Hillary interfered with our democratic process.

  14. The Third Reich was financed by Brown Brothers Harriman, one of whose directors was Prescott Bush, George H.W. Bushes father.
    The Nazis didn’t loose WWII… they moved to Washington DC under Operation Paperclip. The Basis of the Democrats operating procedures is out of.Gestapo Manual.
    Listen to Real Whistleblowers like Kevin Shipp and William Binney, ex CIA and NSA.

  15. I do know this: Bannon may be considered tasteless and even disgusting…but he should be considered brutally honest…b/c he has always been brutally honest.

  16. Steve Bannon thinks Roger Stone is responsible for his being sacked by the Trump administration – not true, by the way. This is pure spite and vengeance on Bannon's part.

  17. This is not breaking news, at all….And if wikileaks is this important, why did Mueller never bother to interview Assange?

  18. The language is interesting. Notice that everyone suddenly started using the term "access point" (very particular use of words) independently at the same time. Not the more natural "contact", "point man", "cut out" or "conduit", but "access point".
    And I'm sorry but for all that Assange is venerated by some, he's always been regarded by most in intel, legal and journalism circles as an arrogant dangerous amateur. I was briefly involved with a media outlet working on his big info dump – his reckless attitude towards necessary redaction infuriated even the most sympathetic editorial staff.

  19. Sounds like gin blossom Bannon is throwing them all under the bus!! He is just as dirty as the rest of them, possibly worse. He is NO hero. He is all over europe stirring the pot. They all need to be held accountable. Everyone of them & the enablers. Prison is where they need to be & Fined BIGLY!

  20. Trump welcomed the fruit of Russian military intelligence electronic espionage.
    Now we know what Russia offered Don Jr., Manafort & Kushner at the Trump Tower meeting.
    Now we know why Trump tried to cover up Russian espionage by deflecting attention toward China or a fat guy in a basement.
    Now we know why Trump tried to open a secret channel to Putin.
    Now we know why Trump tried to remove sanctions on Russia.
    Now we know why Trump undermined U.S. intelligence after they told him Russia interfered in our election.
    Now we know why Trump lied about over 100 meetings with Russians.
    Now we know why Trump lied about business negotiations for a Trump Tower in Moscow.
    Now we know why Trump is getting out of Putin's way in Syria.
    Now we know why Trump held up arms to Ukraine which is fighting a Rusian invasion.
    Now we know why Trump accepts Russian theft of Crimea.
    Now we know why Trump furthers the Russian goal of dividing NATO.

    All Trump roads lead to Moscow.

  21. Stone is just the latest one of the Trump organized crime syndicate:
    Trump personal lawyer Cohen – FELON!
    Trump campaign manager Manafort – FELON!
    Trump asst. campaign manager Gates – FELON!
    Trump national security adviser Flynn – FELON!
    Trump foreign policy adviser Papadopoulos – FELON!
    Trump personal lawyer Giuliani – subject of 2 FELONY investigations!
    Trump lawyer Giuliani's employer Parnas – charged with FELONIES – trial coming!
    Trump lawyer Giuliani's employer Fruman – charge with FELONIES – trial coming!

  22. I heard Roger….uh…Stone was a good man, lots of people many people have said so. Listen I don’t really know him that well, you guys should look at Biden I think they know each other🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The Nefarious D.J.T 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. But i don't understand all wikil leaks did was expose all the criminal democrats and whot thay were doing you would think mse would be all over it but they are not strange don't you think it looks like msn is doing damegcontrol but that couldn't be are could it check mate turmp is brilliant turmp 2020baby

  24. No msn is lieing to everyone again Russia didn't hack e mails from democrats wikileaks hack Hillarys e mails msn nose this why would thay lie to you about that look everybody msn gist lied to you look it up your self if Russia hack Hillarys e mails would the obama administration no it was them yes thay would so why did msn gist lie to you so disgusting turmp 2020baby

  25. “ No thank you “ I’m stuffed!! This nothing burger is way more filling than I thought 😎!! I can’t handle another bite👀😳😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣

  26. Stone got his info from the same source that myself and millions of Americans did.Julian Assange and his live streams 3 months before the release of the emails. The truth is the DNC and the Clinton campaign knew when those same emails were coming out. So to try and get ahead of it, they released the Access Hollywood tape before the emails hit. Stone was BS ing everyone to think he had some kind of inside info. Stone has himself to blame with his big lying mouth

  27. What's exasperating about those emails is that the MSM enhanced the power of their harm to Hilary. Their was nothing in those emails that was remotely damaging, just some embarrassing exchanges from Podesta to somebody (don't remember who). But when the MSM discussed the emails it was always referred to as "damaging emails" adding to the perception that they were damaging.

  28. I would love to hear sometime your reporting relating to two house flies and how they interact with each other . at least then you might be reporting on an actual event happening . Everything else you report on is a bottle of smoke . Why did you not report on the FACT rather than alleged that ABC withheld huge amount of evidence that could have protected loads of vulnerable people.

  29. Putin is the master puppeteer . Putin is laughing at this clown car . Who believes Steve Bannon? Who doesn't think that Steve Bannon is setting up Rodger Stone to be the Fall Guy? What a group of dirty tricksters. They all belong in jail; nothing but scammers

  30. Now it's extremely clear why these mobsters are trying to extradite Assange in order to crucify him. In the meantime they encourage the British to abuse him. Free Assange and impeach Trump!

  31. Done with Wikileaks since the 2016 campaign for Donald Trump and his mafia gang!!!
    And Hilary Clinton deserve to be out of politics! Devil mind!

  32. Trump you love the Wikileaks because you knew Russia was helping you on there. The campaign for trump had multiple people tied to Russia and Ukraine organized crime and Putin.

  33. young Roger Stone looks at the camera something like Stephen Miller does. Wow, what a crowd all sitting in the petree dish all these years brewing toxic slop.

  34. Does Julian Assange have a deal with Trump for a pardon? He would have been able to negotiate that, and would be bloody motivated (my Australianism being revealed).

  35. Why did the DNC not let the FBI inspect Hillary Clinton's illegal server which held the secrets? Why doesn
    't MSNBC ever cover this?CrowdStrike delivered a report to COmey's FBI!! Not the server. This was a coverup by the Democrat Party and the Clinton Campaign.

  36. Big question on everyone's mind–now that the GOP has thoroughly drenched itself in diesel, will Congressional Republicans finally quit throwing matches, or are they looking to all go out in one big Blaze of infamy?

  37. Caught corrupt crook Stone cold, but contemptible clown won't confess to crimes charged in court!  Incinerate clueless clown case, incarcerate in correctional compound!


  39. Everyone with internet has access to Wikileaks.
    What's the big deal?
    Oh, are we still pretending the 'dark web' is a thing?

  40. Can he be more stupid? if someone is doing you a dirty deal and then come out on your campaign trail to bluff you love Wikileaks.

    This is the reason why he bloviates and boast he has supporters on his side. Their corruptions is just blatant.

  41. Get him out same words he uses to take reporters out but with him please click his butt powerful enough to send him to the sun his orange hair is gonna have no color either him itself

  42. Bannon is as guilty. One selling illegal drugs while the other seek desperately for the drugs … How could someone like Bannon be allowed into the WH ..

  43. Steve Bannon? Think about it— hateful alcoholic faced morons devoid of original ideas monopolizing the national stage. Sad sign of the times.

  44. What's most disturbing about this whole shitshow is the standards and examples Trump is setting for America's youth.
    I wonder, when Trump is televised, should there be an adult content disclaimer which discourages letting children observe his actions?

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