100 thoughts on “Stephen Miller on Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, Trump’s border plan

  1. President Trump will win again despite the corruption surrounding him. He is an example all around the world. From the start, he was feared because he would crash the gravy train. The UK is afraid as well because their civil service also hates the people of Britain who voted Brexit and are attempting to thwart it. So Trump leads the way against corruption.

  2. First of all I would just like to say that impeachment does not throw PRESIDENT TRUMP out of office if you actually see what it does. Second, this is all a bunch of bull that these politicians are trying to throw on Trump. What should really be having the attention is Biden because this whole thing is sketchy af. If everyone would just shut their gobs for a moment and see what good he has done then you might change your mind. I have a German exchange student in my class that said that his neighborhood use to be safe before they opened the flood gates. Crime has gone up 300% within the last couple of years. I’m not saying all refugees are bad, but I’m saying that people need checked out before they are coming into my country where my family and friends live.

  3. Hey all like I said day or so ago, I am knew to this political stuff, but from what I have read on both Dems and Repubs side of argument here is that Trump nor anyone in our government can ask for foreign assistance in anything that will influence a USA Election, then why were the Dems asking for Russia to help with the whole Trump Mueller report thing. Dems are saying that is illegal right?…Also one more thing, logically thinking here, if the Biden corruption/ trump asking Ukraine to help re-investigate what Biden bragged about doing somehow affects an election, then isn't that a good thing?, and not the fault of trump, but rather Biden's own doing? How in the world can anyone/Trump included be influencing an election by doing the right thing and have a bragging criminal put to justice. Hey sorry that may influence an election, but better to have Bidens arrested than Biden President, right?…Dems please explain so I can have both sides of the argument and learn…

  4. I thought the reporter was going to ask, why does Ivanka Trump get 35 patents last year and five patents this year from China..
    I forgot to ask who pays for the flights of the Donald Trump children as they go through their personal business.. but I forgot this is Fox News home of hiphoprisy… State TV

  5. They say Trump is working for the people draining the swamp but the policies he has enacted tell a completely different story. The story they tell is he is the biggest swamp creature we have had yet

  6. This guy is the purest of evil with no heart or soul it's like I'm a kid learning the good. Story about a snake in the grass

  7. Like Trump is not "indebted to a host of other countries, namely Turkey" This guy is as delusional as Trump. I'd be so happy if they all ended up in jail one happy day.

  8. Who cares what Steven Miller thinks? Chris Wallace humiliated him last week. Let Miller slither back under his rock.

  9. NY that why the constitution says we have the right to bear arms… just in case a radical tyrannical government or branch of the government tries to overthrow the presidency and trash our democracy…. I'm pretty sure that's exactly why it says we have the right to bear arms .???

  10. The rest of the world eating popcorn here. We already know the ending, but you don't even realize it's a film. Have fun supporting Trump.

  11. Ukraine Mobsters have the DNC Server. China has All Hillaries Server and Emails and mobile. The Pakistani have everything The DNC said wrote or did for 7 years..lol..and you worry about Biden..And let the CIA and FBI comment on anything?

  12. The President has been at the job for nearly 3 years now. If his ham-handed efforts for an investigation into the former Vice President are an honest exercise in "draining the swamp" and rooting out corruption, why wait until he announced a run for President and becomes your chief political opponent to want one? It's also ironic the President that hires his kids and relatives with business dealings scattered all over the world and especially in China to senior government positions is pretending to care about a kid benefiting from their name.

  13. Can't I join the Republican cult???

    Why not!?!?

    Because what I say means the Republicans will battle me as a Republican???

    Then how does the Republican party stand?

    Or you just want to deny me to call me a democrat and start a war with me.

  14. Thank God we have term limits. Even if Trump gets re-elected, he cant run for President again and he will take Stephen Miller with him.

  15. I see the paid for democrat TROLLS are out today. What do they do, organize themselves on Facebook or something, and say "hey, a Fox News vid is out, let's all go spread of LIES and BS in the comments!"

  16. Well let's investigate the trump kids. How I air that Joe Biden has not profited at all from lobbies the or any other means. He is not a billionaire ,millionaire he is a simple honest America loving man.
    This administration has done everything they are accusing Biden of. Listen to them they have and are doing everyday what they accuse the democrats of doing. A bunch of tractors and liars

  17. So you don't want to work with countries that have corruption? How's that relationship with Saudi Arabia working out? Your guy just let a war start in Syria to protect his property interests in Istanbul so there goes that moral high ground.

  18. remmy mills The Russia inquiry ended up with five members of trumps inner circle found guilty. Michael_Flynn, Paul Manafort, , Michael Cohen, George_Papadopoulos, and Rick Gates. Others convicted:. Maria Butina, Konstantin Kilimnik Alex van der Zwaan

    Now we have two Guys who met with Giuliani for lunch (Who are also Russian) get arrested hours later for campaign finance violations.
    There are real problems here.

  19. Thank God for Fox News. The radical activism of CNN and MSNBC is truly sad; the symbiotic relationship between the far Left media and Democrats, which includes NYT etc, to lie to America and to take power is abhorent.

    As far as antifa, supporters of that group is exactly the same as supporting white supremacists. Both are hate groups, who are anti-God and anti-diversity, who are fine committing violence against the weak, the lone victim, the elderly.
    Of course, most Democrats dont mind murdering children, or letting parents have their children mutilate themselves because of mental illness or brainwashing. So, what is antifa in comparison?

  20. UnElected Permanent Deep State Bureaucracy, who HATE Constitution = Socialism > Marxism.

    ANTIFA Fires > Fire UP President Trump and his Supporters to "Rectify the Situation".

    Hello ANTIFA > I would like to Introduce you to – Oath Keepers.

  21. Trump’s corrupt spawn and their spouses are raking in millions of dollars while he plays President. Why don’t you guys investigate that instead?

  22. I am waiting for a story where some citizen actually benefited from the trump presidency. He claims to have done great things, and recently a supporter told me things were booming, just not around here….well, where then?
    I just wanted to express that somewhere on here. Glad my ww2 vet father has already passed.
    I don’t think he could have handled seeing his party, Republicans, become Nazis .
    Can’t watch Steven Miller because I find it disturbing to listen to psychopaths talk. He and trump act like speed freaks, psychotic drug induced ranting.

  23. The disdain and ferocity are coming from people on both sides who agreed that America was no longer a good idea. I would love to know what they had in store for us if 2016 had gone their way.

  24. Dracula has nothing of any substance to say other than the constant retric about anything, and not the phone call made to Ukraine. Trump is hated for his lying Criminal dealings. Miller is a fool who would jump off a building if Trump told him too. No mention of the mad insults by Trump towards almost everyone, inside the stadium, very Presidential. The Turd in Charge can't hack the fact that his narcissistic ergo is being slandered. Fox as usual go down on bended knee using Hannity & Carlson the two Trump GROVELLERS to get on air and boost his CHILDISH tantrums to calm him down.

  25. Trump delivers Democrats refusing because they or loosing, step back that's disgraceful for Suppose Americans acting like Third world countries to police just if they would do that to them they would do that too you 2020 2024 Trump

  26. These dems have sold this country to anyone that would give them monies GUESS WHAT AMERICA IS NOT FOR SALE AND IT BELONGS TO THE PPL. AND NOT FOR SALE PERIOD.!!!!!!!

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