Stephen A. Smith: Mets pitcher Jason Vargas threatens to 'knock out' reporter after team's loss

Stephen A. Smith: Mets pitcher Jason Vargas threatens to 'knock out' reporter after team's loss

I've always been fond of David Griffin always been fond of him he's a good man and I like him genuinely I truly do and he knows his basket he knows what the hell he's doing but I gotta tell you last night was one of his more impressive moments to draft Zion Williamson to stand before the media and say he is not a savior he is gonna be a part of what we're doing here the kid hasn't even turned 19 yet to say this is drew holidays team who by the way is an all-world defender and an all-star caliber player to say this is his team ladies and gentlemen that means something you got lots of balls there now you got Brandon Ingram there now Zions your guy drew holidays there Julius Randle is still there for the moment and they're trying to build something they've accumulated picks because that's what David Griffin has been doing but to sit up there and say he's not a savior Zion is not a savior and it remind us that there's a veteran on here who has shown up in the postseason in the past and drew holiday to allude to the players that you acquired in ball Ingram and Josh Hart to just draft to kill Alexander Walker with the 17th pick silver with the 35th pick tab protect the first-round picks in 2020 2021 a first-round swap with the Lakers at 2023 and unprotected first-round pick from the Lakers in 2024 ladies and gentlemen David Griffin has done a hell of a job and oh by the way how about resigning or making sure that Alvin Gentry returned as the coach of the pelicans they tell you something about Alvin Gentry record doesn't necessarily speak to it Clippers Detroit Pistons Phoenix Suns now knew all his pelicans he's the championship coaches and assistant with Steve Kerr go to state worries before he got to do all these job let me be very very clear to you about something you need to understand about Alvin Gentry the Makah coach we don't know what's gonna happen with Kauai he could be right now the most important player in the league because what he decides to do for Terry will decide where we are at you know this time next year and who's playing fine Kimbo or Kyrie would take a discount this is a massive discount for those guys to become part of a super team we have got a major competition from multiple free agents all across the country the student opening segment go check it out on demand the Steven Naismith podcast brought to you by the Capital One save a card earn four percent cashback on dining and entertainment two percent of grocery stores and one percent on all other purchases hey hey what's in your wallet it it ain't say ESPN it's eight eight eight seventy two nine three seven seven six welcome back to Steve Liesman show ESP Radio ESPN news according to an article on ESPN New York Mets manager you know got into it I'm sorry and a story published by Newsday and Sunday night Healey the reporter that manager Tim Healy that reported that manager Mickey Callaway and pitcher just Jason Vargas had gotten into it with he wrote a story or an article published by Newsday on Sunday night Healy said that met chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon called him quote to apologize on behalf of the organization end quote Healy basically said he said I thought that he was leaving for the day so I said see you tomorrow Mickey and then he said don't be a smartass I tried to tell him I didn't mean anything by it I was just saying I'll see you tomorrow and then he said get this guy out of here and that got the attention of Jason Vargas Vargas stared down heeling and shouted at him including saying I'll knock you the F out bro he eventually tried to move toward Healey but was held back by teammates including Carlos Gomez and Noah syndergaard no punches were thrown during the incident he'll eat old news day that Vargas quote took a couple of steps towards me some people said charged but charged is super strong he'll he left the clubhouse moments later he said Wilpon called to him late in the evening to apologize quote he stressed the fact that I should feel comfortable being able to do my job at the ballpark they're moving forward there's no reason for me to feel uncomfortable I appreciated that sentiment from him absolutely the team the New York Mets also issued this statement the Mets sincerely regret the incident that took place with one of our beat writers following today's game in the clubhouse the statement said we do not condone this type of behavior from any employee the organization has reached out and apologized to this reporter and will have further discussions internally with all involved parties here's my point why should Mickey Calloway be back let me tell you something will you do something like this you don't want your job I don't know this to be fact I don't cover the Mets I don't cover baseball and even if I did cover baseball I will consider it purgatory to have to be assigned to the Mets let me be very clear about that I know they got some young talent their bullpen stinks third worse than baseball think er a is at five point two three I'm not sure about that don't quote me but I think it's around that only Washington in Chicago and in Baltimore or worse the Washington Nationals and the Baltimore Orioles are the only two teams and all a major league baseball with a worst bullpen than a New York Mets who are in the largest market in the United States of America and can't seem to find anything to do right how do you have the starting pitches that they've had throughout the years and can't find a bullpen to work with I mean it just stink okay they don't stink or real stink like Dario's did last year but damn it you smell them I mean the Orioles just pooped on a season but the Mets at least pass gas they still so what they are and you vaughese you threaten in the report really really bro come on man might you go out there and pitch why did you just do that try to win games and it all really really started why because once again and in this regard I'll come to Callaway's defense they talk about he's not that the stuff he's doing it's not working for damn when you end no matter what you do with your ball but enough that seems to work because nobody's producing and if nobody's producing what the hell is the man supposed to do really when you really think about it you're stuck where we're leaving Seth Lugo during the eighth inning instead of going to close the Edwin Diaz Lugo allowed to go ahead three run home with Alia Baez Javier Baez and you got to ask questions about that I get it but come on man you can act better than that you're a grown man you're grown man period it's no way around this you slice it any way they want to there's really really no way around it yeah no biz act like that even I'm not and I'm not pretending to be some Mets aficionado again I don't give a damn about him I don't watch them I really though but I know how you should act when you consider these guys like it's just embarrassing it really really is Pete Alonzo twenty-seven homeless I mean this dude is just blazing as a rookie twenty four years old doing things that Darryl Strawberry didn't even do would have to 76 batting average and he got to be subjected to this so you got rookies playing a better than all your veterans damn Danny you lava Steven hey what's up hey man Steven Nate thanks for taking my call no brother you're a genius like Muhammad Ali met oh I don't think that reporter would have talked out the side of his mouth there was to you you asked the question I'm not saying this right at all what he did the guy respect said don't eat job I think in the heat of the moment just like landed airplanes today and said okay so see you tomorrow what's that he should just let that go and say the next question you know we're not just dead not just that but I'll see you tomorrow how what do you mean it was sarcastic do you know whether it was sarcastic or not you don't know and oh by the way what would what listen if they ask you about baseball what's the problem what's the problem it's your job that's what you do for a living big bucks man it's a shame man appreciate the car broke thank you so much let's go to hammer you live with Stephen hey what's up hammer I say MC before that I just caught your him up well go ahead I appreciate it bro Stan the first time in a very long time I hope all as well 1986 is my condolences the a no I will drink I will still drinking Similac back bad man um this starts with the front office this starts with the ownership the terrible decision making the hiring of Mickey Holloway who was supposed to be the pitching whisperer he's done nothing the bullpen has been garbage you guys wasted money bringing back years familia four one three three years 36 million dollars he's a bum you got rid of them one time before they had to have been a reason you had Keuchel and crumpled timbrel in free agency instead you trade for a fat contract for a declining piece Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz who cannot do anything right right now you sign ruby bandwagon in who is making terrible decisions as well you should have got trampled you should have got Keiko and free agency I mean with Keiko the temple I mean considering the fact that they were available for months you should have got one of them I agree with you there I really do and by the way familiar I mean is the RA is over seven my problem exactly and this is and again having to know I saw Jessica when he got called up last year and I fell in love with the kid immediately the kid is batting 340 he should have been your opening page second baseman we didn't need to know wasting money the pawns are doing nothing they're not spending like they should be MLB shows investigated this years ago after the whole Bernie Madoff thing and they have not it's a joke I can't knock you man I feel your frustration I don't know if it's quite worse being a Mets fan or a Knick fan but I hear where you're coming from man I really really do I mean it's it's hard to get around it right now Cano batting 228 bro did you know that okay I'm in the field i I do number I'm not a big analytics person I'm old-fashioned mobile I played minor league ball for the Reds for two years about a decade ago I can make better judgment better decisions when it comes to transactions and making than any of these guys that they've hired over the last decade and it's just sickening but yet I'm still hanging on to it continuing to being on that fan I have my fiancee I converted she is from the block I converted you did that I know was she a Yankee fan since she was from the Bronx was she a Yankee fan first how could you do that to her how could you take her and turn up from a Yankee fan to a Mets fan the blasphemy you understate I'm a do you have any idea the damage you may have done to that wonderful young lady of yours do you have any idea you might have ruined your marriage before it even happened are you sure she still feels that way I mean have to be in what she's after being subjected to what she has been subjected to in this period of time are you sure or are you sure I'm 150 percent positive even now she still treats you the same let me get this straight you converted her from a Yankee fan to a Mets fan she went from going to Yankee Stadium to Citi Field and you're telling me in the midst of this latest debacle you're trying to tell me that harp behavior towards you and her feelings for you have been either consistent or actually better than they were before is that what you're saying I think that did you put a ring on her finger yet I put a ring on her finger was the way that was the wedding day the wedding ring was a cheap was line the ring was a cheap wasn't no you hold daughter that woman now you hold on for dear life do you have any idea the value of the woman that you have I mean for her to go to me for being a Yankee fan to a Mets fan being subjected to the centricity and still still loving you the way that she does it's what all of us men dream about man you understand the world then did you hold on man you hold on a hammer absolutely man hammers a lucky man hammers a make sure that hammer can get through any time he calls any time hammer cook because I want to keep my eyes Jon on that relationship I want to make sure that she continues to treat him the way that she's treating him because I'm not sure he deserves it I mean that's it up there and to subject his woman to this situation I mean my god where's the love where's the love and 1/8 say ESPN it's eight at eight seven two nine three seven seven six here listening largest even a ESPN Radio ESPN news back with your calls or more in a minute by the way ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance progressives home quote Explorer gives you multiple quote options so you you pick what's right for you see for yourself at big players on the market Kevin Durant Kawhi Leonard Kemba Walker peri-urban I have no idea what's gonna happen this is going to be the craziest summer ever

14 thoughts on “Stephen A. Smith: Mets pitcher Jason Vargas threatens to 'knock out' reporter after team's loss

  1. At least one member of the media should get punched in the mouth. At least once. Don’t hide behind your press shield..

  2. I hope N.O has a better record than the Lakers! The fan boys will make mad excuses and have multiple strokes!!!

  3. I just watched a panel of journalists cover this on MLB Network for nearly their full HOUR long show! Going over these two guys apologies and deciding whether or not "if they're sincere". Am I missing where somebody got murdered here? Holy shit. I have to be missing SOMETHING. This seems like such a non-issue. These reporters shove cameras in these guys faces day in and out. They criticize them, they asking them prodding questions at their lowest moments and the players typically answer with a smile on their face. The first time a player/manager get fed up and respond with frustration. All of the sudden these reporters unite against these guys and portray themselves as "poor little victims"? Get the hell out of here. "We deserve to be treated as humans!"… It's a profession where you don't treat others as humans. A guy has a horrible day at work, maybe even loses his job with the big league club and he has to walk out to you shoving a mic in his face to remind him about it. Get him to talk about it to the entire country. That's fine if it's your job… but to sit there and pretend like you're doing something honorable? HA! You are TOLERATED in the clubhouse. Nobody wants you there. Callaway and Vargas were wrong to threaten you physically – but your outrage FAR EXCEEDS what is called for. In a LAUGHABLE manner.

  4. The husband who converted wife from Yankees fan to Mets fan: no, she loves City Field, I took her first game and she instantly fell in love with that

    Stephen A.'s look said: she was faking it, bro. They've been known to do that

  5. That reporter needs to be suspended. Know the questions to be asked. If not, get a new job. These reporters, journalists think nothing will happen to them. Be careful, look what happened to khashoggi. Want to be noisy, it'll cost your life.

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