100 thoughts on “Stephanie Grisham named new White House press secretary

  1. It's sad to see another no-brain woman step up to defend, WORK FOR a pervert low man like trump who prey on women, who has no respect for women! It's truly puzzling 🙄

  2. they only can choose from the bottom of the barrel as no one with any love for the USA would work for the madman….

  3. You can really tell her priorities are preparing us for how little she will do her job. She brought up how she will be at home as a single mother, 4 times in 30 seconds, and all she has been doing is criticizing the press. The press briefing is dead

  4. Another dumb lying white bitch. Who probably has the morals of a infected rat. Keep the swines close together, so when they come to slaughter you won't have to run far to catch them.

  5. She has an awful big shoes to fill. I wonder if the globalist and globalist controled media will treat her as badly as they did Sarah Sanders.

  6. Yo boss I would like to go to the city (how) send it to me. And let the bitch no I don't see her are work for it.

  7. Where are they getting all these crooked, bribe and pay off taking trolls from the trump trash cans lolololo

  8. Hey Democrats, what has President Trump done that affects you personally in a negative way? I'm just wondering what makes ya'll hate someone that has improved America's economy, military and safety.

  9. CNN FAKE NEWS should be encouraging more illegal immigration so people can drown and then blame it on Trump

  10. This is proof trump has been the reqlist for 30 years now..1986
    .cnn interview trump on being president

  11. Speaks loads about this woman’s character, none of it good. But it IS a good way to PERMANENTLY alienate oneself from 3/5 of the US population. I hope she gets along with the greedy 1% and the hillbillies, because she’s dead to everyone else.

  12. I found out AT&T owns CNN so I cancelled my Cable with them and switched to Dish they give you Modern up to date equipment 👍

  13. U pay it. I was e school 6th 7th 8th. High school. College 2 years and Osama. with you. Only 3 years without you.its above 1 billion $ time and I am. Not you. Don't run.😊😅😅( I love that's how. )☺ that is 1 way out. Wait for the way out.

  14. It’s scary that people hate patriots that stand up for our fellow countrymen and freedoms. Vote Trump 2020

  15. Did she not tell Melania about the plagiarised speech from the beginning? And she is good? Mrs Obama probably gave her the speech so Melania could make it her own. She is there because she's good at sucking up – lips matching the hole.

  16. So Trump believes that women are good for two things? A pretty face to talk to, and education. Pretty pathetic that any woman supports such a mysoginyst…

  17. Clearly she has the only qualification for this role. To be prepared (or sometimes unprepared) to lie, lie and lie some more.

  18. In which world does a Hooker and a psychopathic Criminal need a Press Secretary???? Unbelievable…………sad story!

  19. She of the "It's just a jacket" quote when Melania Trump wore the "I really don't care, do you" garment. ANYONE who works for and/or defends this reptilian family is by osmosis just as on the nose.

  20. #TRUMP2020 Stephanie is AMAZING! She’s going to eat you alive CNN and your FAKE NEWS! You ARE an enemy of the people! YOU AND YOUR FAKE BIASED NEWS CAN KISS MY SWEET LITTLE ASS!

    Your jobs are next.

  21. You're wrong about the jacket.
    This occurred exactly one day after Peter Fonda tweeted that her son, Barron, should be put in a cage with pedophiles.
    Even then the media would not support her.
    That jacket was no less than the desperation of a mother wanting to protect her child.

  22. We don't need press briefing, Trump talks to reporters all the time you just don't report it because he calls you fake news.

  23. another one that will violate the hatch act >> trump sure likes the people that will lie cheat child molest steal kill he loves dictators haters but here's a bit from wikipedia >> Role in Trump campaign and administration

    In late 2015, Grisham started working as a press aide to Donald Trump's 2016 Presidential Campaign.[11] According to the Arizona Capitol Times, Grisham first took a long-term, unpaid leave from the Arizona House of Representatives to work on Trump’s campaign. Arizona House speaker David Gowan paid her $19,000 in state salary over an 8-week period while she was serving as a member of the Trump transition team.[13][14]

    In 2017, after Trump's victory, Grisham was named deputy press secretary for Sean Spicer in the West Wing of the White House.[10][11]

    “ Grisham was one of Trump's early Arizona staffers. She helped arrange his campaign stops in Phoenix and around the state and region throughout the primary, a role that quickly expanded to include his rallies around the U.S. After his victory, Grisham was named a special adviser for operations and has been serving on Trump's transition team.[1][15][16][17] ”

    In March 2017, Melania Trump moved her over to the East Wing.[11] A former White House colleague of Donald Trump's stated that Trump was remorseful at losing Grisham to Melania Trump's office, due to Grisham's prior loyalty and skill at handling the press while acting as his traveling press secretary. During that time, she built relationships with many reporters at events. Despite losing Grisham as part of his own staff, Trump said he was satisfied that his wife would "be in good hands". Grisham was described by several sources that had worked with her previously as being "highly competent" and "self-aware", and believed she enjoyed "trolling the press" via speculative statements that were released.[18]

    """The United States Office of Special Counsel stated that Grisham violated the Hatch Act of 1939 following a complaint by Senator Tom Carper. Grisham was accused of using her official Twitter account on July 11, 2018 to tweet out Trump's campaign slogan. Violation of the act is not a crime, but a workplace guideline, and the agency responded by sending Grisham a warning letter.[19]

    In June 2019, Grisham replaced Sarah Sanders as White House press secretary and White House Communications Director which was announced by First Lady Melania Trump via Twitter on June 25, 2019.[9][11]

  24. Taxpayers money for nothing. When's the press briefing??? Course you can work from home. Nothing to do. Likes trumps bitch is so busy hahahahaahahhaahaha. Oh america how we laugh

  25. One thing we can assume..Grisham sure as hell couldn't be a worse WH Press Secretary than Sanders. Sanders is and always will be remembered for have no credibility and a pathological liar & fraud. In the history of the WH , it will be Sanders that will be laughed at and mocked for eternity for doing such a horrible job.

  26. I guess Bagdad Bob was busy.

    Stephanie Hooters has probably already "learned the ropes" on several occasions since Hope Hicks left, may as well get paid for it, at least the walk will be shorter. Press secretary is a meaningless title since the Dump adminstration doesn't have press conferences, Tweetyboy just calls up the Fox clown show to incoherently babble about "space force" and how kidnapping children and treating them worse than Somali pirates treat their prisoners isn't his fault.

    The Cheeto Benito is probably bragging about having Stephanie on his "staff" already.

  27. Wtf did gold-digger Melania need a spokesperson for? There's nothing to talk about. She has NOTHING to say. Maybe explaining her panty shots from back inna day. Otherwise, she's a vapid illegal.

  28. I can tell by the comments….let the laughs begin.
    Thanks to Trump I saved $100 per month for turning off my cable. Driving Trump haters insane by his twitter comments. OMG its is so much fun. Everybody KNOWS he's doing it on purpose.

    The additional money I saved by boycotting hollywood, athletes, and Disney.
    I got more money now then I did before he won the presidency.

  29. Right not just one job as always in this WH everyone is every thing and capable of doing it all, sorry for her child and her as her rep will be ruined as all the rest of them have been, and she and her child will have to live with this mistake in judgement to work for such a evil WH. I feel sorry for her to be honest.

  30. Hopefully Stephanie will slap the shit out of the mindless libtard press. Sarah was way to easy on those anti-American bass turds.

  31. Will the Press Secretary make comment about the LACK of action by any in the WH in relation to the children held captive at the southern border?? No ! I thought not ! That makes her comment in relation to backlash over Melania's stupid jacket totally without credibility. Typical…..Sarah Wannabe Sanders by any other name.

  32. She looks about as friendly as a hungry alligator which has suddenly materialized in one's bathtub.

  33. The qualifications required are;
    Being a criminal
    Lying through your teeth whenever required
    Defending the lunatic no matter what he says or does
    Only turning up for work twice a year
    Telling the free press that they are enemies & fake when they report the news
    Pretty easy really !!

  34. I had to verify she actually is the new spokesperson because I don't believe a damn thing that comes outta CNN

  35. Thanks, CNN. I saw this clip and will now search for real reporting on this new development so I can get accurate and factual reporting.

  36. Don’t brand Trump’s great accomplishments as lies. Look to the Democrats for lies. They’re full of them.

  37. Unwed mother, attractive and unattached… There's a prize for anyone that can get a photo of her and Mike Pence in the same room…

  38. Must be nice getting paid for a job she isnt even doing…. but shes still doing better than Sanders, she hasnt told any lies an press secretary ….yet. but um…… WHERE IS THE BITCH???????

  39. this person made her BONES working for the corrupt family in the whitehouse why should we trust this person in any way?

  40. Ohhhh another trump whore give me a break where do they gets theses skanks anyway she kisses trump more then any of his mistresses lololol now thatscone ugly bitch

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