Stefanik becomes left’s latest target at impeachment hearings

Stefanik becomes left’s latest target at impeachment hearings

100 thoughts on “Stefanik becomes left’s latest target at impeachment hearings

  1. Stefanik is a BOSS! Can’t help but compare her to AOC! 😳 Very intelligent, together young woman! She was wonderful in the hearings so far! Love her!

  2. These impeachment hearings are being handled Unconstitutionally!!! Pelosi should uphold the Constitution by her sworn oath!!!!
    Our nation is a rule of law and America is being dismantled by the destruction of our Constitution by the people sworn to uphold it!!!! Its disgusting!!!!!!

  3. She and her Republican colleges are putting on a show for the followers. They knew the rules going in and then cry how unfair they are when they get there.

  4. She doesn't ask real questions, just like mr Jordan, they scream a lot but do not want to know what really happend.
    Thank god the hole world is wathching CNN and we all speak english!

  5. Love how you both gloss over the fact that she wasn't allowed to ask a question at that time per the house rules she was already aware of & that she had the opportunity to question the Ambassador for the 2nd most time out of all Republicans in that hearing (over 9min). But then again that doesn't fit your narrative.

  6. Christy with her ugly self is Trash herself. For some reason really thinks ppl like her; she is delusional. John Legend did not even want her. Her presentation has always been that of a Trashy, Whorish, Delusional, Clout Chasing piece of S###.

  7. Never heard of Christine Teigen except that she likes to eat human flesh. pretty disgusting. Sounds like something a trashy person would do .

  8. This is not a impeachment, it is treason. All involved in this treasonous act should get a trial and the suitable punishment for traitors.

  9. Dems are acting like communist. There three branches to keep each other in check if they can't we the people we'll. I prey to Jesus to let the truth come out.

  10. She is been intimidated by those demo rats and they doing worse to this nation and any one who are allowed to vote in this country you will be next if you don’t stand up and protect and support our president !!! You will be next being in court and won’t be able to defend yourself and be put to jail !!!

  11. I thought the left liked strong intelligent ladies?????? Or is it strong LEFT WING ladies?? Chrissy Teigan is famous for doing nude photos and being married to a famous person.

  12. So proud of her! Nice to have a Congress woman from my home state not afraid to fight for the American people & call out this farce!

  13. investigating Biden for being in criminal activity with Ukraine is criminal because he's also running for president then that exonerates trump because he's running for president and the last election they were investigating trump so that means Biden should be held to the same standards anyone who believes democrats has the iq of a mustard seed

  14. She is trash. Tammy Bruce, she was out of line. The rules were agreed upon before the hearings commenced. She was only allowed 5 minutes. Stop misrepresenting what occurred. Also Tammy Bruce STOP YOUR WHINING.

  15. Shoot the Messenger, typical of MSM. Turn the subject 180 degrees and try a new bunch of Propaganda.
    Gradually It’s dawning on the Shiff Circus they are loosing control. Republicans have reprogrammed the GPS unit, the Hearings are now going in the direction of the Cliff, the Democrats will soon drive off it. Next Phase. Attorney Durham.

  16. BUT, we all know how the Left would react if a Republican called a female Democratic Rep. "trash." Oh, and Crissy Teigen, shut your mouth AND your legs!

  17. It's funny to read the comments section: far left extremists only come out to play when they feel something is in their favor. Some of us level-headed, moderates tend to think for ourselves and come to our own conclusions. Well, at least I do. I can't really speak for those who let their emotions get the best of them.

  18. Stalinist Fredo Adam Kruger Schiff is the imperial wizard of the modern day Klan. The Dems have devolved into a Hale-Bopp worshiping Jonestown style cult. Schiff idolizes the behavior and actions of suspended NFL player Myles Garrett. The completely rigged impeachment Inquisition is election tampering at its worst.

  19. Today's ABC/IPSOS poll shows 13% of Americans currently believe Trump should not be impeached. Trump support is eroding week by week. Trump fans have to decide: do they want to be on the side or truth and a strong USA, or do they want to support Putin re-cobble the USSR.

  20. We all know that Stefanik was set up by her Republican colleagues to rail against Adam Schiff because it was a news bite for Fox. Sure enough Fox took the bait as was anticipated by the more responsible media.
    It will be very interesting to see what happens when she's up for re-election in 2020. Word has it that her democratic opponent for 2020, Tedra Cobb, raised over $1million dollars last weekend after her despicable performance at the Marie Yevtochenko hearing.

  21. Christine Telgen?? Will be the last person to call people trash. She is beyond trash. She is even sold her soul to Hollywood. 👺

  22. We already have a new V.P. and he has already been sworn in. Fox, you need to keep up with the news. I'm so amazed of the number of people that don't really know what is going on in America. People need to stop watching dancing with the stars, ball games and learn what is happening in the country they live in. Many people are just weak minded and can't handle the truth, I get that. May God Bless America.

  23. Stefanik is an Absolutely Amazing Woman, and I am so proud to call her an American Congresswoman. She Kicks butt and solely stands on Truth. The Truth is the only solid rock upon which we should stand, not the Shiff'ty sand of heresy.

  24. Congresswoman Stefanik…you know your are doing a great job when the left just can not leave you alone. You are not alone. The American People are standing up behind you. We say give us the truth…give us justice.

  25. Someone needs to ask if a person running for the President of the United States is exempt from investigations for criminal activities domestic or abroad.

  26. They just hate someone willing to have the courage to speak the truth. The Democrats latest ploy will fail just like every other ploy they've dreamed up. 2020 can't come quickly enough.


  28. Stop trying too Dismantle, The hearing by playing the Victim, Republicans You guys, Can not control the Investigation, So get over it ! 😇🙏🏼

  29. Both Nunes and Stefanik are well aware of congressional resolution 66 sites by Committee chairman. Let’s stop the grandstanding, do your job. The Tweety Gonzales is an abomination, a criminal with no regard to anything, least of all the constitution. Give me a break party of law and order, rise up and come back from the abyss…

  30. Yes elevate women with good demo-rat values throw the great conservative women in the garbage how hypocritical or chauvinistic can you be demo-rats?

  31. I think the only reason the MP's haven't arrested the whole lot for TREASON is their push to IMPEACH is opening Rabbit holes they can't believe.

  32. ( Rep. Elise Stefanik) I am so glad to see a woman take a stand, you are a Awesome Lady! Thank you for your job, well done!

  33. Elise Stefanik being powerful 😂? She is just a mouth piece of ranking GOP members pretending she is a victim while she know she is breaking the rules. GOP cry-baby snowflake.

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