State of the Role: Fall 2019 Updates!

State of the Role: Fall 2019 Updates!

Oh hello everyone! Hi! And welcome to our fall 2019 State of the Role! (cheering) Aww, magic. Magic. To celebrate the season, we decided to have this community update delivered by the international icon of autumn. Dani, bring in that pumpkin! Thank you Dani, thank you pumpkin. All right. Ew, it’s a little gooey and soggy, but okay. Cold hand lewd critters. Nope, that’s smudged, it says old and new critters a lick, erm, alike. Shit bass bet, no, it has been an exciting few moths. Moths. Mo, months here at Critical Role– Okay, no no, this doesn’t work. Why don’t we just talk like normal? Yeah, as Sam was saying, we’ve had quite a few things going on that we’re excited to finally be able to share with you all. I hope everyone is enjoying our fall programming so far. I am beyond proud of our entire production team for the insane job that they’ve done on UnDeadwood, Mini Primetime, season two of Pub Draw. I mean everyone here has truly outdone themselves this season, and if you haven’t checked out any of our new content, do us the pleasure of validating our art hearts and please check them out. Check them out. Speaking of amazing art, we’re also halfway through the release of our second installment of Vox Machina: Origins, our comic book series made with our friends at Dark Horse. And if you haven’t read it, holy cows guys, it is pretty good. It is pretty good. It’s pretty good. And Vox Machina is taking on a whole new life as we continue to progress in making our animated series, The Legend of Vox Machina, that you incredible critters so generously funded through our Kickstarter. Scripts have started to roll in which means recording sessions are not far behind. We’ll have the storyboards where we’ll get to see our first glimpses of what each episode will look like, so stay tuned for more exciting announcements in the weeks to come. And you all may have seen our big update we made a few weeks ago announcing the awesome partnerships we have lined up. It’s been a dream of ours to bring these characters to life in other mediums like novels and action figures and apparently it’s been one of your dreams too. I mean it was your enthusiasm that opened the doors to opportunities that we never even thought were possible. And they empowered us to choose the ones that made sense for us, so if you guys want more information about the partnerships, check out the link below. I can’t believe I’m finally going to be an action figure that I get to design myself. My plan is so much closer to fruition. (demonic otherworldly sounds) What now? Nothing. But all of this is quite the adventure, and one that we’re excited to go on with you. When I say that it’s an adventure, it is truly just that. The future is filled with excitement and often uncharted territory, especially for an experimental digital media company built by a bunch of adults playing make believe. Through this crazy expansion, somebody just farted, who did it? Was it you? It was the couch. No, it was the couch. (laughter) This stays in the roll. Through this crazy expansion, our main goal still is, and always will be, to tell the stories that we want to tell and encourage others to do the same. Protecting that is incredibly important to us. Yes, we are still an independent company that remains 100% creator owned. That means that everything we do here is created by us, the people on this couch and those chairs. Marisha, Matt, Laura, Liam, Travis, Taliesin, me, and superimposed Ashley head. As we continue onward into this next wave of creative endeavors, we wanna thank you for coming along with us, supporting these ideas, supporting each other, and sharing in the joy and insanity of it all. We love you guys. We love you guys! So much! All right, let’s… Let’s clean these up. Yeah, yay. Hoo boy. Oh we’re really cleaning it? We’re really doing that? I’m taking them home. Go team. Go team. Go team! We’re an indie company, that means we clean up our own leaves. We all pitch in. Every single one of us. Where did we get autumn leaves in Los Angeles? Share and share alike. They’re fake, Taliesin.

100 thoughts on “State of the Role: Fall 2019 Updates!

  1. I love these little check in videos, really makes you feel like part of the community to be kept in the loop. The fall line up is wonderful, UnDeadwood is AMAZING, PubDraw has been a favorite of mine from day 1, and as a novice mini painter I am beyond excited for Mini Primetime! Keep up the good work guys! Thank you so much to the Cast/Creators and also to the Production Team and the Crew, you are all amazing and I hope you continue to receive all the love and respect and support that you deserve for providing us with this wonderful community and top notch entertainment. Thank You ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  2. Can you imagine that: if Matt Mercer can possess a christmas tree with just a picture of him how many houses can he possess with comic books, anime series and action figure?!

  3. Love you all so much me and my friends got playing dnd thanks to you guys and i would love to meet ya all some day i really would. 💜💜

  4. I Love you guys so much! I think yall are great media providers! But PLEASE!! GET A CAMERA LIGHT SYSTEM WORKED OUT! So we dont have to watch the side of your face talk to someone else in the not straight on camera shots!
    With love,
    -a dork

  5. Love you guys! So proud of you and I hope this fandom shows that. Will always continue to support you guys with your creative endeavors and wholesome content. Don't forget to love each other everyone <3

  6. IDK if y'all can tell that they're very obviously reading off of an autocue but I can.

    This means these types of talk to camera updates are probably going to happen more and more. Yay!

  7. You all should totally make a campaign 3!!! I love the work you do and each and every person is just so wonderful in different ways to me! I love y’all almost as much as grog loved his beard

  8. I'm going to spend so much money over the next couple of years… Mcfarlane and funko? You wonderful assholes, take my fucking money! :D.
    ^ No sarcasm whatsoever. I cannot wait to get all of Vox Machina in figure form.

  9. It feels like a lot of the things they said were to reassure the audience of their main goals and was somewhat of a response to the whole Wendy’s ordeal. I’m sure they can’t say anything in direct response, but I’m glad they explained that they did what makes sense for their very small, relatively new company. It’s good that they heard the audience’s voice, and that is precisely why I have unending respect for this group of creatives.

  10. I Feel like something is off with them now, but i cant tell what. Has anyone else noticed something wrong with CR? I dont think its between the cast, i feel like their attitudes towards the community is more distant now. I've felt like this for a month or two now but its weird i dont know why.

  11. I love the last little bit of the address the most. To be a fly on the wall of that "grand experiment/ master Tal's Great Plan"

  12. Just don't roll dice to see how well the action figures turn out. Last time that happened, the Caleb figure was missing the crippling guilt

  13. They all get action figures.

    Matt's got a minifigure based on a character he played. I think he wins.

    -“Slayer’s Cake” Bakery that’s sells cupcakes, pastries, doughnuts, hot chocolate, coffee, etc.
    -“Gilmore’s Glorious Goods” where you can purchase all of CR’s fine products.
    – Adventuring Tavern where you can meet people and post on the board to recruit for your own D&D games. Also benches to play.
    -Miniature Golf where each hole (teehee) is themed based on where Vox Machina was at to their corresponding level. (Character level = Hole Number.)
    -“Travis Willingham’s Yehaw Game Ranch” with Arcade Machines and Outdoor BBQ pit.
    -Cobalt Soul Art Gallery with the amazing fan art.
    What else you got Critters?

    Update: A Feywild Theater for those who want to put together a Shakespearean production or maybe a live show 🤔

  15. I love everything you guys do, you're a great escape from the hum drum of real life and i genuinely hope you stay "indie" and creator owned because i would hate to see anything happen to you guys

  16. 75,000 years ago Taliesin the Executive Goth and I did battle atop Mount Toba over the fate of humanity. The fallout of our duel shook the earth, mountains exploded and collapsed into lakes. Life forms either went extinct or were spared by the victor. On that dreadful day The Executive Goth absorbed… no he stole 200% of my infinite power and has dominated humanity ever since.

    Yeah Tal, I’m still salty.

  17. I feel,,, weirdly proud of seeing them get to do all this awesome stuff! Like, they made all of this out of just,,, playing dnd!! That's so fucking cool.

  18. Enjoy the programming, but I am still waiting to watch the rest of "Feast of Legends". Only saw the first half, because I had to work the next morning.

  19. "Our main goal still is and always will be to tell the stories that we want to tell…" cough Feast of Legends cough

  20. Plan for Critical Role Domination:
    1) Critical Role Comics: Check
    2) Critical Role Animated Series: Underway
    3) Critical Role Land: Pending
    4) Release Taliesin's full power: INEVITABLE

  21. I am super happy that CR is here and I am really enjoying all the new content and campaign episodes. I have tried telling everyone I know how amazing Critical Role is and my best hopes for the future for CR. Thank you for all that you are doing and I can't wait to see what happens next.

  22. Your bully fans do not understand capitalism or humor… instead of donating millions to potato farmers in dubai and apologizing for stuff that doesn't matter, maybe just keep making great content for rational humans? Oh wait you're in LA … donate everything to charity so aspiring screenwriters can make a living too. If you're interested I just started a charity for my dog so he can get liposuction, he's a trans woman and I only take 90% of the donations for overhead. All the lettuce we eat is locally grown by young gang members so it's cruelty free.

  23. I have this thing I call Fantasy Bucket List, which is full of unachievable yet wanted goals. The big one on my list is to set up a heartfelt quality character and play with all these amazing people. That would just be amazing.

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