State Dept Witnesses Make Case Clear In Trump Impeachment Inquiry | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

State Dept Witnesses Make Case Clear In Trump Impeachment Inquiry | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “State Dept Witnesses Make Case Clear In Trump Impeachment Inquiry | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    There may be a lot of “evidence” that Trump engaged in “Quid Pro Quo” but the EVIDENCE that MSNBC is engaged in covering up the DNC Quid Pro Quo is overwhelming! In a “Democracy” which in essence is MOB RULE it is the Main Stream Media (MSM) that rules over WE THE PEOPLE. It has been said ‘If you want FREE SPEECH buy a newspaper ’. The United State-S was set up as a Republic NOT a Democracy for this very reason. As Trump has pointed out & media experts like Noam Chomsky have confirmed – it is the MEDIA that is the enemy!

    If America wants to heal itself, it must move away form MOB RULE base on MSM, POLES & PRE CRIMES to the RULE OF LAW based on DUE PROCESS, LOGIC & FACTS.

  2. As Greek philosopher Plato concluded in his "Theory of Knowledge", knowledge as with vision requires an organ capable of receiving. Americans, exercise your organ and not that organ corporate news is already doing that and overtime.

  3. so jim bo hinney knows more than alan dershowitz dont think so he say nothing trump has done is impeachable alan is long time dem used to be on cnn and msnbc all the time there expert on consitit law dean emec at harvard etc etc or listen to jimbo lol biased coverage they dismissed a amb uuuuuu president can remove an amb for any or no reason congress is co equal but they act like they can over rule and over ride the excutive branch

  4. “ I was the best president this country has ever had in the history of this country has ever had !”
    Be ready for something like this .😡

  5. Carma is a mf Juliane thought he's Untouchable his little mob is getting shut down lmol😂he thought he was a GANGSTER 😂

  6. It just amazes me the fake religious crap from these criminals screwing world citizens. I’m not a religious person, but if Parnas and all of his conspiracy partners really practiced the religion they preach, they should read the book they say they follow the word of. For this group involved with the current US Govt. Executive Branch in RICO Act type of crimes who falsely claims to have “God” with them, here is something from the Bible.

    John 3:17-18 – If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person? Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.

  7. He thinks God is on the side of Criminals? That not what I was taught in church.
    I've noticed that Filthy Gangsters often have religious iconography tattooed on their bodies. I don't expect it's going to help.
    Do you suppose Lev and Igor are covered in Russian Mafia tattoos?
    Is Rudy?

  8. Donald Trump is a bramble bush of shady activity, scams, lies, and incompetence. Rudy foolishly got too close to the bramble. I don't think he will survive.

  9. Where's Rudy usually he's running around at somebody T.V station spreading Rumor,after Rumor trying ot make a Crooked Man Straight.

  10. Who bailed them out?🧐. Where did the money come from?💰 💙🇺🇸💙🇺🇸💙VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO 2020!💙🇺🇸💙🇺🇸💙

  11. Thank you, Rep Jim Himes, for laying it out in perfect English the High Crimes and Misdemeanors happenings from the White House. Rachel your the best.

  12. Clinton have right to have his lawyers,witnesses,examine accusers,but Trump is below their law
    Shame on you Maddow and good luck on judgment day

  13. 'The facts are in dispute …' Somebody needs to organize and put in chronological a complete review (fully annotated) of 'Trump World' from the spring of 2016 on. Every creepy thing that has gone down. Call it 'The Crimes of Donald J. Trump' and release it in October 2020.

  14. The depth of the corruption has no low, no end. An ignorant, dangerous and deluded man runs the USA. A failed government supports this man and his never ending lies, denials and attacks…. your nations elected government question all of it, and no matter the evidence given, it still supports him. This is what America has come to, when glaring truths mean nothing. Shame.

  15. I don't think whatever god that guy believes in would be on his side. Maybe one of the popes, but not an actual supernatural being.

  16. I love ❤️ Rachel Maddow! She is the most intelligent person in the news.
    🦊 tv can't hold a candle next to her! She's tops in skills, integrity, and core values👍. She shines brighter by far💯%.


  18. Even Alan Dershowitz a schoolar of United States Constitutional law and Criminal law said already there is nothing in the President's actions activities or foreign relations impeachable, he said,democrats are playing politics ignoring the law…🙉

  19. Out on bail when two of them were arrested at the airport with one way tickets? What are the odds they will show up for trial?

  20. If the Democrats managed their phony Russia Collusion hoax out of Ukraine then Trump isn't helping his political campaign. He's investigating crimes by the Democrats.

  21. Congress must get to the bottom of Pence's involvement too. It would make no sense to remove a President for the crime that he directed in Ukraine, only to install a Vice-President who was fully knowledgeable and complicit in that very same crime.

  22. What is Putin's plan to take us over? Trump keeps trying to cover up and/or blocking any investigation. He can't even show his tax returns? What happened to "drain the swamp"? The economy is going down. He's crippled our military. He turned his back on the green berets and Kurds and backs our communist enemies and the Turks .America must fight back against communist aggression and communist traitor trump!

  23. Is anyone else worried about how easily all these extremely important key witnesses are allowed to just walk out? (and who exactly paid for this? … They better know where the money came from)
    There is so many criminal connections here and so much dark money involved that the bail value is almost pointless. You could easily imagine it being worth the loss to make some of these people disappear – one way or another – to make inconvenient testimony go away for powerful people risking implication. And that's not even considering the risk that some Trump-nutter might try to get at them.

    I'm not into conspiracy stuff – but after Epstein you have to at least be a little skeptical. And when there's a good chance there's a Kremlin-tied Russian oligarch who has been funding these men we just know for a fact that they are not above using such methods if they feel they need to.


    socialism is not american

  25. "..the criminal court off-shoot into the ongoing impeachment proceedings into president Trump."

    Just let that sentence sink in….

  26. It's weird that Lev Parnas, who got three weapons taken by the police because he threatened a man, is being left near the president.

    Either the Secret Service has failed, or Trump has given permission for personal contact.

    If that were true, then the President would be more involved than he would like to admit.

    All flag pins aside, now we'll get to see
    just how patriotic the GOP really is once and for all. Are they going to
    support the United States Constitution, or now that the chips are down, are
    they going to support the lying, self-serving, draft-dodging Donald Trump in
    pursuit of their own self-interest and the party line? What's your bet?

  28. You're ALL class Rachel… way to disrespect a Presidential funeral by inferring it's something one would bring a DATE to… oh wait.. I'm missing the point.

  29. And as he's been trained by Russia Parnas plays the God card to curry good will from the Trump supporters who've shown you can sucker them to be on your side if you do.


  31. Lovely E. People are testifying because trump has done enough damage to this country. Giuliani needs to go to jail. Point blank

  32. You are all being lied to by the talking heads on TV. Don't believe fake news, the queen took over all the news a hundred years ago. Who was our revolutionary war against? England wanted to control the world 200 years ago oh, now they do it secretly through secret societies. So do you think your only enemy is Trump.? Trump is the only one on your side.

  33. Impeach and remove the con in chief. Republicans will eventually help with the impeachment and removing Trump. It's the only way the Americans will unite and regain their honour and reputation around the world.

  34. Taylor's testimony is extremely valuable for many reasons, but for me, two stand out: First is the greatly enhanced credibility strengthening his evidence, thanks to his contemporaneous and meticulous note-taking; The second plus is that his lengthy record of non-partisan public service , characterized by a principled approach to advancing his nation's interests, serves as a sorely-needed remedy to injuries recently inflicted on vital national institutions.

  35. I can't wait until the. 4 year season more than a mini-Series can handle novella about this presidency comes out. Too voluminous for a movie.

  36. As a Canadian I'm wondering why Americans lack a mechanism to suspend a rogue leader? The writing is on the wall and nobody seems to be concerned enough to trigger some sort of process to suspend Trump. Isn't he more dangerous now than before his crimes were discovered? Couldn't he do something even more criminal?

  37. Maybe they got out…so they can be followed further. Nothing goes unnoticed these days. Just because all the plans aren’t reveled to us.

  38. Rachel maddow loves chasing negative news and using on her show . She's like the other obsessed Democrats. She constantly talks about Trump and she is boring

  39. more crap from the left all small fish nothing to impeach trump is going to surface it's all smoke and mirrors ..dems have no candidate. to win this election so they need to impeach illegally by not having a impeachment vote in the senate .what part of illegal proceedings is not understood here .. = coup to over throw a sitting president investigate Biden first

  40. Yes it’s text book abuse of power to remove the ambassador to be able to do nefarious crime and corruption! I hope she will get vindicated.

  41. Trump has never in his life earned his money, his status and his businesses through personal diligent effort and hard work, but through foul means and intimidation 👺and mean bullying👹 to suppress. So now, as a president pathetically, these are also the ONLY ways he knows, with which he is able to pull wool over people's eyes all throughout his life. Hence his presidency to him, is all about enriching his business, his family through the whole cycle of LIES🤥🤥, CONSPIRACY THEORIES AND INTIMIDATION AND threatening with PLEDGE OF LOYALTY FOR him. Similar filthy🤭 tactics and base ways which are the only means to achieve through broad daylight cheating and illigitimate hijacking and destruction of truths. He simply bulldozes his ways to plunder and destroy to triumph. In his world to fight a good fight, fight in a gracious and ethical way and win the clean way does not exist at all.

  42. that's what all freQaking criminals say God is with me then they get life sentences in jail etc is wrong with these Russian spies they're trained to use the religious card when they're bigly screeeewd it's just a matter of time before TRUMPS DOWNFALL

  43. they have one of those poison pills at home no need for a bullet in the head up next Trump though he doesn't have the balssss to do it big orange baby coward

  44. Hey! Chris Hays, why does MSNBC carry Rachel Maddow's Full Show on the MSNBC site??? Rachel Maddow's Full Show is only found on "Odd-Ball" sites. Who is Deondre Ritchie??? Some times with a CNN Banner covering the MSNBC Letters??? What is that all about???

  45. Hey! Chris Hays, why does MSNBC "NOT" carry Rachel Maddow's Full Show on the MSNBC site??? Rachel Maddow's Full Show is only found on "Odd-Ball" sites. Who is Deondre Ritchie??? Some times with a CNN Banner covering the MSNBC Letters??? What is that all about???

  46. So, Trump’s recent actions have resulted in Russia achieving a stronger foothold in the Syria/Turkey situation and also increasing the chances that Russia would take further liberties against Ukraine. Whose side is he really on?

  47. Here's some red meat for you leftist commies. Many dirty Republicans like Grahamnesty are silently hoping for enough traitors in the senate also.

  48. Putin to Trump: "Dammit Donald, every time you deviate from my plan, you screw up.  I'll tell you again– let ME do all the thinking.”

  49. "All through history, there have been tyrants . . . and for a time they seemed invincible, but in the end they always fall. Always." – Mahatma Gandhi

  50. It is A Coup by the LEFT Rats – impeachment should be Transparent !!! MAGA 2020 – Impeachment is DEAD , Mass Arrest of the LEFT Rats soon !!! WATCH

  51. We should thank Trump for opening our eyes. I could never understand why so many working people vote with the Billionaire class, contrary to their own best interest. Now I get it! We have a believer class that goes through life on what ever track they were put on early in life. It also explains why so many Christian Believers are conservative politically. They have been targeted by the rich with fearmongering stories and like all the believer class they have fallen for it. The Trump and Rudy Show have openly confessed to Treason but when they say they have not, their believer horde still supports them.

  52. Why is Rachel Maddow show on the Deondre Ritchie video channel/Site rather than on the MSNBC site? Category Gaming? With a CNN banner covering the NBC logo??? Take a look at: URGENT! Breaking Trump News 10/23/19 – Rachel Maddow Breaking News OCT 23, 2019

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