NEW Update! – *NEW* Wands of Life and Death! + Flying Broom + More! NEW Update! – *NEW* Wands of Life and Death! + Flying Broom + More!

iRAIDYOU Presents… New Update

84 thoughts on “ NEW Update! – *NEW* Wands of Life and Death! + Flying Broom + More!

  1. mah boi ur right about bein late, but i still love ya vids, btw when will u tell me when u gonna need tha squad (if they still alive)
    btw i stole all ya muffins bro ;pppp

  2. IRU Fuck ya i have moved on and playing better games… NEver wanted me in your server huh. How is is. De0d? You can still let me back in but i have other servers i am in :/ your fualt!

  3. a good idea that i have is that you can make things with those leaves on the ground like a hat that keeps u warm or camo hat that makes u look like a bush

  4. This game is now so complicated mann. I liked it when it was simple. Can lapa stop the updates for atleast a couple months just until the feeling of boredom of this update sets in and we get used to it?! Am i right iraidyou?!

  5. Muffin : I lOve thE hAt
    iRU : I'll gIve it tO yOu if u gO intO mY mOuth
    thE mUffin dId it And Muffin killEd iRU cuz… thAt is a plAyer with a nAme: Muffin :>

  6. 2019 : lapa : OK FINE I MAKE UPDATES
    Iru : still not enough
    Lapa adds desert
    Iru : still not enough
    Lapa adds brooms and tons of other crap
    Iru : nah
    Iru : muffins

  7. I don’t know seems a bit weird that he wouldn’t make this update permanent but remove the witch hat after October so we can have life crown and life staff

  8. Tristan, you fucking suck. Ur clan that Mystic literally built and grown is fucking dead because of you, you claim to be an anti savage yet u savage. Stop fucking making sins on discord u ass

  9. А что ли если уровень персонажа выше твоего уровня то он победит?

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