Star Wars Battlefront II: General Grievous – Community Update

Star Wars Battlefront II: General Grievous – Community Update

28 thoughts on “Star Wars Battlefront II: General Grievous – Community Update

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  2. I wish they made him different like you can switch from 2 to 4 lightsabers by holding Y or triangle and when you do his abilities change so you have abilities that involve 2 arms and when you switch to 4 arms your abilities change

  3. Lets hope they add lightsaber marks to troopers when they die….it would make it look better as a whole when dooku and grievous and maul come slicing through xD.

  4. General grievous is an awesome character in the game . Though I feel like … his claw rush isn’t so impressive or useful too often . If they made the claw rush so he could use it to climb walls and jump off to attack that would neat . Regardless, still an awesome character !

  5. Look aint no way in hell I'm coming back to this game. I supported you from the beginning got the top edition even spent 150.00 on boxes at release as a celebratory thing. Didn't get pissed when you removed the micro transactions and made hero's i paid credits to unlock free. Didn't say nothing after the first 2 officer nerfs but a 3rd officer nerf and no nerfs to the ridiculously over powered vanguard ability i was done PS. Lego Star Wars Grevious is better too. Wont get the next star wars game by you guys either you duped me enough on battlefront 2.

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