Star Wars: 18 Mind-Blowing details from the Rise of Skywalker Trailer! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

Star Wars: 18 Mind-Blowing details from the Rise of Skywalker Trailer! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

– We’ve found 18 hidden
details in the final trailer for The Rise of Skywalker
that blew our minds! There are two months left to go before Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker finishes the nine film Skywalker Saga that was started in 1977. And fan fervor reached a fever pitch when Lucasfilm released the final trailer for this last chapter on what would’ve been Carrie
Fisher’s 63rd birthday. And if the trailer is to be believed, Episode IX is shaping up to
be one hell of a goodbye, as it appears to tie together
the past and the present of the franchise. In fact, it’s packed with
so many hidden details that our jaws quite literally dropped. And that score, oh, come on! You know that music hit you
just as hard as it hit us. Nonetheless, with so much
going on in the trailer, we’re breaking down all
of the hidden details that blew our minds. Obviously, there will be
spoilers for Episode IX, so let’s hurry and get
that spoiler warning out of the way.
(bell dings). Now with that, let’s jump in. The trailer opens with what seems to be an old school Rebel helmet dropping while Rey appears to be training. Notice that as she runs,
she’s got that red ribbon tied around her hand like
we saw during the D23 look at the Rise of Skywalker. There are many fan theories
about what this ribbon entails. The most prominent being
the red string of fate, which is derived from Asian mythology about an unseen red thread
that connects two characters over time and space (coughs). Reylo confirmed (coughs). Did you get that? Also, who is training her? It feels that the obvious answer is Leia, but could this be when
we see Luke Skywalker as a Force ghost dispensing
some wisdom to Rey? We do hear his voice pretty
prominently in the trailer. Speaking of Force ghosts, who else could we see besides Luke? Rumors have been swirling that everyone from Yoda to Anakin
will make an appearance. The bigger question is will Luke’s ghost also appear to Kylo Ren, like he hinted at the end of the Last Jedi. – See you around, kid.
– Next, we see Rey leaping across what we’re assuming is the Death Star II wreckage, a nice little nod to her introduction in the Force Awakens
when she was scavenging through the remains of a Star Destroyer. We get another blink
and you’ll miss it cameo from everyone’s favorite
smoothie, Lando Calrissian. He’s surrounded by a ton
of Resistance fighters in a shot that is evoking memories of the Rebels on Yavin 4 from A New Hope. We also spotted a Mon Calamari, who’s reportedly Admiral Ackbar’s son, who was just recently
introduced in the comics. Throughout the trailer, we see
a ton of Resistance heroes, like Rose, Connix, Finn, newcomer Jaina, and whoever the hell
Dominic Monaghan is playing. As well as a quick shot of Keri Russell’s bounty
hunter character, Zorri Bliss. But seeing Lando surrounded
by Resistance members has us wondering how
much has the Resistance been able to rebuild and how much control does the First Order have over the galaxy? Do the good guys really have a chance? This is Star Wars. There is always a chance. – Great shot, kid, that
was one in a million! – Of course, it wouldn’t be Star Wars without spaceships and holy ship! There are a ton. Yes, there is this brief glimpse
at Leia’s Blockade Runner, the Tantive IV, early on in the trailer, but later, it’s literally a
Where’s Waldo of spaceships. In addition to the
Falcon, we get a glimpse of what fans are assuming is the Ghost from Star Wars: Rebels, which
also appeared in Rogue One, a Nebulon-B frigate,
a Hammerhead Corvette, a Nebulon-C Resistance frigate, a U-Wing, a Resistance Bomber, what looks like Han’s Hauler
from the Force Awakens, and what appears to be
Separatist Cruisers. Some fans even claimed to see the Colossus from the Resistance TV show, but honestly, the USS Enterprise
and Firefly’s Serenity could be in there and we would
believe it at this point. And it’s not just old
Rebellion ships we see. There is a lot of classic
Imperial action going on as well. While we see First Order TIE Fighters and several flashes of the new TIE Daggers that are most likely
allied with Palpatine, what had fans most excited was all that Imperial
Star Destroyer action. In earlier trailers,
we saw a fleet of them, but the sight of one rising from the ice as well as their modified
giant ventral cannons at work, has people wondering if this
new fleet of Palpatine’s will be working with or
against the First Order. Which leads us to our
next group of questions, which are entirely about Star Destroyers. Was that whole fleet buried
in that giant space iceberg, and are they supposed to be
Imperial 1 Star Destroyers instead of the superior
Imperial 2 Star Destroyers? Were the Resistance Fighters
riding their space horses on the outer haul of a Star Destroyer? How does that work, and
just what the (bleep)? Overall, the trailer itself was split between footage of what is
looking like the Resistance’s last stand and Rey and Kylo
Ren’s climactic battle. BTW, is Reylo now canon? – Maybe.
– It seems so! So much of this sequel trilogy revolves around their relationship and this final chapter
appears to be no different, especially with Palpatine
saying in the trailer, “Long have I waited and
now your coming together “is your undoing.” What’s he saying here is that
Rey and Kylo Ren’s connection is quite possibly the key to everything, but how will it all shake out? While most of the trailer
shows them fighting against one another,
there is this quick shot of them destroying what fans are saying is a statue of Darth Vader. Notice they’re postured
towards one another, and it looks like
they’re on the same side. Also, what is the significance of the dagger Rey is holding right here? Some are speculating that
it could be some sort of Jedi or Sith artifact. Speaking of Sith, one question fans had since the first teaser
was about Palpatine’s role in the film, would he be a Force ghost, would he have a physical body, could he become Mecha-Palpatine? Well, we finally have an answer. He will have a physical form in some way. You can see a couple
frame of fingers moving when Rey is looking up at what we assume is a floating Palpatine,
but will he really be the Sheev we know or
has his spirit found a host to take over? Maybe Kylo Ren? Let’s hope we haven’t been
dis-Sheev-ed by this shot? And for all you fans of
Episodes I through III, when 3PO says goodbye, you
can see a B1 Battle droid from the prequels, but will
we only see visual nods to the prequels, or will there
be some deeper connection? Will we get to hear the Battle
droid say, “Roger, roger!” Or is that too much to hope? Of course, this is over
shadowing the bigger detail: why does it feel like 3PO
is gonna die in this film? Oh, come on, J.J., don’t do this to us. We can’t handle it!
– Taking one last look, sir. – And now we have a few
smaller questions/details that we wanted to take
the time to include, like why is Babu Frik the
best character Star Wars has ever had, because of the goggles! Because we see ships
across Star Wars eras, does that mean time travel is confirmed? No. Does seeing the Ghosts
mean we might finally see live-action versions
of animated characters, like Hera or her son, Jacen? Probably not. And finally, which of these trailer shots won’t be in the film? More than we would like. But we’ll just have to wait until Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters on December
20th, or the 19th, if you got those sweet,
sweet Thursday night tickets to find out the answers to
all these questions and more. But what do you folks think? What was your favorite detail from the Rise of Skywalker final trailer? Are we naive to trust a trailer in 2019? And seriously, why is Babu Frik the best? Let’s discuss. Thanks for watching. If you liked what you saw, why not give us a like and subscribe? If you wanna get notified every
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on all the latest theories, news and rumors in the pop culture world. (bright music)

100 thoughts on “Star Wars: 18 Mind-Blowing details from the Rise of Skywalker Trailer! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

  1. Here’s a fan theory for you Rey and kylo Ren are brother and sister hence Leah holding her and crying or Could Rey and kylo Ren Be the Embodiment of the brother and sister of the force if you look at clone wars and rebels The emperor could be the father remember that Aniken was meant to stay with them and did not has anybody thought about all this or am I The only one?

  2. Nothing mind blowing here. Rian Johnson ruined this trilogy. You have a sequel that completely undone everything the first movie set up. This movie has so much ground to make up that it will be a cluster.

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    Kylo's helmet back on.
    Luke still in the movie.
    The resistance with huge increase in members.
    Hints about Rey's real family.

    Yup, reversing everything that the round-headed imbecile effed up in the last jedi.

    Remember the whole theme of the last jedi was about killing the past?

    Now, this trailer is just filled with characters and ships from the original trilogy.

    Haha! Eat that Rian, you hack-fraud idiot!

  4. "which of these trailer shots won't be in the film?"

    Cries in Kylo activating lightsaber in forest scene from TFA trailer

  5. Unpopular opinion: I don’t want Rey-lo to happen. Also, I think The Last Jedi is good, considering they probably had to edit a lot of things because of Carrie Fisher’s passing, therefore there will probably be scenes in The Rise of Skywalker that should’ve been in The Last Jedi.

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  15. 😜👌loved, Loved, LOVED this video! 😁👍You know your stuff m'lady. I wonder if that rising Star Destroyer was breaking free of ice or lifting out of sediment at the bottom of a sea? An underwater setting was one of the ideas proposed for TFA and there is concept art showing the Death Star and even the Millennium Falcon underwater🤔hmmmm. I'm also assuming that they're inside of an atmosphere in the shot where Finn and Janna are riding their space horses across the surface of a Destroyer. I think the C3PO death scene is a misdirect. Having heard in leaks that his memory gets wiped, for them to basically confirm that in the trailer seems way too obvious for JJ 'Mystery box's Abrams. The shared voice over by Luke and Leia while Rey's eyes shine reminds me of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows where his parents and others accompany him to impending but willing death…could Rey die for The Cause? OMG I'm so ready for TRoS💞😜👍

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  23. 6:33 Time travel is actually an element in Star Wars and it is canon.

    First appearing in Star Wars Rebels, the world between worlds was a mythical collection of doorways and pathways existing between time and space, linking all moments in time together. The Emperor tried to access it but was thwarted by Ezra Bridger.

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