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  1. Ya know, if you take the hatred for DISCOVERY out of the equation and really examine the court documents made public so far, you'll see that Abdin's case and the way his lawyer's have presented it is legally very weak.
    Not only have they had to refile several times due to simplistic errors and incorrect previous case studies, but in one, they actually referred to the show as "Star Wars".
    Also, if I were him, I'd stop posting about the case online. He has made statements that are factually incorrect about the Judge siding with him, when in fact the court is just following the normal process of a case like this.
    The Judge has at this point (April 01, 2019), not officially decided anything for or against either side.
    (to note: the Judge did allowed Abdin's lawyers to refile their original writs several times due to said errors, which is a bit unusual in cases like this, but that may have been in part due to the Court recognizing the obvious lack of experience of Abdin's lawyers in this type of case)

    I feel for the guy, but he needs to stop feeding off the internet acrimony against DISCOVERY and posting video's that change his story almost every time.
    That is not something that is relevant to how the dismissal part of this case will be decided by the Judge and if it gets back to the Court, could be detrimental in the near term.

  2. Thats show biz dude everything is a copy !!! thats how it works its not plagiarism its the nature of art and music it evolves from one idea to the next ! Copy paste . How many songs have got a melody from a different song from the past. Its progression of story its the evolution of art thats how they get written .Everything has got its inspiration from something that already exists . I don't get why you are such a hater of the show ?

  3. It's not fucking identity politics!!! Once you START seeing it, it's impossible to stop. This is how it works—stealing shit from people they think don't have the resources to fight back. 🙁

  4. Kurtzman & Orci are truly bad writers. 🙁 I don't know how the were propelled into the stratosphere.

  5. I like Discovery, & this channel pisses me off to no end for their nasty-ass misogynistic & hypocritical attitude towards the show, but I fully support the lawsuit. This guy DESERVES credit and compensation for his creation.

  6. So they would not accept fan scripts to avoid potential lawsuits but would straight up plagiarise other's works.

  7. If he loses, he needs to get a kickstarter and make a film out of his game. Then CBS will try to sue for copyrights and lose

  8. This series is not star trek for me, the producers have no idea what they are doing. It just a mess, The Orville is the real new Star Trek inspired series, I love how Seth McFarlane understands this very clearly…

  9. STD had some stupid ideas and some good ones, and some promising episodes towards the end of season 1 but season 2 lost me within 2.5 episodes. now im glad. they already had the evil racist fascist white men episode that seems to be common these days (although they surprised me by having an asian woman running that empire)

  10. That’s pretty terrible if it’s all proved to be true. I’ll watch this closely as I do watch Star Trek: Discovery.

    As a side note, Azis’s race/gender shouldn’t even be an applicable factor. You kept reminding the audience he was an Egyptian man. If this is all proven true, its wrong no matter his gender or race. Why even state that CBS is ‘keeping a man of color down’? You’re implying that they did this illegal thing BECAUSE of his race/gender. Is that what you think? If that’s the reason they did this, then yeah it’s important info. But, if they did this and it’s just a fact that he is a male Egyptian, then that has no bearing, in my opinion. Would they be less culpable if he was a white, American male? No.

  11. Even after all this there are still people defending STD. It should have been cancelled a long time ago.

  12. I think the series is crap. Too much focus on social issues I care little about. Should be called "Star Trek: Self Discovery". Plenty of space situations to write about instead of the crews personal issues.

  13. Team CBS here!
    If Anas would win, who would play the game "hey you stole my idea now I'm going to sue you" better? The sympathetic crappy point and click adventure game writer or the big corporation?

  14. I hate STD… a fucking spore drive? fuck off.. You can't have more advanced tech earlier in the story line under human control.. and the rework of the Klingons… fucking embarrassing.

  15. Big blue thing that travels in space and time called the Tardigrade? Suspicious 😂 I wonder WHO came up with that one

  16. Nerdrotic

    Why would you make your channel name a combination Nerd and Erotic and have a child saying it? :/

  17. Best wishes to Anas, but in reality, good luck getting a dime out of that sleezy Company or any media giant for that matter. They have the money and lawyers to hold out indefinitely. A war of attrition yo are not equipped to endure, sadly. Big money always wins. Its the capatalist way.

  18. The whole "its not copy-writable", you are right, I hope to hell someone uses this argument against them in another article!

  19. Now that CBS fired all those people that couldn't write their way out of a garbage can! The show is getting better, but I'm not Downloading the CBS all access app. I don't wanna have to pay to watch a bunch of re runs of big Bang Or broke girls Lol when I can watch them for free..

  20. This is summed up with what commentator/journalist Tim Pool says constantly about politics: How many grains of sand make a heap?

  21. All they had to do was contact this guy ahead of time and pay him fucking greedy assholes. Pisses me off cause I am one of the few that actually likes Disco. But I was always a Stargate fan not star trek.

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