Star Citizen Org Spotlight | Odyssey Interstellar - Industry & Economy Focus

Star Citizen Org Spotlight | Odyssey Interstellar – Industry & Economy Focus

every month we have a ship giveaway for June we have an Origin 890 jump the massive luxury ship that is a huge huge select capital luxury ship it's been donated by Odyssey interstellar a friendly industrial expansionist organization in star citizen that focus on mining trading industry exploration research and infrastructure in short Commerce is their goal they run regular weekly events in game now please check them out if you are looking for an alter join links down below I was able to catch up with some of the officers of this medium-sized Odyssey interstellar which have currently got 362 members at time recording they're actively recruiting for players now for their style of gameplay which is actually quite diverse it's not just economy and industry stuff it is a lot of escorting and combat staff and they are very active and have these weekly events so they pretty much do everything except piracy and they're active now for 3.6 and beyond as well so let's get to know them a little bit better can you please tell me who you are and what you do for the org I hey I'm delete them I'm the executive in charge of security well I guess I'll go next I'm Wesa messin King I'm the content creation director I'm an ani mouse I do diplomacy and a whole lot of project management my name is freedom prodigy and currently I am the community executive for Odyssey interstellar I head up the department's of streaming content creation events and recruitment and basically are our organizational goal is is to make money within the game we're very trade focus we're very profit focused we dabble in both illicit goods and legal goods we're very anti troll anti you know kicking people out of the game and stuff like that we're very Pro bringing more people into the community and creating a better positive environment that you know casual people could come in and hang out and play with most of our members have families there are you know owners of businesses and things like that we do have a few kids in high school that you know that we've taken under our wing and like kind of you know trying to build them up because they've shown real maturity and and and you know so basically our overall community is just bringing in more positive people into the game in the community big cross-section of the orc today from sort of like members that do little bits and bobs for it is there anyone else at all I just saw someone else unmute themselves hello my name is aka Bridgewater and I'm one of the Chiefs here at RC interstellar and I tried to facilitate user interactions within the organization and try to influence people and try no let him out know that we have a event coming up you know and hangout basis so can one of you or potentially more of you give me a brief rundown I know you gave a little bit of one a minute ago freedom but sort of like a rundown of exactly what the org is what its purpose is what its goals are what you do in game what's the plan what's the org stand for we are a trade org so we are focused in on we want profits we want money we want to be extremely powerful when it comes to financials so we we dabble in everything that the game has to offer but our primary focus is getting them credits into our our players hands so you know we set up you know when back in three four JT was the lockdown spot we would you know every week lockdown JT make sure anybody in the game could come in and trade mostly protection for our people we'd locked out JT Grimm hex Levski allow people to trade routes and you know and have things like that we do a ton of events every every week right now with the party launch error system right now our part we've taken a like a sabbatical for our events and have restructured so now we're refocusing back into fps events within star marine and within the pu we also have like ship sharing events where we vote on three ships that we want to share for the week we spawn those ships within we have people that are pretty much experts in those ships come in and teach new people or other people hey this is you know components that you want to use this is the kind of flight style these are the past this is the strategies you want to use to fly these ships this is the kind of crew you want and you know yadda yadda and then we also have our events where we go do some combat training we do flight training we have training series basically you have a lot of new people that come in don't really know what they're doing they just bought new sticks or they're on mouse and keyboard they're not familiar with the key bonds the games really complex so we have those kinds of events to help those people both in term in of both beginner and sort of advanced we don't have like a crazy advanced class but we have two tiers beginning and you know we call it advanced for you know different tiers of players veterans and new people we also do a ton of just hanging out and talking with people and getting to know them every member that gets you know that is recruited into the or has been talk to you by somebody from leadership so we really do try to get in to get involved with our community on the outside of the game it's not just about star citizen it's really about the community involved the people that are here is that is really why we love this game as we enjoy building this community for this game but also getting the kind of people that we just like in in real life you know our goals really are to bring more positive people into the game because we don't want it to become Eve de thing comments on Eve love it yep any of the rest you've any anything to add to that or was that pretty pretty actors well that's that's yeah very accurate definitely I think the biggest thing we we shoot for you know besides making money is creating an environment that makes people want to play you know have fun allowing them to have fun in the game yes and it's not just our citizen like we understand that the game has burnout the game has frustrations the game is really frustrating to play at certain points and then so as an organization as leadership we really tried to facilitate that and really tried to hang go ahead take your break you know do this like we have other games we can play there's like sea of thieves there's other things that you should be able to do that you know it's not like something where oh this is star citizen you're you are stuck within this game and you can't go play anything else absolutely not you are allowed your freedom we encourage your freedom we want you to come in when you hang out because we want you to be there because you want to be there not because you're obligated we want the positive environment of people in that community because it makes it better for everybody but that's quite a broad spectrum so can you sort of like rein it in for me for what sort of players is your org suitable for what restrictions are that so is it for lawful only purpose per we are we are lawful basically other than the trade side of it like we're not going out you know trolling other people ramp you know killing them just for fun and stuff like that usually we fight other organizations that's usually what we like to do and we have engagements we do a lot of community engagements with lucky 13 angel of the war on things like that for the combat aspect then we also try to bring in other orgs who do trade routes and help lock down JT and stuff or not JT but other drug labs and things like that we don't like the people that like to backstab that are looking we just had a guy come in trying to apply to the org super suspect comes in with a shady name he's like look I'm a spy I like to stab people in the back I'm a part of gangs I can infiltrate and do all this stuff and I'm like look me and that's a cool thing for your style of gameplay however we don't that's not something that we facilitate in this game we don't want to make people leave the game we want to bring people into the game so if you're into you know going out there causing mayhem and stealing people ship and blowing it up and saying fuck you and chat you're not the guy for us if you're going out there spawning new ships or somebody teaching somebody a trade route out of mind and you're kind of bored being by yourself come join Odyssey interstellar come to a group where we embrace you as a person of a leader where you're helping other people you're bringing more people into this game and you care about your just a genuine good person and you're not trying to do shady shit so out of curiosity with the thought of espionage gameplay in the future is this sort of like you wouldn't participate much in that game play more than just counter espionage preventing people we have we have that section we would more pay the more that would do the espionage for the information war than we would participate in the Espeon okay yeah that makes sense yeah hey guys Cheng is here what's up Chang would you like to introduce yourself introduce yourself Chang sure hey board gamer how are you I'm good all right welcome in so I'm Cheng ho and my role is actually in transition right now I used to be the community manager or Odyssey interstellar and I had a brief hiatus of a couple of months from the game so during that time freedom took over his community manager and has been doing an awesome job so I'm back and we're currently redefining my role guys I don't know if slither talked about this at all in our Sunday meeting or not that one I could make we have to vote on it so we must pushed it to next week okay yeah all right yeah board so being in New York for a little bit and my role like many of the other people here is to try and make the or great whatever the organ eat so obviously we have to find roles we have org charts and I'm sure we'll talk about that if we haven't yet but ultimately you know we don't see the roles as jobs you know you don't get hired into a role you don't get fired from a role you get assigned to it because you want to do it because you have a skill set that matches that role and because the orc needs it so that's why I say that you know my role is in transition we're trying to find a good fits for where I can help the org right now and so I think that will be announced shortly and obviously there's quite a heavy economy and industry sort of game play focus with your orc and you did talk a little bit about combat roles and things so how does combat roles work in your org at the moment obviously there's and how is that gonna evolve because obviously that's a very limited amount you can do install so listen at the moment so you kind of have to do some sort of combat but within your org a focus for people that want to do just escorting in combat with with you guys or is it more sort of geared towards almost entirely economy and industrial gameplay yeah so so board let me jump in real quick and I don't think I don't think you guys ran him through an org chart yet correct no no no okay you know we're not gonna share our augur chart with you board because it obviously has information that has everybody and we're changing but but I did want to give you sort of the the high-level rundown of how the structure of the org is right now and that will already I think answer some questions right go ahead so so first we have we basically have different divisions and n roles within each of these divisions so we have a community division that takes care of the community right and taking care of the community for us for example is we have to create some content right so we have people that are in charge of content creation we have streamers we have competitions which you can understand events by that we could we have recruiting that's all under community then we have our diplomatic division right where obviously we're going to be interacting with other orcs and with NPC characters and and perhaps even orgs too we don't know yet so we have a few roles under that we have an intelligence division to both gather and leverage intelligence we have support support can be you know repairs refueling medical rearming basically the support that the org is going to need but also perhaps something that we can farm out to other people that need it if we have that bandwidth in the future we then have industrial so we're talking you know mining salvage farming engineering again all of these divisions geared to support the org in what it does but capable of interacting and perhaps even providing service to to outside the org next is exploration and I think that kind of is self-explanatory some roles under exploration and we have trade we it's one of the big divisions that we have and we're talking you know both commodities but also for example under trade we have passenger transits right that's something that that we'll be doing to or providing as a service and then we have security which is one of the questions that you asked and we have a couple of guys here that can talk better about security so I'll let them talk on what our security division is really geared to do but I kind of just wanted to give you this rundown because I think it it gives everybody a pretty good idea of how broad the org is all the different things that we get involved in doing and hopefully you know will be a match for us some of your viewers it deletes him I heard from a reliable source that you were in charge of security say only give me a quick rundown of that so one of the things we're working on right now is we're working on kind of a training program to kind of go from first spawn to knowing what you're doing to being certified to run you know a turret in combat operations in a time of war right yeah and have that all really defined out and like where someone has it's not just like you know you have to do this there's a guided path and there's someone to show you how to do it along the way and we're working on those things right now and we're getting a poll coming out to see like how member what members want to focus on first and things like that what we're trying to accomplish right now is like when let's say we're doing an event and we've got the traders are gonna go out and make money like freedom was saying we you know he lock something down make sure people are gonna be safe while they're trading that's a perfect time for our security team start practicing so we're working on things like like we're gonna do a new system where I want to have well basically have like two teams one team can go and build they'll be doing bounty hunting another team can be helping the traders and then they can swap the traders then of course we'll be paying the security team a little cut for help them stay safe everyone gets paid everyone had a good time and we found there's a good amount of success in in in finding those dogfights when you when you lock down a popular area so there's it's been good fun and we're hoping to bring a lot more structure into that training thank you you did talk about earlier but they do operations against other orgs which I assume is PvP related but I'm sort of like curious on how PvE versus PvP orientated your gates and sort of like the gameplay it focuses on it sounds like it's mostly PvE with you deal with PvP if you have to is that an accurate characterization yes yes and no I mean we have those groups that are gonna focus in PvP a lot of the security team I think are gonna be primarily PvP be peers if I'm being honest right and but we have a lot of people in the Ori that are PvE I mean frankly you know we met previously when I was part of another org and we merged like it's not that like I left or anything like that IDF was all security and military minded and we had no idea how to do anything else in the game and we met oh I and it was this wonderful community that had like all these skill sets and they understood the game very well and they had ambition that lined up with ours and they were lacking in security and it was like this perfect marriage we like to say we do everything except piracy okay but that's Kate that's good to know but you would restrict sort of like outlaws from your org is that is that correct maybe I mean ship like like if if it doesn't profit in any way we're not interested it depends what kind of outlaw you're talking about if you're talking about a smuggler who's not out there being a d-bag everybody yeah we can have relations with someone like that if you're talking about a griefer and like they're just a jerk no and they're just intentionally going out there killing everything and sabotaging yeah no we're not part of that so you have quite regular active play sessions weekly can you tell me more about what you've done recently and your plans for the future what can sort of like org members get involved with alright so the one thing we participated in when was the game are really great cat event the annual one so we have active members within the Dame rally so we participates in race Vint cyclone events and thing well basically the practice races every month and things like that we also I think last month when the parties were working we had a couple FPS mission or gorg V or Gavin's with L 13 so we went into their discord join them in a group and then they were in their team and we were on our team and we you know we fought on the rooftops of arccorp there's a lot of fun you know they're obviously combat focus and we were wiped out but we had a blast and then we also do well Chang do you want to speak on some of those – yeah sure freedom so one of the things that I quickly read in your questions board was I can't remember exactly how you wore today but he reminded me of one of the events that we do so I think maybe this would trigger what you were asking so between the members of the organization II our organ your in your recent videos so thank you very much for that and we realize that with all the members that we have we have access to virtually all the ships that are in-game we have caught up quite a few people to have incredibly sizable fleets but we want all the members to have access to that especially now that the game is in in alpha and you know you're still finding things out and things are changing a ship you flew six months ago can be completely different now so one of the things we do is we do ship test drives we'll have the community vote on the the top three ships for each of these events that they'd like to take out and not just to fly around but to learn more about the ship so it's kind of like a guided tour of the ship and then you get to go fly it and and do whatever you want that's a I will say a structured way that we provide ships any ship to anybody in the org but then we also have in our discord a way that you can just request the ship you want to fly a ship that you don't have put in a request in there somebody that has that ship will come back and say okay you know when you want to meet I'll spawn it that's the more informal way that we we allow people to fly ships I know that's not really an event but just to tie up the whole you know access to ships conversation freedom and I was working with other or get it's both beneficial for us as well as the game itself it helps us in practicing combats it helps us in diplomacy but it also helps us finding out the mechanics of how this is going to work and even identifying some of the bugs that are out there and helping RSI fix these things by reporting some of the issues that we run into so it's kind of a win-win-win we see that and then we have our own sort of internal events that are not with other org they're usually geared with a balance between having fun and learning a skill right so for example we'll go into Cove a likes our Cove o X however you say it's and and do some zero-g FPS which can be very different than when you have gravity it's a lot of fun right but it's also teaching people how to do that we do some events with vehicles free dimensional day my rally we're big supporters of the day my rally but we also do our own races and we we're still tweaking how that's that's done because there's always pros and cons on how you set it up but we've had loads of fun with with ground vehicles racing and you know even some support ships and places where like you know after this Waypoint there's gonna be a ship that's gonna be shooting everybody right so it's like everyone for themselves it's really a myriad of things that we try to do to both explore the game but to also show all that the game can do to to all of our members you mentioned that your current org size was around 300 did you have a maximum size in mind that you'd like to grow the org to or is it infinite yeah it's a good question that I don't think we know the answer to yet because it's too early to tell I will tell you this we were not aiming for size were aiming for quality right we want to be a great org and that doesn't necessarily mean a limit on members but who knows maybe gets to a point where we we can't manage it as well with you whatever 3,000 members as you can with 300 members so I would never say no we will never have a limit but it's definitely not in our plans right now we just focus on creating a great structure that can be expanded upon that can support the growth of the org and if we bump into problems later on then we'll cross that bridge when when we're at it if that makes sense so say that I found your org online for by whatever medium I went on the website and recruits and you go beyond that so after I've requested can I do right what happens for me as a what you found us yes and once you've found us then you're basically it depends on how you find if you come into discord point you to our recruit at the very top pages recruitment landing page where we have instructions usually when you hit our discord you're greeted with multiple people saying hey welcome what's going on in our general chat and then we try to get people directly into the fold and then we try to get you into a comms chat so we can have a conversation with you and be like okay you check out or like all this dudes definitely a psycho we may not want to have them in or whatever you know kind of thing we just we try to get your vibe and if your vibe matches we include you and if it doesn't match we try to find a place for you that maybe will match your vibe unless you come out of sideways then we just kick you it's only happened once and then as far as from there if you come at us from the RSI page when you go into applying to the org we have a list of instructions join the discord you know check us out on spectrum and things like that so we try to communicate as much as possible but we've noticed that people just refuse to read so you know it's kind of you know a hit-or-miss if they read the instructions but usually we get between discord in the RSI page if you hit our discord we get you and comms and then you know we talk to you that way through the RSI page if you don't give us your discord name and you don't respond to your spectrum name then it we can't we kind of exhaust our options to talk to you but we lay the foundation for you to find us again and come back and you know and engage us where we can't have an actual conversation with you we don't really play with people that don't talk to us or just just to add to that the the informal interview the conversation we have with with the recruits or the the prospective recruits is that this may sound cliche but it's very true because we're not aiming for four numbers we don't have any pressure in accepting people and so what we're trying to do is we're trying to make sure that there is good a match for the org as the org is for them because we want them to have fun too right it's I think some orgs go for sighs and so in that case yeah accepting somebody is a very tempting tempting thing whereas we don't really have that temptation we just want to make sure it's a good match both ways do you have any sort of like major gameplay plans or ways you want to take the org for the latest well the next stars for this and patch 3.6 do you have plans for that already or is it sort of like play it by ear and just evolve the the gameplay that you can do and you're all based on that yeah I would say one of the things that we do with every new patch because everybody gets reset is to help people make money so for example in 34 it was a lot of jump town right and and that created other opportunities for the August virus training security and developing communication plans etc so there will be certainly something that we'll be doing in 36 and 36 is gonna present some new things you know a law system we don't really know how that's gonna work with the black market yet we've I think we've all heard RSI talking about a blue be a different thing when we're playing so the early days will be developing this this plan of how can we help our our players make some money so that they can go off and different things and buy new ships and buy armors and weapon and things like that that's typically what we do on a big patch like that after that it's exploiting whatever is new in that patch right maybe we have a new area like we did with our Corp and so we might plan some events around those areas maybe there's new mechanics that we can develop events for or just just have fun using them too so we we kind of you know dip our toes in the water see what it's like and then go from there and you said earlier that you have access to Pew trains if not all the ships already and that's pretty usable by your oil and board members yeah this was like an organ or anything Oh fantastic yes sorry so the answer is yes we have all the ships and usually quite a few numbers of all the ships so there's usually somebody online they can provide you with any ship they okay yes so in regard to that sort of like org activity and membership base how active is your discord if I is it active at all times of the day is there a particular time zone you focus on or is it sort of like all all time zones all time zones we could we currently I mean everybody like our general chats active all night long so I mean we have people from all over Germany in the u EU China South America Africa people yea South Africa we're all over and we really try to facilitate anyone really basically the only caveat is speak English that's where that's just where we all communicate they speak English and have a microphone yeah speak English have a microphone you don't have like English doesn't have to be your primary language we just need to be able to identify like you know who you're gonna play with and then we can set you up with the right people that can help facilitate the communication gap so we always we always point our people and that are in the same region to each other so we just had an influx of German people come in and now we've got this awesome content creation channel German side of it so we've got like four or five people just from Germany right now that are helping our content creators side and with just within the last month which is really cool and we also have a couple people from South America that come in that are helping build the training events for security and stuff like that which is huge you know and then our Australian guys are always the ones that we just kind of hit or miss but the Australian guys are really like funny core group of people that we play with I'd yeah I'd say we just in general we facilitate a worldwide on the court is empty I'm sorry yeah I was gonna say if the discord is empty for us really if you pop in within 15 minutes somebody's there it doesn't matter what time of day somebody will pop in hey I didn't see you were on so it's kind of nice yeah it's it's it's very true I was just gonna say that on a personal note the the how busy or discord is drives me crazy because I was here when it was small enough that like every time I stepped away from this court and I came back I could like scroll up and catch up to everything that was said right that is by far not possible anymore like I come back and there's giant conversation they have happened and like I was only away for 20 minutes yeah exactly yeah sorry I definitely suffer of this chord FOMO and but it's a good indication of how active there that this Court is it's it's quite active I mean I quite like some of the stuff you said when I was talking to you there because when it comes to organization of organizations as it were a lot of all just want to increase constantly like in infinite size potentially without an organizational backbone without the sort of like officers and stuff to support that but the way you've described it to me sort of like you're you're expanding in a fluid sort of like dynamic column sort of like plant by ear and see what's appropriate as you get there which is which is a is a good thing for me you know we sort of like just roll with the punches so to speak with the bugs and things like that because each patch you know something's different yeah and we definitely understand that if we don't build the foundation now for the operation of the org it's either gonna be ten times harder later on or probably impossible so we're building for sustainability um is there anything else and it can be multiple things feel free to go wild that you'd like to tell me about the org extra bits you want to touch on bitch you wanna tell me about oh yeah I had one thing to add to the to kind of a time zone and like when people are on because we do have our Tuesday and Thursday events which are if they are based at North America time zones because like you know don't do them when we work but there's nothing saying with our new European friends coming in that we couldn't have stuff sublime on their times on too but sorry my point was then we have our Sunday Funday that we try to have at a time that works for both North American and European players because we want to be able to feel like we at least get some face time with everybody you know so it's not just the night shift and day shift barely seeing each other barely talking to each other we at least get one day where we try to meet at a time that works for everybody and go have fun together yeah it's a good point to lead him board I would add that one thing I'd like to share is we try to be very transparent with the orc members and so one of the things that we started doing is we have a meeting that the executives that the council really holds every Sunday and we discuss a myriad of topics they're all or related topics and sometimes there's voting involved because we have to make some decisions but we that meeting is actually open to all orgas to listen in so we we want to make sure the orga understands the the behind-the-scenes what's going on why are we making some of these decisions right and and we're also building ways for them to have a say in in the direction of the org so we're we're building systems that will allow people to not only express themselves but to really have an influence over the future of the org and I think that's a pretty welcome thing amongst all members maybe it's good to note that we we will be at citizencon in Manchester later this year we're still building the roster of the people that are going to be there but go ahead and announce it yeah of course it's it's contingent for everybody's contingent on that right yeah but but yeah we we plan to have representation at at citizencon and and if so if it works out then we're definitely looking forward to meeting any existing members or anybody that's interested in you joining us or even just chatting with us yeah we love that yeah we are real people and we want to meet you but that's all I said okay so essentially what we're looking to do is I mean it's essentially I guess almost like a senator or congressman but like ideally they actually will do the job so we would have like a voting system put in place and we're going to work on some technology background to that and the idea of being a sir I'm getting a phone call gonna ignore the idea being like the people would be able to vote someone in as a counterpart so if I'm the executive of security I would have like a person that's voted into office that speaks for the people to make sure that the executive or the person running a division doesn't lose sight on what the people are wanting because like you said if you get to these really large numbers it's gonna be hard to know cuz you're gonna have people in different time zones it's just it becomes too much for one person so having that other person there as a checks and balance and at the same time to be like well this person is turning into a tyrant we need to not let this happen right like if you like that needs to happen so we have those kind of systems in mind and we want to implement them but like we don't have it done yet but that is something that's inner vision I also want to add one one last thing please do organization is is basically when you come in you put in the work that you want to see to get out of so if you're here communicating with everybody and having a fun time and bettering yourself and also helping others then that way they can tell other people on what they learned and what they you know we all grow together essentially you put it you put in what you want to see essentially you have to how the org works you know expanding on what Bridgewater said and this is where I think people that are thinking about joining the org is there's lots to be done right we're setting up this whole structure and we have quite a bit of work already done but there's a lot of work to be done and so if you if you're into that kind of stuff besides playing the game but helping the or grow and sharing your ideas and rolling up the sleeves this is the place to be it's it's it's gonna be a great ride we're all excited of where we are how success we've been but really all there is to do to be done so come on in I think someone touched on one last thing yeah one of the plans for 3.6 for star citizen for us as an organization we're thinking about doing a cup of race events where we can have like either org torgue interactions or also the org within itself I have a you know a little bit prizes here and there for that so we're looking forward for that right now it's not finalized but we're looking to finish up all the links to odyssey interstellar are down below check them out if you're looking for an org and please feel free to ask questions about the org spotlight about anything else that we discussed here about the org itself or whatever

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  2. They have to be a great org to be offering an 890 Jump for a giveaway. Count me in and I'll talk to them when I get back into the game shortly

  3. I think it's pretty cool having Orgs like this 🙂 Whilst I'm more interested in shooting things and a bit of trading / smuggling on the side, but I know from other MMO type games that have PURE trading / crafting guilds 🙂

  4. I remember OI clearing JT at one point, pretty effective. Interesting to see orgs gaining traction and purpose as game development progresses. OI sounds like they have it together, will check it out.

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